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2008 Year-End Review

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For Christmas in 2001 my dad bought me an awesome gift. It's a leather journal that has a spot to write something for each day over a 10 year period. I did really really well keeping up with it until 2006. For some reason in 2006 I started totally slacking and now I have some sporadic entries spread out over the past couple of years. I really should start keeping up with it again but I don't feel as guilty about it since I started blogging! Plus I take so many pictures all the time I'm pretty sure I won't forget much of what's happened in my life haha! One really neat thing about the journal is that it has a spot to write goals for each year then a spot to write a year-end review beside those goals to see how I did. I thought since I'm not doing such a great job writing in the actual journal that I'd do my 2008 review here instead (as well as make my goals for 2009 tomorrow!). Here are the goals I wrote for myself a year ago, lets see how I did: Write

Infant CPR Class

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today was a busy busy day. I had a million errands to run and it wore me OUT. I did several Christmas returns and lucked out and found two cute "baby's first Christmas" outfits for next year on awesome sale :) It felt so nice to get to buy somethings for the baby, since we don't know the sex I haven't gotten to buy hardly anything! My feet were seriously killing me all day and I kept breaking out in a sweat because I got so hot. In JcPenney I sat in this Homedics Shiatsu massager chair thingy for about 20 min (yes, people did stop and ask me questions about it haha). It felt AWESOME and when I got home I told Zach about it and he said he had thought about getting it for Valentine's Day for me but for me to go ahead and order it since I can use it now! Yay! After such a long day I really didn't feel like going to the Infant CPR class. Zach has mentioned that this is one class he knows we don't need because we took CPR in college together and learned

Christmas 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

This Christmas was a very busy one! We spent the day of the 24th relaxing at home and loading the car for the drive to Melbourne the next day. At 6 we all met up at Little Mama's for dinner and to play Guesstures as a family. We then had to drive all the way back to our house to let the dogs out because they were going to have to be locked up for over 12 hours since we stayed at Mrs. Charlotte's house for Christmas morning! To help them get out their energy we opened all their gifts! We hooked the dogs up this year because I plan on saving lots of their presents for when Clover gets here (I hear it helps with the adjustment if the dogs have some new toys and such). Our dogs really get the concept of Christmas! Sadie literally opened a present with her teeth! We didn't get to Mrs. Charlotte's until close to 11! I was so tired but (due to some drama) I felt so bad for Mrs. Charlotte so Zach, Casey and I stayed up to decorate gingerbread houses. Mine was so awesom

It's a....GIRL!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yup, it's a little GIRL! ...did I trick anyone? I'm not talking about Clover, I'm talking about Courtney and Brad's newest baby! They had Colt, a boy, in May and are pregnant again (already) with a little girl! She got lucky it's a girl because that's what she really wanted (so they are officially done having children after this one!), they already have a name (Payton), and she pretty much refused to look at boy stuff! I'm glad too for them because I know how badly they wanted one of each and how much Courtney really needs to be done having children with her Lupus and everything. Also for our sake, if they had two boys then Clover is a boy that would be kinda crappy since they are all less than a year apart! Can you imagine? This way our baby will only have one cousin the same sex, either way! Plus if Clover is a girl there is a good chance they won't be so competitive because two girls are less likely to like the same things ( hopefully if Clove

Rush Rush Rush

Yesterday was a VERY busy day! We had our hair done at 8:30 then rushed from there to our doctor's appointment. I am not quite sure why they have me come every two weeks seems kind of stupid because every appointment is just "let's hear the heart" then we leave! What's the point? The heart did sounds good though and Stacey really liked our 4d ultrasound pictures! We did talk about a couple of things too: She told me the whole you-shouldn't-raise-your-hands-above-your-head-thing is a wive's tale and that it won't do anything to the baby Also she said it is true that I need to be sleeping on my left side. This is so annoying because now that my back hurts so much I really want to be sleeping on my back rather than my side and I wake up a thousand times a night on my back. She said I'm waking up during the night because I am on my back and it's my body's way of telling me to roll over. The reason to sleep on the left side? Som

