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Sleep? What's Sleep?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have yet to experience many of the pregnancy symptoms I have read about: Still never hungry, no true I'll-die-if-I-don't-get-to-eat-this cravings, no nose bleeds, and (thankfully!) no hemroids. However I am experiencing a couple of the major pregnancy side effects. My tummy itches a lot (I am scratching it more than I am rubbing it haha), I have to "tinkle" (your welcome Mom...) constantly, and sleeping is no longer a luxury I enjoy! I am not tired as much as I was earlier on (especially now that knock-on-wood the headaches seem to be gone) and I have a hard time falling asleep. Once I finally get to sleep I wake up SO easily!!! And once I wake up I can't go back to sleep at all! Do I have to "tinkle" during the night? Yes...but do I get up to do it? Not usually! I'm too afraid that once I get up I won't be able to go back to sleep! Zach has been working a TON lately and so he's been waking up pretty early in the mornings. I am pret

Adult Type Issues

Thinking about the changes in our life ahead we've had to face some things that really make me realize how grown-up we are now! With a baby on the way we have to plan for the future...think about saving for retirement...getting Zach a decent sized life policy...having some sort of policy to cover our morgage if something happened to him...decide who would care for our child if something happened to both of us! Dealing with these types of issues is really difficult because it makes us have to think about our death and the idea that our child could potentially be left without parents! I really hope that all parents and all expecting parents think about these things too because I can't imagine what would happen if we didn't!!! We decided that in January we're going to meet with Zach's dad, who does financial planning now, and get all of these things in order. We also have a really good lawyer that helped us with our old house (that mess!!!) who we plan to talk to

My Pre-Bday Celebration

Monday, October 27, 2008

We left Friday for Melbourne! It's been sooo long since we've been down there and it was a really nice trip! I managed to stay awake the whole way and Zach and I enjoyed some nice conversation. Saturday morning we got up and went Garage Saling! We found some great deals on books (and decided we have to get a book shelf for the baby's room for sure now!) and we even found maternity clothes! I was pretty pumped about it...Zach was the most pumped about the set of 12 Bible Story Books we found for $5. At 4 we went to an early dinner with Mom and Nana for my birthday celebration. We went to The Cove because it's one of Mom and Nana's favorite places to eat and they have recently redone the whole place. I'm just glad I got to celebrate with Nana! Her health has not been super awesome lately and I cherish each moment we get to spend together. I told her a long time ago to stop buying gifts and so she gave me one of her bracelets for my bday gift :) We went t

Baby on the Move!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

YAY!!! About 30 min. ago I was laying in bed with the dogs watching tv starting to wake up when I felt the intense bubbly feeling I've had for the past couple days now. I thought it was my uterus expanding but I read that can be kind of painful and this feeling isn't painful at all...just different. So I put my hand on the outside of my tummy and I can feel it there too! As soon as I got up I dug around for my What to Expect When You're Expecting book (the first time I've actually looked at it haha). And YUP! I'm feeling the baby move!!!! I can't WAIT until Zach gets home so I can see if he can feel it too! This is so exciting :)

Half-Way to the Finish Line!

So while in California I hit the 19th week of my pregnancy! It seems like it is FLYING by!!! It's really hard to believe that I'm about half-way there and I hope the next 4 1/2 months go by as quickly as the past 4 1/2 have so I can hold my baby!!! I'm so ready! Since Ashley, my usual tummy picture taker, wasn't with us I tried to do one myself but it didn't work so great! So these ones will have to work that Zach took for me! I have been suffering from very bad intense migraines since I hit the 13th week but it seems like (knock on wood) that they could be behind me! I'm feeling so much better now! Also while on the trip I woke up one morning with very bad upper back pain and my neck was killing me! We decided my size Small sports bra that I've been sleeping in will no longer cut it. I went to Victoria's Secret today and get measured and I have gone from a 34C to a 36D! I couldn't believe that! Everyone tells me that the "girls&quo

Kirk Cameron is my Hero!

I have always known Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver from the t.v. show Growing Pains. I wasn't a HUGE fan of the show because I was a little young for it (I'm more a Saved By The Bell and Full House girl!). Part of our trip with Aflac to San Diego included a Prayer Breakfast where Kirk Cameron was the speaker. This event turned out to be my FAVORITE thing that we did while visiting California! Kirk started out talking about his Growing Pains experience and did a little 60 second display of his character on the show, Mike Seaver (see the video at the bottom of this post!) He then quickly switched gears and talked about his latest movie, Fireproof . It is a Christian movie made in Albany, GA by the same people who did the football movie Facing the Giants . I have been wanting to see Fireproof as it's about marriage between Christians! He showed a trailer and while the acting didn't look so awesome, the concept behind the movie seems worthwhile. He told us that everyon

California Here We Come!

