Tough Morning

So I’ve spent most of the day feeling a little down. Some days are just like that aren’t they?

My dad called this morning, which was a nice surprise. We don’t get a chance to talk often so it’s always nice to hear from him! He called to let me know that he won’t be coming to Kye’s party. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect him to come. By now I’m used to how these things go. I live in my husbands home town so at any gathering ALL of his family will be there. Even random distant cousins. And ONE person from my family will be there…Mom. I feel bad that the party is at such a bad time but so thankful to her for driving up here for the party then back home then driving to St Augustine for Brandon’s wedding the very next weekend. She’s awesome 🙂

I’m sure people can relate…no matter how close you are to your in-laws or even your friends, there is just something about having people around you that are “your people.” I think being around Zach’s family and how uber-tight they are is sometimes hard because it reminds me how spread out my own family is. Even though when I planned Kye’s party I assumed that my mom would be the only family I’d have there, I still hoped that Brandon and Chrissy would come or that Dad would somehow make it. And none of them can which is okay! It’s understandable and it’s not like they aren’t coming b/c they just don’t want to. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not a little disappointed as it is Kye’s FIRST birthday which is a pretty big deal. Isn’t it? And I guess going to Lorelai’s party and seeing ALL of Matt and Robyn’s family there made me a little jealous! Her sister lives in Lawrenceville and has a 5 month old baby but they drove down for it and I’m not sure where her dad and step-mom live but they came in for the party too.

On top of that, Uncle Spear is doing much worse than when I saw him back in December. He now has a feeding tube, cannot walk, has only 30% use of his lungs (if I understood correctly) and only is able to move one of his hands. Thankfully it’s his right one and he’s still able to semi-communicate through writing on a dry erase board. They don’t have much help and he’s at the point now where he can’t help so my Aunt Cheryl is having to do it ALL. My heart just aches for them. It’s awful to just think about how Uncle Spear is still 100% Uncle Spear in his mind but that he cannot do anything with his body. This news took my little disappointment feeling and tripled it. I last I heard they are hoping to come to the wedding but I’d imagine that it’ll be much too much for them. I hope Zach, Kye and I can get up to visit them soon.

Since getting off the phone with Dad I’ve just been in a funk. I cried it out some and just kinda vegged out. Not really a good thing to be doing with a BIG party in a few days but sometimes stuff just comes up that makes you need a little shut-down time. Ya know?

Please continue to pray for my aunt and uncle. I’m a realist and obviously this battle isn’t one that will be fading away but pray for Aunt Cheryl’s strength both physically and emotionally. That she can continue to be strong for them both. Pray for Uncle Spear’s peace during this difficult time and that he will be able to keep his high spirits and that his progression will slow down so he can adjust to his new life slowly and not have to deal with so much at once. And hey if you wanna toss a little prayer in there for me too I wouldn’t mind 😉


  1. Danielle
    February 22, 2010 / 9:24 pm

    Emily, I completely understand how you feel about family being at big events. Living so far away from family requires that both sides fly or drive forever to get to events we have. When C was born Jason's dad (the last person I really wanted there) was the only that was there the actual day when all I wanted was my mom. And for C's 1st birthday my mom and jason's mom decided b/w them who would be there for his birthday day and the party. And this year no one is coming! My point is I get upset everytime one of these things happens and it is ok to want your family there and to even need your family there! I will pray for your family and YOU!!

  2. Stephanie
    February 23, 2010 / 12:38 am

    I TOTALLY understand how you feel! Bobby & I live in the complete middle of our families, so we don't get much help with family, and we can never plan family stuff because SOMEONE won't be able to make it. When I was trying to plan a party here for Kaedon, I got SO mad that none of Bobby's family would be coming. I give you credit because you handled it a lot better than I did!!

  3. Michelle
    February 23, 2010 / 4:19 am

    That is such a bummer, but I know his birthday will still be super special! I will say a prayer for you guys!

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