This past Thursday, November 20th. marked my 24th week of pregnancy! I’m into my six month!!! Pretty big milestone for sure 🙂

Here is what I look like now (I put these up for you Michelle!), and will supposedly be coming home from the hospital looking like. It’s not near as bad as I thought and if it’s true that you come home looking 6 months pregnant I feel like I’ll be able to lose this in a decent amount of time!

While I still have yet to have a stranger notice my pregnancy, I have already witnessed some changes that the sixth month brings.

1. Baby: Moving like CRAZY now! I love it! Up until this week I’d usually only feel the baby move late at night or early in the morning and now I feel it several times throughout the day. Sunday at church was a time I don’t think I’ll ever forget. The little baby was moving throughout the whole service! Ashley got to feel it for the first time which was exciting for her! I realize how difficult it will be to worship once the baby gets here, because it was hard for me to concentrate with the movement inside of me 🙂

2. Comfort: I am much, much more uncomfortable. All the time. Constantly. I never feel comfortable! The main reason? Not the belly…the CHEST. They are so annoying! I don’t know how women with naturally large ones deal because it’s such a pain! I have to wear a bra at all times and I guess because of the way my stomach is the bra always feels too tight at the bottom. Even my XL sports bra feels too tight.

3. Tired: While I’m not exhausted all day, I will be randomly hit with a wave of sleepiness. I’ve taken two naps this week which is a rare occurance for me. Last night at church I was so tired I was actually worried how I’d drive myself home! I’m glad all my solo-driving trips are over!

4. Skin: I don’t know if it’s because I started using new face wash and am taking better care of it but my skin is FINALLY starting to look better. I swear this pregnancy made my face age like five years! I have been hating the way my face looks in the mirror and while I still want to get a major facial come April, I think it has cleared up some which helps with my confidence.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been six months! I’m ready for it to be ten so I’ll be done with this junk!


  1. michelle
    November 30, 2008 / 9:36 pm

    3 more to go!! woohoo! im ready for a big belly! like cant tie your shoes big ha!

  2. Ashley
    December 3, 2008 / 8:42 pm

    YAAAY I was sooo excited to feel it kick =)

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