Adult Type Issues

Thinking about the changes in our life ahead we’ve had to face some things that really make me realize how grown-up we are now! With a baby on the way we have to plan for the future…think about saving for retirement…getting Zach a decent sized life policy…having some sort of policy to cover our morgage if something happened to him…decide who would care for our child if something happened to both of us!

Dealing with these types of issues is really difficult because it makes us have to think about our death and the idea that our child could potentially be left without parents! I really hope that all parents and all expecting parents think about these things too because I can’t imagine what would happen if we didn’t!!!

We decided that in January we’re going to meet with Zach’s dad, who does financial planning now, and get all of these things in order. We also have a really good lawyer that helped us with our old house (that mess!!!) who we plan to talk to about writing up a will and how to deal with what money would go to who.

Tonight we met with Zach’s Aunt Karen and her husband Barry about being the caregivers of our child if something were to happen to both of us. It was a very difficult decision as to who we’d choose for such an important role. First Christianity was key for both of us. Next we didn’t want any of our parents being the ones to take the child as we feel like grandparents are supposed to get to spoil their grandchildren not raise them. Then we wanted a married couple who we felt would be willing and most of all would love our child as their own. Karen and Barry really fit all of these things and we’re so glad they said yes!

We plan to re-evaluate the decision with each child we have but I think both Zach and I will sleep a little better tonight knowing that we have ONE of the BIG decisions MADE and finalized!!!

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