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Proud Daughter

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I guess I'm adult enough now to where I can say I'm proud of my parents right??? They both have made some awesome changes lately and I am very proud of them!!! Mom: For as long as I can remember I'd wake up in the morning to the "pop" sound of her opening a Diet Coke! I'm interested to see how it will be this Thanksgiving weekend as I won't be hearing that sound anymore! She's been Diet Coke free for over a month now! It's a huge accomplishment for her! Also she worked her butt off last year doing the National Boards (to be a Nationally Certified Teacher). While she thought for SURE she'd failed we just found out she PASSED! It's something that is very difficult to do and I'm so glad she got to see her hardwork pay off! Dad: About as long as I've heard Mom drinking her Diet Coke's I've seen Dad with a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. I think my whole life I've begged him to quit (writen it in just about every birth

Twilight Movie Night

Back a few months ago I started reading Twilight and all the books in the saga. They really are awesome and make you WANT to be a Vampire! Katie, Ashley and I have all been super pumped about the movie opening in theaters. Thursday, the same day as my official 6 months status, the movie premiered at midnight! I was on my way home from Alabama so Ashley went to get tickets and we made plans to help us stay up that late! We headed to Steak and Shake at 9:30 to eat a late dinner and drink milkshakes! I broke down and got an iced coffee to keep me going after a long day of driving I was already sleepy but excited! Hannah, Katie's sister, came with us as she's a fellow twilight lover. It was an awesome experience as we got to the theater at 10:45 and the line to get in was out the door down the parking lot! They had three theaters showing it and they were all packed full by the time the movie started. Personal Opinion: Read all the books! Enjoy them! Pass up the movie u


This past Thursday, November 20th. marked my 24th week of pregnancy! I'm into my six month!!! Pretty big milestone for sure :) Here is what I look like now (I put these up for you Michelle!), and will supposedly be coming home from the hospital looking like. It's not near as bad as I thought and if it's true that you come home looking 6 months pregnant I feel like I'll be able to lose this in a decent amount of time! While I still have yet to have a stranger notice my pregnancy, I have already witnessed some changes that the sixth month brings. 1. Baby: Moving like CRAZY now! I love it! Up until this week I'd usually only feel the baby move late at night or early in the morning and now I feel it several times throughout the day. Sunday at church was a time I don't think I'll ever forget. The little baby was moving throughout the whole service! Ashley got to feel it for the first time which was exciting for her! I realize how difficult it will b

Reality Check

Monday, November 24, 2008

After coming home from camping last Sunday morning I had a reality check. I am a denial person...I deal with things in life by pretending they aren't happening so I don't have to deal with them. This works well most of the time but then when something happens that forces me to deal with reality I freak out. Sunday was a FREAK OUT day!!! I know I'm pregnant. I realize that! However, I haven't been acting much like I'm pregnant at all. Almost 6 months pregnant and I drove to Atlanta then back then the next day, had a fever then drove to camp out and camped for 2 nights. It was just too much for me to handle. While camping I started to notice that I'm different than everyone butt hurt from sitting on the bench after like 30 minutes, I couldn't allow myself to get more sick so I had to avoid the rain and cold, I couldn't play football b/c I could get hurt, I felt grouchy even though I normally wouldn't be, etc. When we got home I had a tota


Friday, November 21, 2008

Yes, I was 6 days shy of being 6 months pregnant. Yes, I know this. But yes, I went CAMPING! In recent days poor Zach has been stuck with three ladies pretty much all the time: me, Katie, and Ashley. Luckily Ashley is very competitive and athletic so she filled the "guy" void for awhile but the day has arrived where Zach has some new guy friends! They may only be 18 (and yes we're 24) but hey they are Christians who don't party and who like to have fun so it works! Zach and I went camping one weekend last year and had a great time together. For Christmas Mom hooked Zach up with tons of camping gear and we still haven't gotten around to using it. I came up with the idea of taking our new friends camping as it's a very "guy" thing to do and I feel like Zach needs some guy stuff after all the "girl" time he's had to deal with lately. I got back from Kennesaw on Thursday...spent the morning Friday watching it rain while I loaded up ca

Traveling Man...

I grew up in a home where my dad traveled ALL the time for work. It was part of his job and I didn't really think that much of it at the time but as I grew older I knew I didn't want my husband to travel as much as my dad did! Zach is a wonderful man and totally agrees with me in this area...luckily Aflac is the kind of company where not much work travel is involved. However, some groups are spread out and he does have to do some traveling to be able to work them all. The entire month of November is a travel month! He went for 3 nights to Savannah and I couldn't deal with it. I never slept, felt so lonely, and then took it out on him when he got home. It wasn't fair to him or to our marriage. So we had a big talk about it and decided that since I'm not working anyway that I'd go with him! After my dr. appointment last Tuesday morning I headed out to drive to Kennesaw. Zach was working groups in the Atlanta area and decided to stay with his sister, Casey,

10 pounds

Last Tuesday I had a dr. appointment, just a routine monthly check-up for the baby! I was hoping Zach would be able to be at every appointment throughout the pregnancy but he's a working machine right now and couldn't be there. No big deal as I wasn't having an actual exam... Of course I get there and the midwife I was supposed to see had called in sick so some male doctor was going to see me instead. Then when I went to pee in the cup I forgot to pee in it so I had no pee left haha I got a drizzle and just told them I couldn't go anymore...luckily it worked out ok! Lately I've been (FINALLY) feeling like I look pregnant! So I had on a cute little tight shirt with my new maternity jeans and ballet flats. When they weighed me and said I've gained about 10 pounds overall and I was excited! I mean I was 22 weeks pregnant and had only gained 10 pounds total? Pretty awesome if you ask me! I got into the dr. office and he heard the heartbeat (sounds good! it wa

Where did I leave that???

