Heading Home

After Kye’s nap Zach and Kye headed back up to the hospital so we could all go home as a family. Of course Brittlynn decided to nurse for like two hours straight (and my body decided that that was the time I’d need to poop for my first time after delivery so that took awhile…) so I was rushing around trying to get dressed and packed up and they ended up getting there before I was completely ready to go. Kye did a great job being patient and waiting though and Zach was a HUGE help! He got her dressed for her first time in one of the cute outfits Mom and Mrs. Charlotte bought for her.

Sweet girl is ready to go!

It kinda shocked me how casual the whole hospital was about us leaving. I guess because I signed all the forms in advance there wasn’t anything left for me to do? We put her in her car seat, and she did not like it.

She had to ride in my lap while I rode in a wheel chair as we left the hospital

The guys pushing the luggage cart to the car

First time outside, it calmed her RIGHT down


First car ride

Proud Big Brother

When we left the hospital with Kye we were soooo dumb. We got discharged at like 7:00 at night. We rushed home and totally forgot to get my prescriptions filled so I was in SO much pain. This time around we left much earlier in the day and Mom ran my prescription by the pharmacy before we left the hospital so we could pick it up on our way home. Typical Emily luck though…their systems were down! We ended up having to take it do a different pharmacy and have it filled. Thankfully Mrs. Charlotte was bringing us dinner that night so she stopped by and picked it up. So annoying!

Our Welcome Home sign waiting for us when we pulled in the driveway!

(it cracks me up how “manyly” it is…)

The guys and their sign

The girls!

We’re HOME!

Here’s a video of us walking in the door…once we realized the dogs were freaking out we stopped recording 😉 If you have ever been to our house before then you know something about Kye…he LOVES his room. Literally every single time someone comes over (you could be a friend, a door-to-door sales person…anyone and you could be at our home for the first time or millionth…) he runs up to them and says “wanna see my room?” He loves to show off his room and he’s so proud of it. We knew it’d be the first thing he’d want Brittlynn to see…and he didn’t disappoint. Here’s a video of Kye showing his sister his room.

Once settled, we swaddled her up and put her down to sleep before her next feeding time. Right out of the hospital she was going about 3 hours between feedings but nursing for an hour to an hour and a half each feeding…she was keeping me busy! Yes, it’s a blue swaddle…don’t worry I bought some pink ones 🙂

Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte came by to visit and give us dinner. She made a roast and omg I was STARVING so that meal was literally one of the best meals of my life!!! I LOVED It. The next day I ate it as left overs and poured the sauce from the roast all over everything on my plate…so unlike me b/c I hate for any of my food to touch.

Cuddling Big Papa

and G-Mama

Kye was the dr and had to “check” everyone

Meeting the dogs, Sadie and Levi

Before Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte left, I had them take some pictures of us to remember Britt’s big homecoming! Kye has been the only child for over 2 years and has TONS of pictures with just him in them…I think it’s very important to try to get pictures of Brittlynn alone too. Someday she’ll get married and she will want the pictures for her wedding video or something and won’t want her brother in every single one!!!

Our new family!

Our first night home wasn’t too bad…I got like 3-4 broken hours of sleep which isn’t great, but it’s not horrible. I know I’m comparing to Kye a lot but that’s just going to happen. He’s all I knew before she came along so it’s natural to compare the two experiences! With him we were up ALL night. Mom stayed with us and none of us got any sleep. You can read about our homecoming with Kye here, and about his first night home here. This time around everything was so much better. We even had an extra kid at the house and no one else to help and did great…and no one almost died 😉


  1. Chrissy
    December 28, 2011 / 9:02 pm

    Wonderful pics! So happy for you guys! xxx

  2. Katie Roberts13
    December 28, 2011 / 10:35 pm

    Is that painters' tape holding the sign up? haha!You had the same 1st night experience we did the both times. Kid #1=NO SLEEP, kid #2= sleep!

  3. Forddygirl
    December 29, 2011 / 1:31 am

    hahah! i'm cracking up at the painters tape and the fact that "no one almost died"! love you!

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