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Our Christmas Together

Friday, December 31, 2010

The morning after Disney was our Christmas morning together. I know we're strange to have our Christmas celebration so early and so secluded but I LOVE it. It allows us to spend quality time together and to be able to just focus all our attention on Kye for real Christmas. This year with ALL the stress I didn't wrap everyone elses gifts as pretty as I did Zach's...I skipped bows and cute paper but as long as his looked good that's what counts right? Can you tell which ones I wrapped? Zach with the presents he got me And the ones I got him :) We were disappointed that we couldn't find our ipod stereo so we could listen to our Christmas music but we ended up paying for internet access in the room ($10 a day...RIP OFF) so we could at least use Pandora. It was a GREAT mix of music but annoying that it had commercials. We just took our time, opened gifts, and enjoyed each others company! Here's the highlights of our present opening: supposedly the

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Part 2

Sunday, December 26, 2010

While you are all recovering from Christmas fun, I know your holiday wouldn't be complete without part II of our Disney adventure (and more importantly, part II of our "hott day" right?). So I'm taking a break from being sick and packing boxes to fill ya in! Enjoy!!! I LOVE the Mickey's Very merry Christmas Party for many reasons: 1) cheaper ticket prices 2) waaaay less people 3) UNLIMITED hot cocoa and cookies! Zach's back needed a rest from all the riding and I was pretty much freezing so it was time for a hot cocoa break. The cookies were bangin' and I wanted to compete to see who could eat more before the night was over...but Zach knew I'd win so he wouldn't compete. I downed these 4 plus another 3 later on and drank 4 cups of hot chocolate. SO many frame worthy pics :) love seeing the castle all lit up Insider scoop: did you know at Disney you can hand the photographers your photo pass card (where they load the pics they take of yo

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Part 1

Friday, December 24, 2010

Couldn't leave to celebrate Christmas with my last post not being Merry! And nothing is happier than Disney right?!? :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I LOVE our tradition of getting away during the holidays just the two of us. Anyone I ever tell about this tradition also loves it. Now that we have a son, I like that we get time away to just enjoy each other at Christmas so legit Christmas morning can be all about Kye! Because wouldn't it be anyway? This years trip was another instance where God answered prayers that I didn't even know I was asking. We always go skiing up in North Carolina together but this year I kept putting off booking the trip. I wasn't sure why (as duh, I plan like crazy) but for whatever reason I never got around to booking it. Thank the LORD I didn't because 1) we couldn't afford it 2) Zach's back issues means he wouldn't be able to ski and 3) Zach's back issues means that long of a car trip would have been brutal . Instead, we dec
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