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"Sub Mom"

Friday, April 24, 2009

I know I mentioned back in January that Zach had an awesome first year with Aflac! We were so excited to learn that all his hard work came with a wonderful reward. Each year Aflac has a President's Club trip where they send the Top 85 agents in the nation and their guests on an all-expense paid vacation to somewhere! Well guess what? Zach was in the Top 85!!! His trip? A 5 night trip to Paris, France. We were pumped!!! The bad news? The trip fell 6 weeks after my due date! Once we found that out we debated about what to do? We prayed that Aflac would let us take the baby and we made a back up plan if they wouldn't. That's why I was sooo worried that Clover would be late because I KNEW I had to store up enough milk to feed the baby while we were away if Aflac wouldn't allow us to bring him! Thankfully, Kye came a week early so instead of being 6 weeks old he's 7 and I had that much extra time to pump and save milk. Aflac won't let us bring him on the trip or

Making Contact!

Kye has been enjoying reaching for things for a couple weeks now, but hasn't really grasped the concept that when he sees something, he reaches, then he can touch it! A lot of the time he would just reach all over the place, no where near the object his eyes were focused on. Yesterday I had an eye doctor appointment and had to rush around to get ready after Kye's feeding, so it took place during his awake time. Usually during awake time I play and play and play with him. It's all about "us time" not so much about "Kye time." Since I was in a hurry I brought his bouncer into the bathroom and let him lay in it, thinking if he started to fall asleep that I'd be right there to wake him back up. I didn't have to worry about that AT ALL! He was the happiest I've seen him in so long! In his big swing he can see the hanging animals but can't yet reach them, but in the bouncer he started reaching and reaching and made contact! Here he is &

Passive Parenting ~ Trusting My Gut

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have always known that I'm not the most secure person in the world. I may appear pretty confident but I'm one of those people who can dish it out but who really can't take it! Parenting, however, has really brought to surface my insecurities! It all started during delivery. I was laying on the table pushing longer than most people push with NO drugs yet I felt so embarrassed. I kept saying, "I suck at this don't I?" And asking, "Am I doing it right?" Why was I so insecure? I did a great job! The self doubt didn't start there. I don't think I did much of anything with my baby the first week without asking someone what to do. Remember I didn't even change his diaper the first six days? I know with breastfeeding I wanted Zach in the room every time to help me get Kye to latch on and make sure I was doing it right! Ridiculous! But still, that was me. Before Kye was born Zach and I were hardcore that we weren't going to let people t

Week Six Summary

I've been following the Babywise Blog that I mentioned in an earlier post and something I like that she does is a weekly report on how her baby is doing. I think this is a GREAT idea so I can compare how Kye is at such and such week to how the next baby is. I'm going to attempt to do this each Wednesday since Kye was born on a Wednesday and each one makes him one week older! Once the weeks quit having so many changes in them I'll probably change it to a monthly thing! Diapers Kye has grown out of the size 1 Pampers so I tried him in some of the Huggies we have. Before hearing how much better Pampers is than Huggies I bought some Huggies since they are much cheaper! Using the size 1-2 Huggies was our first experience with them and they are SO much smaller than Pampers! I put him in ONE of the transition diapers and it gave him red lines from being too tight already! Luckily I also had a bag of transition 1-2 Pampers so we're using those. But what a waste! I also have

Big Boy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kye is SUCH a big baby! When he was born I didn't really think he was very big..he was smaller than my birth weight! He weighed 7 lb 6 oz and then dropped down to 6 lb 13 oz a couple days later, imagine my shock when he was three weeks old and weighed 9 lbs!!! I seriously couldn't believe it and was shocked again when one week later he weighed 10 lb! As of the 14th he is weighing in at 11 lb 10 oz which is insane for a baby his age! He's only 6 weeks old! I know all the weight gain should have convinced me that we have a big child but they are just numbers and to me he is still a baby! How am I supposed to know? Well going to church yesterday REALLY showed me just how big he is! It was the first time at church where we actually made it on time...we gave him a bottle of my milk during services and managed to keep him awake through the whole thing! He only got fussy once and it was during the closing prayer so it wasn't a big deal. After church we stuck around for an

