15 Weeks Pregnant

Here’s all the wonderful updates about my pregnancy this week!

Baby Growth: Blitzen is now about 4 inch long and the size of an apple. He or she is weighing in at about 2 oz and can sense light (if we put a flashlight up to my belly Blitzen would move away from it!). At this point it’s also the “time” where we could find out the sex if we desired! I don’t wanna know what it is yet…but I just hope either way he or she doesn’t have a nose like this baby!!!

Belly Picture: I’m having to stick it out less and less each week in order to look pregnant πŸ™‚ I’m still loving the Baby Shines sticker weekly numbers! It’d make such a good gift for someone newly pregnant ya know? I need to remember that! My belly is VERY different from last time around…early on in my pregnancy with Kye I couldn’t wear my pants and had to invest in a Bella Band. This time it’s so funny to see because it is like my stomach sticks out then BAM goes flat right at my pants line. I don’t really know if it will stay that way or not but I do like not having to worry about pants fitting, I just look like I have a nice gut hanging over them πŸ™‚

My Symptoms: Ugh. Headaches. Horrible, nonstop headaches. I pretty much had a constant migraine all week. Last night was the first time I didn’t have one and I’m thinking it’s because I told Mrs. Charlotte to make regular old sweet tea for dinner instead of the decaf (Stacy suggested caffeine might help). I did end up calling up to the dr office and having them prescribe me something, I need something to have that’s strong enough to kill it when it gets unbearable. I’ve had several break down and cry  moments because I’ve been in so much pain. Last time around I got a LOT more rest and even though I had the headaches, they weren’t nearly the level of pain they are now. Also now my headaches will move to my jaw and it will hurt so badly that I can barely talk or eat. I’m going to a dentist on Monday to see about making me a hardcore mouth guard thing to wear at night…I currently sleep in one of those cheapo sports guards (I know, sexxxxxy mental picture…) and I think I need something stronger to help. We’ll see! Say a few little prayers for me if you think of it πŸ™‚

While the headaches are horrible…I LOVE the energy I have! Our house has STAYED clean and I’ve tackled so many things this week. I went through all of Kye’s baby clothes and organized them. Also I decided to sell a few things that I’m just not crazy about and I took out all the stuff that we’ll use if Blitzen is a boy or a girl (bottles, breast pump, a few sleepers, etc). The nursery is still pretty messy, but it’s getting there and I LOVE having a nice organized system down for storing all of Kye’s clothes as he grows out of them. While I was going through stuff I realized that a TON of his stuff had some strange yellow staining on it…

It really bugged me! Most of the stuff that had it was white and I talked to Mom and she helped me find a way to get it all out (since I KNOW most of you store your kids clothes for later wear too…here‘s more info on it and how to remove it). It’s caused from storage and from deep stains that may not have appeared at the time I packed it up, but showed up later. Gross huh?

I also went through ALL my maternity clothes and got them all organized…when I went through them I found some of my bras and O.M.G. My boobs will REALLY be THIS big?!?!?! A 36E?????? (Just for reference…my HEAD fits in one side of this monster)

 What’s even crazier is I found some of my stuff from postpartum…I’ll also have to be wearing a PAD as big as my HUGE BRA?????

Even though I’m not wearing them yet I went ahead and reorganized my close to fit all my maternity stuff. I also went through all my clothes and picked out the stuff that is bigger (from my postpartum days), the stuff that I stretched out from wearing it when I shouldn’t have been (like when I was breastfeeding and stupidly thought my boobs would STAY that big…), and stuff that I don’t mind if it gets stretched out from pregnancy/postpartum. I bought 40 hangers and figured they would for sure be plenty…umm I had a LOT more maternity clothes than I remembered!!! And a lot of them still have the tags on. Then I remember that I bought all size Mediums and that many of them (my pants included) ended up being too big for me that pregnancy, hopefully they will be again and I’ll need to buy smalls πŸ™‚

I love an organized closet! I do it all by color and have it in sections so there’s a tank top section, short sleeved shirt section, 3/4 sleeved shirt section, and long sleeved shirt section. Now there are two of each section – one “maternity” clothes and one “regular Emily” clothes!

