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Boys Will Be Boys

Friday, April 30, 2010

Zach kept Kye while I was out of town for my girl's weekend to Atlanta. He'd been really looking forward to a fun-filled weekend and even though the rash had to change up some of his plans, I think they still had a great time together! I left Zach my OLD camera (as in my very first digital camera!) and he captured some pictures throughout the weekend. I asked him to write a guest entry about their "guy time." Enjoy! I will warn all the readers like I did the first time I blogged, I am not as good of a writer as my wife. This was the first time me and Kye had a guys weekend, just the boys. This situation was not normal though because of the whole rash thing ( see rash blog ). But, luckily Kye was just starting to get back to his usual happy self. First things first. In order to try to introduce my son to the world of manliness, I had a few items on the agenda.  I tried to man it up all weekend in order to combat all the sissy stuff his mama does with him every day.

Paci Decision

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have always pretty much regretted giving Kye the paci. I have a MEGA love/hate relationship with that thing for SURE! A few months ago Kye started to throw it out of his crib during his naps then cry to get me to come in his room and it drove me INSANE. I am a firm Babywise believer and I agree with the book when it says that a pacifier is a sleep prop. Instead of 100% putting himself to sleep Kye must have the paci in order to go to sleep. As of right now I'd like to say that none of our other children will have pacis. However, I do see the argument for the paci since it's "easier" to get rid of than the thumb or some other body part. It's really such an internal battle for me! I don't get why it bothers me so so much but it really does! At Kye's 1 year check-up I asked his pediatrician for advice on weaning him from the paci and she said that we should wait until he's two. Right now he's too young to be able to understand why we have t

Beth Moore

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Awhile back I saw on Kelly's Korner that she was attending the Beth Moore Conference in Atlanta. I hadn't really heard much about Beth Moore except for the Invisible Woman video I'd seen (read my post about it and watch it by clicking here ) which has greatly impacted my life! At the time I read Kelly's post I was at a point where I needed help in the self-esteem department (remember my attempt at "to poetry" ?) and when I saw that Beth Moore would be speaking on insecurity I felt compelled to attend. I'm so glad I decided to go and am also glad that Robyn decided to come with me! The event was at First Baptist Church Woodstock and omg that place was HUGE.  There were over 9,000 (yes 9,000 ) women in attendance at the church and it was telecast to 869 locations reaching 300,000 viewers. Isn't that INSANE?!?!? I'm thankful Robyn and I were able to find parking haha! (normally I'd be stuck holding on to my ticket to someday scrapbook, I

Much Needed Girl's Weekend!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After dealing with a sick baby then a rash baby I was in need of a break (and after Beth Moore I'm secure in my parenting enough to SAY I needed a break and not feel guilty for that!!!). Thankfully, Kye was looking waaaaaay better on Friday and acting more himself as well so I felt okay leaving him. I did, however, feel bad for Zach because he'd been really looking forward to their guys weekend and taking Kye to church just him and Kye and the dr. said he shouldn't go anywhere until the rash is 100% gone. Oh well! In the post to come I think you'll all see they still managed to have a GREAT time without Mommy being here :) Friday afternoon I left and picked up Robyn and we headed to Atlanta. I was excited for the drive as it gave Robyn and I a chance to talk! When you're mommies you spend a lot of time hanging out with your kids on play dates so you don't get to really talk because you're constantly chasing children :) On the drive we stopped in Locus
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