Making Contact!

Kye has been enjoying reaching for things for a couple weeks now, but hasn’t really grasped the concept that when he sees something, he reaches, then he can touch it! A lot of the time he would just reach all over the place, no where near the object his eyes were focused on.

Yesterday I had an eye doctor appointment and had to rush around to get ready after Kye’s feeding, so it took place during his awake time. Usually during awake time I play and play and play with him. It’s all about “us time” not so much about “Kye time.”

Since I was in a hurry I brought his bouncer into the bathroom and let him lay in it, thinking if he started to fall asleep that I’d be right there to wake him back up. I didn’t have to worry about that AT ALL! He was the happiest I’ve seen him in so long!

In his big swing he can see the hanging animals but can’t yet reach them, but in the bouncer he started reaching and reaching and made contact!

Here he is “talking” to the squirrel

Starting to think about how he can touch it haha

Concentrating VERY hard

Making contact! He must have hit that thing a million times! It made him SO happy

I ended up taking WAY longer to get ready because I couldn’t quit watching him! He entertained himself for about 40 minutes! Talking to the animals, hitting them, and laughing at himself.

It was super precious and made me think about how I should probably be giving him some alone play time. I’m hardcore about him putting himself to sleep, so why not be hardcore about him entertaining himself sometimes too? He obviously loved it and I’m sure it will help him develop more independence!

I couldn’t resist, I had to video tape him too!

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