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A good number of people seem to be coming to Kye’s party on Saturday…and several of them have never seen our house. Typically when people come over I straighten everything up, dust off the dark wood furniture (why oh why did we get dark wood?!), and wipe down the counters. Seriously, clean counters make an entire house shine!

This time I thought I’d better do a little bit more cleaning! Is it a bad sign when you start cleaning at the end of February and find yourself picking up pine needles from the Christmas tree? Or that I just opened my blinds for the first time EVER so I could actually wipe down the windows? Or that we’ve lived in this house for almost two years yet I just learned that you’re supposed to dust your baseboards? Oops!

Cleaning is just NOT my thing. In all the areas I need work in, being a better home maker is one of the largest! I loathe it all. Vacuuming? No thanks! Sweeping? Seriously? Zach says his mom did it every day! Are you joking? That’s why I like having dark tile, you can’t really tell when it’s dirty 😉

The only thing I enjoy doing is laundry! I like it for some strange reason! I also am pretty hardcore about the counters looking clean in the kitchen. And I’m very OCD about Kye’s toys. I guess because we plan to have so many more children? Or maybe because we have dogs (well specifically LEVI) who may chew stuff up? But each time he plays with things I am hardcore about putting it all away. I count all the pieces and make sure everything is accounted for. And I get super anal about it and pissy if Zach doesn’t clean up just right after playing!

Does my lack of cleaning love surprise anyone? I mean those of you that have been to my house have always seen it clean right??? There are a small, few (lucky?) people that I allow in my less-than-perfect house. Those are the same few people that are (again…lucky??) allowed to see me in my “regular” wardrobe. That wardrobe is the exact opposite of my out-of-the-house style. At home all day I wear random pj pants, a non-matching wayyyy too big t-shirt, my LLBean slippers from 7th grade, and some pretty awesome semi-afro hair. It’s hot. Trust me.

It feels like every day I vow to myself to make it a routine to clean the house. Zach and I swear up and down each time the house is in perfect shape (which is pretty much whenever my mom visits…don’t we all just want our mothers to see our house in spotless condition? haha) that we will KEEP it that way. But we never do. Don’t get me wrong, I DO clean. Just not DAILY. I’ve started buying cleaning wipes and they are REALLY helping me clean more often! I use one to wipe down the bathroom sinks, the toliets, the kitchen counters, I even found some Windex ones to clean the mirrors! It makes life a LOT easier and when things are easier I’m more likely to do them 🙂

I may give myself a pretty hard time about not keeping the house in tip-top shape but hey I DO cook almost every night that we are home! That’s better than most families these days right? And I have actually gotten in the habit of making our bed in the morning! I want Kye to make his bed in the mornings so I know I need to be in the habit of making ours as well. I KNOW that I need to work on cleaning more as I want Kye to know that he needs to take good care of his things and clean up after himself. I PROMISE that after the party I will KEEP the house in spotless condition…it’ll be company ready 24/7…although I think I’ve made this promise before…


  1. Michelle
    February 26, 2010 / 2:38 pm

    We always joke that our house stays perfectly clean until the kiddos wake up! Check out Fly Lady's website. It has some good suggestions. I love shining my sink! Good luck with the big birthday. I am sure it will be fabulous!

  2. Rachael
    February 26, 2010 / 3:17 pm

    I have the opposite problem…. I am obsessed with cleaning. But I don't cook, I just think you can't do it all- you know?

  3. Rachael
    February 26, 2010 / 3:17 pm

    I have the opposite problem…. I am obsessed with cleaning. But I don't cook, I just think you can't do it all- you know?

  4. Matt and Robyn
    February 27, 2010 / 1:06 am

    I'm encouraged to know that other people have the same issues that we do!

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