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New Moon: Girl's Early-Morning Out

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

While I was having a mommy-meltdown last week it came time to go to the premier of New Moon (the second movie in the Twilight Saga). Honestly, if I hadn't pre-purchased my tickets I probably wouldn't have gone! I was a MESS! Thank the LORD I never drink caffeine (like seriously, all I drink is water and milk). You can ask anyone who knows me very well and they will tell you that if I drink some caffeine I become super, mega, hyper. This is a very useful in situations where I need to be awake and in a good mood! Kye and I ate at Aunt Karen's house Thursday night for dinner then I took him out to Zach's parents to spend the night since duh he couldn't stay at home while I was at the movie! After leaving Charlotte's I hit up McDonald's and got a HUGE iced coffee! It was so good and worked so well :) I was W I R E D! I was mega hyped up and couldn't stop talking, laughing and shaking. It felt like my heart was going to pump out of my chest haha. This was

Cheerio Faces and a Tooth!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I took over 200 pictures of Kye eating Cheerios just so I could maybe capture one of this first little tooth of worked! But of course I love the Cheerio Faces too :) Enjoy! YAY Kye's first tooth!!!  

Weekends at Home

Obviously with all the travel Zach has been doing with work during the weeks this month we've opted to stay in town. We had planned on going to Ashley's last cross country race but it would have just been tooooo much so we've been in town every weekend this month! So so so crazy for us! Surprisingly, it's been WONDERFUL! We just spend time together as a family and most importantly we've been at church each Sunday. I love traveling but I hate that we miss so much church. This past Sunday was our third one in a row and it's the first time Kye behaved well enough to actually stay in services instead of being taken to the nursery within 5 min of the start of worship haha! I really think that this routine of going every Sunday has helped him behave better! (I love Kye's little smile, you can tell he loves the swings!) What I've been doing is making little "To Do" lists during the week for Zach and when he's home over the weekends he gets that

A Single Mom Month

This time of the year is the busiest for Zach. It's a blessing because it's the holidays and it's when we need money the most and he makes the most right now! It's also tough though because he has to work this huge account that is spread out all over the south east. He has to go all over Georgia, to parts of Florida, all over Alabama, and all over Louisiana. That's A LOT of traveling! Last year I went with him for many of the trips. This year, it just didn't make sense to do that. So Kye and I have been spending some mega quality time together these past three weeks. The first week was just a couple days and life seemed to continue on as normal. Zach was home over the weekend and left again that Monday. That second week was great! I felt like Super Mom. I could do it all! And I could do it all with a smile :) Kye and I had so so so much fun together!!!! My only tough thing was if he woke up in the middle of the night but even that I handled okay and he would go

How I Have Survived The First Tooth

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's been a long, long journey and I'm so thankful that Kye's first tooth is finally here! I've heard that the first one is the worst (at least until the molars start coming) so I hope everyone that told me that is right!!! While this whole thing has been very tough I thought I'd share some teething survival tips to any other parents out there who feel like there is no hope! Here are the things that helped me keep my sanity through all of this: 1. Babywise: Are you surprised I listed it first??? Having a child on a schedule is such a blessing when times are tough. Yes, some rules must be broken (for the first time in Kye's life I had to rock him back to sleep at 5 am yesterday morning...I seriously don't get how some people do that every night! he's HEAVY!) but you still keep the same general routine and it helps you stay sane and helps the baby to be comforted. It's comforting to know what is next, especially when life is tough. For me, it'

Teething is worse than Childbirth

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm not kidding. Now that my child has his first tooth (praise the LORD!) I feel like it's safe to say that I'm knowledgeable enough on this subject to say how horrible it is. Let's not forget that I gave birth to my child with zero drugs and I pushed for 3 hours and I still say teething is a million times worse! Here's why: 1. You choose (typically) to go through childbirth before you actually go through it. You want to have a baby so you sign up for the pain in order to get one. You don't choose for your child to go through teething, it is totally out of your control (and makes you we really need teeth?!) 2. When you are in the pains of childbirth you have a goal and you know that the end is near. Kye started at 3 months old having teething symptoms, yet he did not have his first tooth until he was 8 months old. No one is in labor for 6 months. 3. With childbirth you are in the pain so you can manage it, with teething your child is in pai

