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Summary of Month 19

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've been behind in the past but never anything like this! I hate that I'm writing this less than a week before he's due for another post about the summary of month 20. Oh well, I promise to be 100% back on track soon (you KNOW this out-of-order thing is stressing me hardcore). First for this month I wanna show a picture (the only picture) of Kye wearing the Jamaica hat we got him. I envisioned him loving the thing and thought I'd get a bunch of funny pics of him wearing it. Instead he's scared of the hair and I was lucky to get this one: Words: In addition to all the words Kye could say last month he has now added the following words: nite nite (he says this asking to go in his crib), daddy at work , want that , no-no doggie (when he has food he will kinda wave his arm to tell the dogs to go away), cat , golf ball , this , weeee (on the swing especially and down slides), bible (he asks to read the bible all the time as well), kye (he says "kye&

Jamaica: Tues & Wed

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 3 of the trip was really pretty much our last day since we had to be packing and all on Wednesday before flying out. I wish we could have stayed longer! Everyone who was at the wedding knew I wasn't too pumped for this Jamaica trip. I just had SO much on my plate (or at least it felt like it...turns out it didn't even COMPARE to all the craziness I've been dealing with since I got home!) and kept picturing that not-so-great Cancun resort we stayed at on the last State Aflac trip so I just had a hard time getting excited. Once I got there though I REALLY did love it!!! Something I especially loved is that I felt like it was our honeymoon. Leaving a wedding, having my nails all pretty, it just felt more romantic for some reason. It didn't hurt that SO many people asked us if we were honeymooners too. I wanted to play along and pretend, but Zach wouldn't. Ugh, he's so lame. Being in the honeymoon vibe I did something I typically would never do. When the
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