Monday, October 20, 2008

We went to San Diego for Zach's first Aflac National Convention! It was great because Aflac flew us out of Valdosta so the travel was pretty easy and free so we couldn't complain about it! We've been stuck in Valdosta for awhile now and I was really in need of a vacation! Since there is a 3 hour time change I was out of it when we arrived so all day Wednesday we just slept and relaxed before dinner. We got hooked up with a great room at the Manchester Grand Hyatt ! Check out our view!!! The first night we got to eat aboard the USS Midway. The food wasn't as awesome as some of the other meals but it was neat to be aboard such a huge aircraft carrier! One thing about Aflac trips is that everyone gets totally wasted at everything because they not only provide free food, they also have unlimited alcohol. It makes it hard for Zach and I to have a good time when so many people are totally wasted but we got lucky at the table we sat at and made friends with an older cou

Magic Eye Baby

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Had our 18 week ultrasound on Monday...I was SO excited since the last ultrasound turned out so great I was sure this one would be even better since the baby is so much bigger and more developed! Of course nothing ever goes how I plan! Here is the picture. Yup, that's our baby. If you stare at it without blinking for 30 seconds you may be able to tell! haha. Where the little arrow is pointing is the face. The big round thing is the stomach. It's little hand is rubbing it's left eye if that helps at all! Disappointing huh? The good news is that the baby is very healthy...heartbeat was around 146 and weight is 8 oz. They said that even though I have all that confusion about my due date that it is March 12th so we'll see if I'm right or if they are when the delivery day actually arrives! The tech girl could tell the sex!!! It was very tempting to find out but we didn't. She even pulled the whole "i can write it down and seal it in an envelope" thin

Baby Boom!

It seems like babies and pregnant women are popping up everywhere! I don't know if it's just because I'm pregnant so I notice them more or if, even if this crappy economy, people are just having lots of babies! I have several friends: Rachael , Kecia, Dani, etc. that are pregnant which is exciting! We also found out on Sunday that Courtney is having another one! YES ANOTHER ONE! She just had Colt in May and this baby will be due ONE DAY after Colt's first birthday! And it's due only two months after our baby! It's very crazy news and totally not expected at all. While I'm happy for her and Brad of course I also have other feelings regarding it. Can you imagine having 2 babies less than a year apart in age? All the diapers? Plus Courtney and Brad both work so Mrs. Charlotte will be taking care of both babies during the work day! Can you imagine the work load for her? I'm glad it's Courtney rather than me that's for sure! Also while it&

ohhhh nooooo

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So I was just checking my facebook and scratching the side of my stomach when I felt something wrong...and so I looked down and I don't believe it...I really don't....STRETCH MARKS!!!! I'm a HUGE HUGE Cocoa Butter user (and have always been since high school) so HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? ALREADY??? I'm hyperventilating. It will probably only be getting worse from here won't it? Maybe they are just more noticeable b/c I'm pretty tan right now...maybe they will go away after the baby. They could go away right? right? My poor poor body will NEVER be the same :(

Busy Weekend in Atlanta

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back when we found out Zach won the Triple Crown Aflac trip to Atlanta we thought we wouldn't bother going since we have been to Atlanta a million times and did not want to have to tour the Aflac Worldwide Headquarters again in Columbus. Then I found out that Katie Lee, one of my favorite people from "childhood," was getting married the same weekend as the trip so we figured we could go to the wedding and the trip at the same time! We left on Friday and the highlight of my weekend was eating dinner with Danielle! It is always so refreshing (really REFRESHING is how I feel!) to see her! We don't get to see each other often but everytime I do get to visit with her I always leave feeling so much more like myself :) Aflac really does do it all top notch and we got free tickets to the Georgia Aquarium was the beginning of a very long day for a pregnant girl! Let's just say after this day I decided when we go to San Diego in a couple weeks that we should not

Indulging in a Craving = a Bigger Baby Belly!

I know I have blogged before about my main pregnancy cravings and the number one item on that list has ALWAYS been Choco Tacos. I first wanted one when Zach and I were in Asheville, NC and he wouldn't buy it for me because it was $3.50 (a rip-off I admit). Of course Taco Bell's no longer sell them and you can't buy them at either of our walmarts, our publix, or any of our gas stations. I've heard that one Mexican restaurant has them but I haven't actually tried going in there for one, at least not yet! Well on our way to Atlanta Friday afternoon we stopped to get gas and I now LOVE the city of Vidalia! I was heading to the bathroom in the gas station and just did my routine peek at the ice cream bar box thing and there it was!!! I was pumped!!! It isn't a secret that I've been wanting one f o r e v e r. I was totally prepared to devour all 290 calories as quickly as possible but of course my husband wanted a bite! Lucky for me he just took a tiny tiny

Lots of Unknowns

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Supposedly any day now I should be able to feel kicking! But I am clueless as to what that kicking will feel like. Everything I read says it will be similar to little gas bubbles in my stomach but then how do I know if it's kicking or just gas? I'm pretty sure I've probably felt it but it's not as awesome as I thought it would be because I am not positive that what I feel is kicking! I wrote something about it on my facebook and Rachael sent me a link to a website that calculates when you should feel the kicking (or I think the official name is quickening or something). I was all excited about it but then it asked for the typical pregnancy calculator question: First Date of Your Last Menstrual Period. Again another big unknown! Sure my last real one was on May 14th so I type that in and it tells me my baby will be due on Feb. 18th (almost a month sooner than the due date the dr has me down for). So that must be wrong right? So I try the next time I had any signs of
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