Prayers for Zach

Do you readers even begin to know how important you are to me? It’s currently 11:39 and I have to get up at 5:15 but what am I doing? Writing a blog entry to you to read in the morning while I’m at Zach’s surgery! How sweet am I?

Anyway…Zach’s having back surgery. This is tough for us for many reasons. Obviously, it’s the most tough on Zach since he’s the one in the horrible pain. His back started hurting after helping Mom move up here but randomly one day when he was working he just twisted wrong and BAM it was KILLING him and hasn’t stopped since. He went to a chiropractor, back specialist, had an MRI, and even got an epidural. All were expensive, and none helped. The MRI did show that a piece of one of his discs or something (I am a stay-at-home mom here people, not a dr, so no medical terms for me!) is broken off and pressing on his nerve and that’s what is causing the pain. He hurts non-stop, especially down his leg which is the nerve that’s affected.

The surgery is non-evasive (which I have no clue what that means but everyone responds like that’s a good thing) and it an out patient procedure. We go in at 6:30 and he gets operated on at 7 and can come home around 1. I’m packing LOTS of stuff to keep me busy while I wait (sadly no internet access boo)! Pretty much everyone wonders why he’s having surgery right now. I mean could it be worse timing with Christmas 2 days away (is it really?) and our move a week away? But when you have a HIGH deductible on your insurance you want to save every penny you can and since he’s had so much other stuff done related to the back that has gone towards the deductible we wanted to do it before the end of the year.  Plus isn’t Christmas time a great time to rest and heal? And honestly, he can’t bare the pain anymore. He NEEDS this surgery!!!

I’m not used to this feeling. To be the one having to ask for prayers and to have to ask for help. Zach and I are both extremely independent and cannot stand having to rely on anyone. But here we are! Maybe a lesson is learned here huh?

Zach seems very confident about everything. Dr. Gee (yes, that’s his legit name) said that this procedure is a 94% success rate and that especially with it just being a piece of bone stuff that they have to take out that he could almost guarantee success. I’ve watched enough Grey’s Anatomy to know better though so I’m not assuming anything!!! Zach’s only real concern is that he won’t be 100% pain free. As he is right now he is constantly hurting. He has to lay down almost all the time to try to get comfortable. He barely eats. He cannot play any sports. You know the eating and no sports issues hurt him more than anything. We look at Kye and worry that Zach could never be able to play basketball in the driveway or teach him to golf. That is soooooo important to Zach and more than anything else I want him to be okay so he can do those things with his son.

It’s been SO difficult these last couple of months to see Zach in this pain. I married an alpha male who can carry anything and do it all. When we go skiing do you think I have ever carried my skis? The last two times we’ve moved Zach has been the only guy to help. He’s carried our washer and dryer by himself people! He’s a beast!!! And right now he’s having to sit by and watch me carry the load. We go to Disney and he hated having to see me get all our luggage. Plus we all know I’m a girly girl who would rather not carry stuff…so it hasn’t been too fun for me either! I’ve been busy loading up my car with anything I can lift then taking it to the new house and putting it where it goes. By the time we get moved in I’m going to be a beast!!!

Keep us in your prayers tomorrow (well it’s 11:52 so almost “today”). Pray that Zach gets immediate relief. That he heals quickly. That he is PATIENT with the healing process and doesn’t push himself too hard. That I am patient with the healing process and don’t get frustrated with him!

I’m nervous for what the day will bring. I loathe hospitals…and it’s not a hospital but I’m pretty sure it’s close. I hate the idea of them putting Zach to sleep. I hate the idea of seeing him in a hospital bed at all let alone seeing him all out of it when he wakes up!!! I think we’re both trying to act like it’s not a big deal because neither of us wants the other one to worry. But it is a big deal huh?

While you’re praying for us add one in there about the move and that we can come up with enough helpers! It’s Dec 30th if anyone is free 🙂

Robyn has been so sweet to offer to take Kye for the day and I’m thankful for that as I think it’s best for Zach to be able to get as much rest as he can and it’s tough to do that with a daddy-obsessed toddler running around! Hopefully he’ll wake up on the 24th feeling rested, pain-free, and ready for the Christmas festivities!

I will be updating Facebook throughout everything tomorrow as I’m sure I’ll be on my phone a lot in the waiting room! Thank you all so much for your prayers!!!

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