Boys vs Girls

I've always bragged to Zach that I will outlive him since women live longer than men do! Now that I have a son I find the differences between women and men (boys and girls in this case I guess) so interesting. I stumbled across an article in Parents magazine and thought I'd share! And of course I included some pictures of Kye doing the typical boy thing...playing with a ball :) Girls: are four times more susceptible to hip dysplasia where the thighbone dislocates from the hip socket more likely to leak breast milk from their nipples as newborns due to high levels of Mom's estrogen get more UTIs twice as likely to get asthma five times as likely to be born with hemangiomas (raised red spots) feel pain and discomfort more acutely than boys so are more likely to cry or fuss produce more of the human-bonding hormone (oxytocin) and the feel-good hormone (serotonin) less active style of play, stay closer to adults, engage in fantasy and play in small groups typically m


Monday, November 16, 2009

This is a very personal post but ya know what? Writing on this blog is how I deal. I get it all out and then I feel works when I'm frustrated as a mom so why not with other things too? This is like my little journal, however I do have to be more discreet then I would be in a journal as it's a diary I allow anyone to read. As Christians we are taught to confess our sins to God as well as to one another (James 5:16). A lot of the time, however, we're afraid to do just that! We'll make our sins right with God but will be too afraid to face the embarrassment or judgment of our peers to actually go down front at church and confess to our church family. This has always bothered me!!! I have told a million people that it's awful that people judge each other when we ALL sin (Romans 3:23)! This past week I've been faced with a situation where I must practice what I have been preaching, and it's much harder than I ever thought. Our church has been tu

Beginning the Weaning Process

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Warning: I am discussing my feelings in this post and am not trying to offend anyone. However, this is my blog and my opinions and I want to be honest about them! When I first was pregnant I wasn't sure about the whole nursing thing. I didn't really know if it'd be for me and thought it was kinda strange to think about my baby sucking on my boobs. As I got further and further along in my pregnancy I started reading every book under the sun and learned all the benefits of breast milk and how important it is for the baby and the mommy. I was still not a mother yet and my main reason for deciding to nurse was that I wanted it to help me lose weight. I thought it'd be a great diet plan for getting rid of the baby weight (so not true though sadly!)! I didn't decide to do it because I thought it was necessarily best for my baby, but because it'd be best for me. As all moms know, we put ourselves FIRST until the day that child is born then it's all about them :

8 Months Old

At eight months old Kye can do all of the things that What to Expect the First Year says he "should" be able to do including: bear some weight on legs when held upright feed self a cracker rake with fingers an object and pick it up with fist turn in direction of a voice look for a dropped object   He can do all of the things an eight month old "will probably" or "may possibly" be able to do and some of the things an eight month old "may even be able" to do including: pass a cube or other object from one hand to the other stand holding on to someone or something object if you try to take a toy away work to get a toy that's out of reach play peekaboo get into a sitting position from stomach creep or crawl pull up to standing position from sitting pick up tiny object with any part of thumb and finger say "mama" or "dad" indiscriminately (just "dada" right now) understand "no" (but not alwa

Summary of Month 8

This month has been CRAZY with the many, many changes Kye has gone through. I love that every day brings something new!!! It's such an exciting time in his life! Ball: While at Disney we got Kye a ball! He's had a little plastic one but it didn't roll very well and he also has had a football that (duh) doesn't roll well either. Even though I hate basketball it was the best ball and it was Disney!!! He LOVES it! Zach will play catch with him which is cute as he will semi-catch it (with some luck) and will (also with luck) roll it kinda back to Zach to do it again. The best part though is how he CHEWS on the ball. I guess he thinks it tastes good? This video shows him going to town on funny! Reading: Kye isn't reading as much as he used to anymore :( He does still really love the books and has learned to enjoy them sitting up and is starting to master turning the pages. Here's a video of him doing this! While he may not be as into reading on his own
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