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Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

Friday, February 26, 2010

A good number of people seem to be coming to Kye's party on Saturday...and several of them have never seen our house. Typically when people come over I straighten everything up, dust off the dark wood furniture (why oh why did we get dark wood?!), and wipe down the counters. Seriously, clean counters make an entire house shine! This time I thought I'd better do a little bit more cleaning! Is it a bad sign when you start cleaning at the end of February and find yourself picking up pine needles from the Christmas tree? Or that I just opened my blinds for the first time EVER so I could actually wipe down the windows? Or that we've lived in this house for almost two years yet I just learned that you're supposed to dust your baseboards? Oops! Cleaning is just NOT my thing. In all the areas I need work in, being a better home maker is one of the largest! I loathe it all. Vacuuming? No thanks! Sweeping? Seriously? Zach says his mom did it every day! Are you joking ? That


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Has anyone close to you passed away? If not you've been blessed but if so then I think you can relate to what I've gone through since Nana passed away in August. I've ALWAYS believed in Heaven but actually having someone go there made me question so many things. It made me realize how little I truly know about the place that I will be calling home for eternity! I made it one of my (many) goals for 2010 to have a better understanding of Heaven and what it is like. To be honest, I was AFRAID OF HEAVEN! How silly is that?!? But so many things I heard about it made me nervous. I'd heard that when we die we don't actually go to Heaven, that our spirits wait in our bodies and we just kinda sleep until Jesus comes back then "the dead in Christ shall rise" and we will go to Heaven then. I'd heard that there is no marriage in Heaven. I'd heard that since there are "No tears in Heaven" that we cannot be sad so therefore we won't know each oth

Birthday Invitations!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now that everyone who is going to get an invitation has gotten it I can post the pictures from our invitation photo shoot! It was back in January when the weather was actually decent one day so Zach and I raced down to the park to capture some pictures of Kye. He wasn't in the greatest mood and it took me over 800 pictures (my camera has that shutter feature where you can just keep pressing down and it shoots a ton of pictures in a row) to find two to use for the invites! Here are the top pictures from that day:           of course it was Daddy's idea to get some of him hanging                                   I love this, trying to get Kye to smile it didn't work!     we knew it was time to head home haha  Do you like the shirt? I actually got it on Etsy and I LOVE it! Yeah it wasn't too cheap ($20) but he wore it for the invitation pictures AND he will wear it at his party so I think it was worth it. Don't you? I know little girls have all kinds of cute 1 Yea

Tough Morning

Monday, February 22, 2010

So I've spent most of the day feeling a little down. Some days are just like that aren't they? My dad called this morning, which was a nice surprise. We don't get a chance to talk often so it's always nice to hear from him! He called to let me know that he won't be coming to Kye's party. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect him to come. By now I'm used to how these things go. I live in my husbands home town so at any gathering ALL of his family will be there. Even random distant cousins. And ONE person from my family will be there...Mom. I feel bad that the party is at such a bad time but so thankful to her for driving up here for the party then back home then driving to St Augustine for Brandon's wedding the very next weekend. She's awesome :) I'm sure people can matter how close you are to your in-laws or even your friends, there is just something about having people around you that are "your people." I think

Why Is It?

Why is it that I can snap ONE picture of Zach with Kye and it's PERFECT? Yet Zach can take six of me and not get ONE that compares?                       It makes me wonder who's to blame??? The photographer? ...Or the subject?

Best Valentine's Day Ever!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seriously, this was my best one ever!!! So yes, it's a LONG post to go along with my GREAT day! We started out the morning by going to church and Kye got to take a fuller nap since we didn't have class! That made him in a way better mood for church which was nice! It's getting easier now that he can stand up b/c we can just put him between us on the floor and let him stand and play with toys in the seat. It seems to be working! It probably will get tough again once he starts walking though!!! After church we went to Blimpie to get subs and went to our neighborhood park to have a family picnic. It was BEAUTIFUL outside but sadly the ground was soaking wet :( So no go on the picnic! On the way home from the park we let Kye "drive" for his first time (don't worry we live 2 seconds from the park so it was rather safe...)   both concentrating         Once we got home Kye went down for his nap and we ate our subs and basically waited for Kye to get up! As soon
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