Life in 3D

Since everyone has been stuck looking at yucky rash pictures for the past several days I thought it’d be appropriate to post this entry I wrote during my pre-rash life 😉 Catching up on more entries today to post tomorrow! Enjoy!

After seeing Avatar (or as we like to call it “Furngully II”) Zach has been obsessed with his 3D glasses! He wears them at the most random moments and it’s actually pretty funny. In the car driving, around the house, when we meet up with other people…One night I even got in the bed and turned to give him a kiss goodnight and he was wearing them!!! So silly!

One day I came home separate from Zach and Kye after church for some reason and when I got home Zach said he had something to show me. He grabbed my camera and I got pretty excited thinking maybe Kye had done some neat new trick or something. When he showed me the pictures I cracked up! Kye is loving the 3D life just like his daddy 🙂

Hope these brought a little joy to your day as they sure did to mine!

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