Wedding Ceremony!

Zach was so sweet to come meet me before the ceremony to take my camera for me! It made me feel good because he said I looked great and that was my goal 🙂 He also made Danielle feel great by letting me know the line to get into the church was OUT the door! Isn’t that awesome?

I’m not sure what this was all about…

You know you guys wanna frame this one Rach 😉

While we waited to walk into the ceremony I told Katie (who was in front of me) to just plan on tripping so that way I wouldn’t. I think that was my gut giving me some foreshadowing…As I walked down the aisle and looked ahead to the stairs at the alter I knew I was gonna bust it. In my defense the dresses were floor length (and I think my alterations lady didn’t hem mine short enough), I was wearing 3 inch heals (which I never do), and I was trying to hold flowers while holding up my dress to go up the steps. Anyway I just remember looking at Katie, looking at the stairs and making the conscious decision to grab onto her instead of dropping my flowers and hitting the stairs. Yes, I tripped. Yes, every bridesmaids worst nightmare happened to me. Does this surprise anyone? Really I don’t think that many people would have noticed if Katie hadn’t busted out laughing! I mean I can’t really blame her. I remember looking up after the “fall” and seeing the video guy’s camera right in my face. Awesome. I mean someone had to add some humor to the ceremony right? I provided the pre-ceremony entertainment!

Ragan got this post-trip picture where you can kinda tell we are laughing

The rest of the ceremony, thankfully, went perfectly. There were SO many little personal touches in every part of this wedding and it made it extra-special. I LOVED getting to hear Claire sing (we all grew up hearing her beautiful voice and she sang at my wedding!). I loved that Danielle and Jonathan did the sand unity thing instead of a candle. I loved that Jonathan had an honorary best-man. His best friend, Jeremy, passed away recently and it was so sweet that they had a little table set up at the alter in his memory.

great job, Zach, on the picture taking!

I love how the preacher said that Jonathan better not screw up the big kiss!!!

Right after the ceremony we started more picture taking! I’m PUMPED to see the professional pictures (Danielle used Kristen, who works with Javon!) Dana also snapped some shots and here are some of the ones she took both before and after the ceremony.

I think Danielle’s dad is just so precious and doesn’t he look cute holding Mrs. Rainey’s flowers?

Laura and Brian…who will hopefully be next!!!

Yay for some awesome pics of the two of us – they were too good to just pick one!

I’m straight up covering Gracie’s face! Oops!

I ADORED her shoes – so cool and a great picture too

Off to the reception in STYLE!!!

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