Proud Daughter

I guess I’m adult enough now to where I can say I’m proud of my parents right??? They both have made some awesome changes lately and I am very proud of them!!!

Mom: For as long as I can remember I’d wake up in the morning to the “pop” sound of her opening a Diet Coke! I’m interested to see how it will be this Thanksgiving weekend as I won’t be hearing that sound anymore! She’s been Diet Coke free for over a month now! It’s a huge accomplishment for her!

Also she worked her butt off last year doing the National Boards (to be a Nationally Certified Teacher). While she thought for SURE she’d failed we just found out she PASSED! It’s something that is very difficult to do and I’m so glad she got to see her hardwork pay off!

Dad: About as long as I’ve heard Mom drinking her Diet Coke’s I’ve seen Dad with a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. I think my whole life I’ve begged him to quit (writen it in just about every birthday and christmas card I’ve given him) and FINALLY he’s let it go for good! Both he and Audrey have been cancer-stick free for about 6 weeks and I’m so glad that this has happened! It’s a smarter choice to help them live longer, healthier lives!

While most people put on weight when they quit smoking, Dad’s doctor told him he had to lose weight because he was coming off some medication (I think for blood pressure). In about a month he’s lost 10 pounds! When I talked to him the other night he was chewing on something and I thought it was a Milk Dud and instead it was some kind of pea haha! I told him I’m proud that he lost the weight but why did he have to give it to me???

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