Sedgley Family Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our "usual" tradition is to do Christmas with the Parker's then drive to Melbourne and actual Christmas Day becomes Christmas Eve for my mom and we wake up on the 26th and have our Christmas morning! This year things are switched up a bit as Brandon is going with Chrissy to see her family in California for Christmas so we had to push Mom's Christmas forward and celebrate it a little early! Zach and I drove down to Melbourne Saturday morning (we had Christmas with his Mema the night before). I'm glad we went down early because it was nice just all of us being at the house and hanging out together all day! Mom made four times the amount of Christmas Cookies as usual and we had a blast decorating them (at least I had a blast...I was told I was a control freak on how they looked but whatever! It's my FAVORITE Christmas tradition so I'm pretty hardcore about it!) We each have one person to decorate and one stocking...but the G.T.B (gramma-to-be) made an ex

Welcome to the Third Trimester!

Today I am officially starting my 7th month of pregnancy! Week 28 and I'm in the third trimester! Pretty exciting because it means there are 12 weeks until my due date :) Also not exciting because it means I'm entering the toughest phase of pregnancy. Zach mentioned recently that he's glad we want to spread out our children because he doesn't know how he'd handle me being pregnant again anytime soon! haha! Poor guy thinks it's been tough so far...he doesn't realize what's in store these last 3 months! I honestly feel like I'm a little further along than my due date reflects and I think I've been showing some symptoms of the third trimester for a couple weeks now. Some changes I've noticed in my pregnancy include: On Tuesday my left breast joined my right one in the leaking! My right one has really been leaking a lot to where it'll go through a bra and shirt so I have to wear nursing bra pads already. Also I tried to squeeze the ri

4d Ultrasound

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today was the day Zach and I have been waiting for!!! We got to have our 4d ultrasound and see our baby! Supposedly these things are so accurate that the baby really will look like these pictures when she/he is born! I was nervous about the appointment for two reasons: one, I was nervous the pictures wouldn't turn out well for whatever reason and two, I was worried they'd accidently show us the sex of the baby (Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty are pros at reading ultrasounds after going through it with Courtney so one slip up and they could tell!). Mom drove 4 hours to be here for the big appointment and we also invided Zach's parents. We all walked into this tiny waiting room and noticed the sign that said "due to small space we request only one guest per patient." I had 4 guests! Oh well! When we went in the room (which was truly tiny!) the lady was so so sweet who did the ultrasound and I think she even enjoyed it. She was very careful not to show us the gend


I've been waiting to put these up for awhile now but I wanted Mom to get a chance to see it in person before seeing it online! If you've ever glanced at this blog before then you know we are going to be surprised at the sex of our baby! Zach has been very picky with what to do for the nursery and I really wanted to do something we'd both love so we decided to match the contemporary feel of the rest of our house with dots as the pattern. I'm not a HUGE dots fan so we also incorporated animals! Here's the crib (I LOVE our crib) It's missing the bedding which won't be in until late Jan. We also are going to be hanging two white frames above the crib with pictures of each of us when we were babies in them. Plus we don't have the mobile yet either. The birds are wall stickers so cool! We ended up doing the same red curtains that we have in the rest of our house but the matched so why not? And it looks good from the outside of the house with the bli

Breastfeeing Basics Class

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breastfeeding is my #1 fear about becoming a Mom (with how the animals, especially Levi, will respond to Clover coming in a close 2nd). Pretty much everyone I know has either not tried breastfeeding or has had such a hard time with it that they switched to formula soon after their babies were born. For me, I never was really hardcore one way or the other about it but Zach was. He really wanted me to breastfeed and then, the more I looked into it, I decided it's what I really want too. Last night was our Breastfeeding Basics class and it was so informative! We learned so much including: how my body produces milk, the different types of milk, the benefits of breast feeding, the myths of breastfeeding, the different positions for feeding, how to get the baby to latch on (and de-latch), and how to use a pump. Luckily, the lady gave us hand-outs to take home for reference but I took crazy notes too because I'm so nervous that once Clover gets here I'll totally freak out!