Other symptoms I’ve been having include becoming lightheaded if I get up too quickly and an increase in discharge (Sorry to the guys that read this…but I like to keep it legit!). 

Weight: Blah. I’ve gained another pound. I lost 4 at the beginning and have gained 2 back so I’m still -2lb in weight gain but I don’t like the idea of gaining a lb a week! I still have 25 weeks left and I don’t really want to gain 27 lb….but it’d still be better than the 39 I gained last time right? πŸ™‚

Gender: How cool is it that we could KNOW right now what we’re having! Pretty fun! Still doesn’t tempt me though πŸ™‚

Maternity Clothes: Already mentioned this, but I’m still not needing them. However my “normal” (well…I guess it’s, sadly, the new normal after having a baby!) size 34B bra is on the loosest setting and my nips are totally pushing themselves on out of it. Time to graduate to my old normal 36C bras πŸ™‚

Movement: I’m FOR SURE feeling movement. I know I am. I don’t care if things say I shouldn’t feel anything for another week or so…I feel junk. And, yeah, it could be gas I guess but I’m gonna say it’s baby. Last time I could never tell when it was movement or just gas (I wasn’t SURE I felt baby until 5 months along, you can read it here) and you’d think I’d know better after going through it…but I don’t haha. 

Sleep: Still sleeping soundly and wonderfully! Enjoying it for as long as I can – not sleeping on my stomach anymore though. Start off on my left side but often wake up on my back.

Cravings: No real CRAVINGS like “omg I’m dying to have that” except for Cosmic Brownies. I guess the pregnancy sweet tooth is here b/c I have been really, really wanting Cosmic Brownies πŸ™‚

What I miss: Being sick all day instead of having these headaches. I’d much rather be sick. The headaches make it hard for me to even be the least bit positive and I hate that πŸ™

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: We talked about the baby at dinner the other night and Kye said (all on his own) “I’m gonna (change) baby diapers!” He’s VERY excited to help with this big boy task πŸ™‚ Kye also found an old paci of his in the nursery when I was going through things and he asked me if he could have it. I told him “sure, but you also need to put back on diapers and start sleeping in the crib” He wasn’t interested anymore πŸ™‚ If we DO use a paci this time then we’ll probably do a different brand as to not make it hard for Kye. Hearing the heartbeat was, of course, another wonderful highlight!

Questions/Concerns: Mainly just how the HECK can I manage these headaches? Otherwise I feel pretty confident about everything right now!  I do need to start thinking of a birth plan to present to Stacy before she leaves in Oct. 

Goals for this Week: REST, minimize headaches, finish up the nursery so I can actually open the Bradley Method materials!!!

Pregnancy #1 Notes from Week 15: I thought I’d do this weekly instead of lumped into a trimester thing like I did last time. I love the chance to compare pregnancies and remember what I went through with Kye! This time I’ll talk about Week 14 too since it wasn’t covered in the last post. During week 14 I felt tired and very sad, I also had the racing heart issues. Also we went garage sale shopping and found many baby things – I loved getting to buy for Clover πŸ™‚ At week 12 I had gained 1 1/2 lb overall and by week 16 I had gained 3 lb, hopefully I’ll still be at an overall loss next week! During Week 15 I felt much stronger but still had the headaches. My dad called to check in on me and it made my whole week happier! I really craved milk, cereal, peanut butter and juice and hated chicken, green veges and salad. I was hoping Kye would be a girl because I didn’t want the pressure of the first “Parker” boy yet and worried a son would feel a lot of pressure to be a football star like Daddy (I don’t feel that anyone pressures him at all…at least not yet!).

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