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Emily Day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

For Mother's Day Zach and Kye gave me the ultimate "Emily Day!" Zach had the WHOLE day planned out for me last Saturday and it was ALL about ME! Who wouldn't love that for a present? We started off the morning by going out to eat at IHop for breakfast. I was a little nervous about somehow getting Kye to hold off on eating until then as he typically eats right when he gets up at 7:15 but he did awesome! He was so sleepy, cuddly and sweet. I was pumped for some IHop as I ate there ALL the time in high school and consider it my fav breakfast place by far. Unfortunately, the one thing I ALWAYS get is no longer on the menu :( So sad. Guess we'll have to find me a new favorite place as without that menu item it's seriously not worth the mega high prices ($2.99 for a glass of milk...are you joking ?!?). It was still fun to eat out as a family though and good to know that Kye can handle it so we can do it again sometime! checking out the menu choices sweet boy w

Anniversary Trips

Friday, May 28, 2010

I have loved to travel my entire life! Over the years Zach has learned to love travel as well and we enjoy packing as many vacations as we can into our agendas :) Since our honeymoon we have vowed to go on a kids-free trip every year on our anniversary. One of the benefits of getting married over Memorial Day weekend is that it's a great time to take a trip! Today we've been married 3 years. I swear I keep thinking it's been four years but it's only been three! I wonder why I keep wanting to add that extra year? Maybe I'm just in a hurry to go on our BIG 5 year anniversary trip! Our first trip to celebrate our marriage was our honeymoon. We went to the Maldives in the middle of the Indian Ocean and even got to stay in an over water bungalow! It was AMAZING and probably the best trip either of us have ever been on. While our anniversary trips can't compare to this one, so far anyway, they are all still fun times we get to spend bonding together and celebrating

New Fun at the Park

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now that Kye's full fledged walking I was excited to take him to our neighborhood park to see how he'd play on the playground. I thought he'd be running like a wild man but instead he quietly practiced his new skills! He worked for ages at putting the pieces of mulch down these little holes and we spent majority of our time there walking up and down the stairs (like the Guy Harvey t-shirt? Thanks to Uncle Brandon and Aunt Chrissy!) he had to have Mommy's help a little bit but by the time we were done he could go up and down by himself! another favorite thing to practice was getting on and off the slide he tried to climb up the slide but that's a "no sir" in my book! he could get down all by himself! the guys were cutting the grass and he loved watching the lawn mowers of course his favorite thing hasn't changed...swings! I REALLY hope we can stay in our neighborhood as we'd miss this park SO much!

Cookout at Katie's

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

After Katie's housewarming party we really all wanted to get together so we made it happen! She hosted a cookout at her house this past Tuesday night and it was a great time! I got to make the Pampered Chef Bread Spread recipe I love and Zach and I got to indulge in the leftovers after the get together ;) Katie made her famous Caesar Burgers for us and they were DELICIOUS (of course!) Katie's sister, Hannah, lives with her so it was nice to get to hang out with her too! Zach and I love the entire Hitchcock family (lucky them!). We also quickly started liking Hannah's friends, Amber and Jared.  Amber was SO great with Kye...future babysitter? Kye was not very well-behaved. This night was a good lesson for Zach and I as parents. Kye is very well-behaved at home. He's even better when he stays with people and we aren't there. He's at his worst when we are in a group setting with him. Zach and I talked about the reasons why and we realized it's our fault.

Beach Boy

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last time we were in Melbourne (for our late Easter celebration ) we planned on going to the beach with Kye but I didn't feel well so we ended up napping instead. This time we were going to the beach for SURE! We decided to go between lunch and Kye's 1:00 nap as we had to shower and get ready for Susi's graduation that night. That gave us about an hour to enjoy the beach as a little family and I figured Kye would tire of it long before that hour was up. Well I was wrong! I didn't really expect much out of our little beach outing. I assumed Kye would be okay with the whole thing because he did so well last summer with it, but I also know that around this age kids start developing fears so I worried he might be afraid. I know all the little kids I see on tv (like I remember an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 ) seem to be terrified of the ocean. The sand is sticky and hot, the waves are big and loud, and the whole environment is just different! I can see how it'd
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