So I Guess I'm Officially Pregnant...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tonight on our way walking from the parking lot of the hospital to our breastfeeding class some random guy stopped Zach to ask about football. We were running late so I kept walking because this is a common occurance and didn't really need my attention! haha. The guy said to Zach "who's that with you?" and Zach said "My wife" and the guy said "when are you due?" SO some RANDOM typical hey-your-zach-parker-blah-blah-blah-football-guy was the first stranger to EVER notice that I'm pregnant! Isn't that so typically me??? And no, I didn't hug him. I kept walking. I will hug the first person but I'm pretending like he wasn't it.

Our Christmas

Zach and I started a tradition on our second Christmas together (4 years ago omg!) that we'd take a trip before Christmas and open our gifts from each other. Typically, we go skiing but last year we did it at Disney (because we knew I'd be pregnant this year and I've always wanted to do Disney at Christmas time!) and this year, since I can't ski, we went to his parent's condo in Pigeon Forge. We have a little tree and bring all our gifts for each other (except a couple to open at the other Christmases). We also each pick out special wrapping paper so all our presents match! Here I am with my pretty-presents for Zach: And Zach with his for me! Isn't it awesome that I have a husband who likes to make his presents look so great? He's so thoughtful! We opened cards first and Zach was soo soo sweet and bought me a card from the baby!!! He wrote: "Mommy, thank you so much for carrying me! I love being inside you and sleeping to the sound of your hea

Epidural Class

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the way to the epidural class last night I felt Clover hiccup for the first time! Yay! This was a very active child yesterday for sure! We timed our trip to the hospital from our house and it will take us around 10 minutes to get there which is good to know because I hope to labor at home for as long as I can stand it. When we got to the class I pulled a typical Emily-Student move and sat near the front. About a second after we sat down I heard "Emily, Emily." Turn around and Kecia and her husband Ryan were sitting right behind us! I was so glad to see them! It's so neat that Kecia and I are due so close together. She's due March 10th and I'm due the 12th! I love getting together with her and comparing notes on our pregnancies. Wouldn't it be neat if we had them the same day? It's funny because she starting showing a lot sooner than I did but I think I've caught up to her now! The class was quick but I did learn a few things: They can admi

I missed Stacey!

Thank the LORD my regular mid-wife, Stacey, was finally back today from her maternity leave! I've been missing her a lot!!! On the way to the dr. this morning I felt Clover kick for the first time on my left side! Up until now I've only felt movement on the right (which also happens to be the only side I'm leaking on, strange huh?) so it's nice to know that the baby is taking advantage of all the space in there now! Had the gestational diabetes test done...had to drink some nasty stuff and wait an hour then get blood drawn (which I DREAD). They said my blood pressure looks good and so does my hemoglobin. I will know the results of the diabetes test next visit but Stacey said it should be fine. She also said my weight looks GREAT. She said she saw the notes in my folder from the last dr. and for me not to worry about that. She said I've gained a great amount overall, it's just that I gained so much of it from one appointment to the next. I love her because

Good Times with Great Friends!

Zach and I both realize that bringing a baby into the world will change our lives forever! We are so blessed to have two amazing friends that we know will not only help us through this experience but will be there beside us as we face parenthood! While we know Katie and Ashley are life-long friends, we still want to spend as much quality time as we can with them before the baby gets here! This past week has been so fun because we've gotten to see each other so often! After Zach and I got the house decorated for Christmas and the nursery finished (I will post a blog with pics, but I want to wait until after Mom sees it next week in person!) we had Ashley and Katie over for chili and Monopoly. We played the whole game from start to took 4 hours and of course Zach won! This past weekend was our only weekend in town for the entire month of December and I'm really glad we decided to spend Saturday with them as well! We all went and at lunch at Locos then saw the
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