It’s a….GIRL!

Yup, it’s a little GIRL!

…did I trick anyone? I’m not talking about Clover, I’m talking about Courtney and Brad’s newest baby! They had Colt, a boy, in May and are pregnant again (already) with a little girl!

She got lucky it’s a girl because that’s what she really wanted (so they are officially done having children after this one!), they already have a name (Payton), and she pretty much refused to look at boy stuff!

I’m glad too for them because I know how badly they wanted one of each and how much Courtney really needs to be done having children with her Lupus and everything. Also for our sake, if they had two boys then Clover is a boy that would be kinda crappy since they are all less than a year apart! Can you imagine? This way our baby will only have one cousin the same sex, either way! Plus if Clover is a girl there is a good chance they won’t be so competitive because two girls are less likely to like the same things (hopefully if Clover is a girl she will be a girl like her mommy and be a girly-girl and since Courtney is super sporty and so is Brad their girl will probably be a little athlete!). And if Clover is a boy Colt will be in a different school year and will be 10 months older so they won’t be so close in age (whereas Payton is due in May so she and Clover will only be maybe 2 months apart!).

I know it’s a very Merry Christmas present for Courtney and Brad! I wish we would have known sooner so we could have gotten some little girl gifts!

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  1. Anonymous
    December 31, 2008 / 6:40 pm

    OMG I was about to have a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so excited for Courtney! Payton is an adorable name. Don’t worry about the “competition.” Clover is very lucky to have cousins close to it’s age, and you will be SO THANKFUL at functions when they have someone to play with!Rachael

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