Old School

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am not a fan of people who quote movie me it's just not funny. I typically don't even laugh when I hear the line in the movie so what makes you think I'd laugh when you say it? However, lately I can't get a movie line out of my head! In the movie "Old School" Will Ferrell is at a party and they want him to get drunk and he says that he can't b/c he has a big day planned for the next day. The guy asks him what he has planned and he says, "Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time." When I heard that I remember (being a college freshman mind you) thinking who would run errands on Saturday? What a crappy Saturday! Duh, do errands during the week...why waste a Saturday doing errands? I silently vowed to myself to use my Saturdays

A Day at the Hospital

Zach left Wednesday afternoon for Macon (he had to work the evening shift selling Aflac to prison employees) and decided to stay until Thursday night so while having all my pain I also had Kye all by myself! Surprisingly though it went really well! Being alone with him is tough because I don't have help but in a way it was also nice because I could do anything I wanted and not have to get someone elses opinion! It was a good opportunity to start the suggestions Stacy gave me with babywise and they worked! He only woke up once during the night! I was so pumped!!! Once we got up for the day yesterday I decided to call the lactation specialist at the hospital. I tried pumping like Stacy suggested but I wasn't getting any results and it hurt so so badly, so it just wasn't worth it. I talked to the lactation lady for about an hour and she told me she wanted me to come up to the hospital so she could see my breasts and watch me nurse to see if she could figure out what is wron

Breastfeeding Battle

Anyone that has ever read my blog will know that I am a planner who does what I set out to do. There have been very few goals in my life that I haven't achieved. Have the wedding of my dreams: check. Be a stay at home mom: check. Have natural childbirth: check. Another goal that I hope to check off my list is to breastfeed for at least 6 months. No matter what anyone else says or thinks I am so proud of myself for how well I've done through all the obstacles of breastfeeding that I have faced. I had cracked, bleeding, painful-to-the-touch nipples and I kept going. I had mastits...with fever and red, painful breasts and I kept going. I have had yeast that burns my breasts 24/7 and makes my nipples pinched when he eats and through 2 different treatments that haven't worked I've kept going. I'm a lot tougher than I have ever given myself credit for that's for sure! I may not be very positive about my breastfeeding experience (pretty hard to be happy-go-lucky abou

6 Week Postpartum Check Up

Today was my 6 week postpartum check-up! It was good to see Stacy as I haven't seen her since my 38 week pregnancy check up! What feels like a MILLION years ago! Zach and Kye both went with me and it was good to have them there...I can't STAND yearly exams and that's basically what this was, just a little more involved than the typical yearly. It does count for this years exam though so that's awesome :) They had to prick my finger which I HATE but they have a new way of doing it that really wasn't too painful. They also had me pee in a cup, my last time for a loooong time which is nice! It's funny b/c things have obviously changed "down there." I'm usually a pro at making the cup no problem but this time it took me ages to figure out how to place it to catch the pee haha. They also weighed me, which I was dreading. I think I'm really looking pretty good but the scale is so mean! I really need to quit said I still have 20 lb to

Easter Weekend

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom left on Friday so Zach and I didn't really know what to do with ourselves for the weekend! We rarely have weekends with no plans so it was kind of strange! Saturday we decided to have a family day. Since Kye has been born we haven't done much just the three of us and it was such a good time! We colored eggs for Kye's first Easter! Zach bought ones that came with face stickers so we made an egg representing each member of Zach's family, it was pretty funny! Kye was awake for most of it which made the whole thing more fun, even though he's clueless! Zach was PUMPED about egg coloring :) I think Kye is more interested in Mommy than he is the egg.. fter the decorating we went and ran some errands together then got Subway and had a picnic down at the park in our neighborhood. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we wanted to take full advantage of it! Kye did sleep through most of the picnic but when we took him out of the car seat he was cute. We saw lots of little b

5 Week Schedule Change

At five weeks old Babywise recommends moving Kye's schedule again. It felt like we JUST got the hang of the eating every 3 hour schedule and now I had to move it on the poor kid. We started moving it last Monday and we have such an easy baby! He adjusts pretty quickly to whatever I throw at him. Now instead of eating every 3 hours he will be eating every 3 1/2 which means he eats 7 times a day instead of 8. When we originally decided the times it worked out to be 7 am, 10:30 am, 2 pm, 5:30 pm, 9 pm, and 1230 am! That was tooo much. He did great waiting it out during the day and I really really love having more time to run errands and stuff before having to be home. But 9:00? 12:30? Seriously? I hunted around online for some help with this new schedule as I just felt like feeing him at 9 and THEN bathing him put us to bed too late and I really didn't want to be having to stay up until after midnight to feed him again! (I love the little outfit I got for Kye (I'm the ap
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