My Pre-Bday Celebration

We left Friday for Melbourne! It’s been sooo long since we’ve been down there and it was a really nice trip! I managed to stay awake the whole way and Zach and I enjoyed some nice conversation.

Saturday morning we got up and went Garage Saling! We found some great deals on books (and decided we have to get a book shelf for the baby’s room for sure now!) and we even found maternity clothes! I was pretty pumped about it…Zach was the most pumped about the set of 12 Bible Story Books we found for $5.

At 4 we went to an early dinner with Mom and Nana for my birthday celebration. We went to The Cove because it’s one of Mom and Nana’s favorite places to eat and they have recently redone the whole place.

I’m just glad I got to celebrate with Nana! Her health has not been super awesome lately and I cherish each moment we get to spend together. I told her a long time ago to stop buying gifts and so she gave me one of her bracelets for my bday gift 🙂

We went to her house afterwards and showed her the newest ultrasound video. I mean it’s not as cool as I thought it would be but Zach does an awesome job narrating it so we can actually tell what’s what! Nana cried which was so sweet. No matter what happens she’s gotten to see my baby which makes me feel good 🙂

Mom got me a cute cake that said “Happy Birthday MTB (mom-to-be)” It was soo good! She also got me *adorable* maternity clothes! It’s great because I’m at the point where I just want to wear maternity stuff and I didn’t have anything but the stuff Crissy let me borrow so now I have everything I need!

That night Zach got to feel the baby moving for the first time! It was really neat and made me want to find ways to make the baby move more so we can feel it more often!

Sunday we went to breakfast with the whole family and it was great to see everyone (except Jonathan which was sad for me). Then we ate lunch with Autumn and Walter at Bagel World. I’ve been friends with Autumn since freshman year in high school and it’s so nice that we still keep in touch and get together at our old favorite hang out almost everytime we’re in town.

Although it was a fun trip I was sad because OF COURSE our baby furniture got delivered while we were gone! Katie was super sweet to come to the house and let the delivery guy in (but he’s adorable so she was lucky haha). Both Zach and I were very excited to get home so we could see it all finally!

He put together the crib tonight and the room is ready to be decorated! We’re just missing the ottoman (probably getting it next week) and the actual bedding (won’t be in until late Janruary). But all the bedding accessories came so we can still decorate based off those colors! I’m excited for Crissy to come over to help me decide some ideas!

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