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have heard that pregnant women become very forgetful. I have experienced this twice so far in major ways! The first time was a couple of weeks ago. I spent an entire day shopping around town trying (unsuccessfully) to find some brown flat shoes and I ended my day at Rack Room. I stayed in the store for about an hour just browsing and trying on different things. When I went to leave I started digging out my keys to find that they weren't there! They weren't in my purse. I frantically looked in every box of shoes I'd tried on, on all the seats, under the seats, in the shelves etc. But no luck. I then asked everyone and no one had seen them. When I described them to one lady she said someone probably stole them because I have a Coach keychain! Random! So I ran out to the car thinking maybe I left them inside and nope. No where! Thankfully when I ran back in and started asking more people some lady said she found them and had turned them into a guy who had already left work

Registering for Baby Things...

When we first got engaged people told us how fun it would be registering. Instead it was a pain because there was so much stuff to get then they would be out of stock or get clearanced out so I'd have to update the registries all the time and then hardly anyone got us stuff off of them anyway and we ended up using left over wedding money to complete them! I heard from many people that planning for a baby is a lot more fun than planning for a wedding. Again, I disagree. Planning our wedding was the most fun I think I've ever had! I loved it! With a baby you really can't plan much. We knew our wedding date 16 months in advance. I'm 6 months pregnant and even when I get to be 9 months pregnant I still won't have a clue what day our baby will come, what labor will be like, what our baby will be like, if it's healthy, how we'll be as parents, etc, etc, etc. There is really very little you can plan for when it comes to being pregnant! I don't even know how

Junk Mail

Friday, November 7, 2008

I never read junk mail! Never! First thing in the morning I check my e-mails (usually to see if Mom wrote me!) and before reading anything I go through and delete all the spam from companies, offers from stores, and forwards from e-mail lists I somehow find myself on. When I went to click to delete a Forward this morning, I accidently opened it. So I read it and I'm so glad I did! I think God wanted me to read this and to share it with others! A TEENAGER'S VIEW Of HEAVEN 17-year-old Brian Moore had only a short time to write something for a class. The subject was what Heaven was like. 'I wowed 'em,' he later told his father, Bruce. 'It's a killer. It's the bomb. It's the best thing I ever wrote..' It also was the last. Brian Moore died May 27, 1997, the day after Memorial Day. He was driving home from a friend's house when his car went off Bulen-Pierce Road in Pickaway County and struck a utility pole. He emerged from the wreck unharmed

Halloween and My Birthday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A very busy 24th birthday for sure! Thursday Oct 30th we celebrated my birthday with our friends! Seth and Crissy couldn't make it so Zach, Katie, Ashley and I all enjoyed dinner at Red Lobster. Since Katie has been our friend we've never done gift-giving but we decided to start that tradition this year. Ashley got me two really cute maternity winter tops and Katie got me a gift card to Victoria's Secret and a pregnant angel-girl (I don't know their "official" name I just call them angel-girls haha)! The last two Halloween's we've dominated the Christian Student Center Halloween Party. Two years ago we were Nintendo Characters and last year Zach was Flavor Flave and Katie and I were "Cocoa" and "Butta." Of course everyone was jealous of our awesome-ness and we think that's why they didn't have a Halloween Party this year. haha! We made the best of it though and Zach, Katie, Zach West (who is basically a younger versi


Monday, November 3, 2008

Zach has been a Christian his entire life. He's only said a cuss word once and has never had a drink of alcohol. He's admired by many people! People are always mentioning Zach's strong Christian morals and parents often comment on how they hope their child will grow up to be like him. He's been asked to speak to the highschool kids at church and even asked by a parent to have dinner with his son who is a freshman in college to explain to him the trials he will go through and how to overcome them It's thanks to Zach that I am a Christian today! I'm so proud to have him as my husband and glad that he inspires other people to live a life of walking towards Christ. However, it is tough sometimes. I often feel like people just give Zach the "credit" for me and how I turned out. A girl who came form a divorced home etc etc...I feel like people often overlook my Christianity because I haven't lead the "flawless" life that Zach has. That is w

Spoke Too Soon...

I thought I wasn't experiencing many pregnancy symptoms but over the past couple of days I've discovered a few more!!! 1. Dreams: I have been having CRAZY dreams. My most common one? That I forget to feed the baby, the baby has a hard time breastfeeding, or just a dream of me breastfeeding in general. I think I have this dream because I'm nervous about breastfeeding and also I think I have it on nights when I'm sleeping in a funky postion that makes my breasts hurt because everytime I have this dream I wake up and they are sore! haha 2. Belly : Still haven't had a stranger notice but the BELLY is HERE! I can no longer see my privates! haha I didn't realize that until I took a bath the other night and saw them for the first time in a looong time and realized that area could use a little help haha I am gaining not just in the belly but all around the belly area. My butt is no longer in existence as my lower back baby gain is one with the booty. My "love

Very American

Since my husband is no longer playing football he has become a fan of politics. While driving all over Georgia selling Aflac he listens to talk radio constantly and when he gets home he'd rather tell me alllll the latest info on the Presidential Election than tell me how selling insurance went! For the most part, I get sick of hearing about it! But at the same time I am proud that he is so knowledgeable and has opinions! His knowledge has helped me learn so much and form my own opinions on this historic election! Neither of us have ever voted and this year we went early to the polls to make sure we did our part in keeping Obama out of the white house while also getting our fellow church member, Chris Prine, elected as Sheriff! You can reallllly tell that the baby was voting with me huh? And I know I totally did make Zach get pictures but it's a big deal! We both felt so good about voting and felt like true Americans! We wore our little stickers with pride the rest of t
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