15 Weeks Pregnant

Here’s all the wonderful updates about my pregnancy this week! Baby Growth: Blitzen is now about 4 inch long and the size of an apple. He or she is weighing in at about 2 oz… View Post

14 Week OBGYN Visit

Man! Not getting an early ultrasound makes these heartbeat appointments so much more exciting. Last time around since I got to see Kye so early on, the heartbeat stuff wasn’t really that awesome. I mean… View Post

12 Weeks Pregnant!

I truly do apologize for being MIA this past week. It’s the longest I’ve gone without blogging in forever. I don’t really have a valid excuse (although 3 out of town weddings and 1 week… View Post

Almost Deadly First Night

I have had many, many pets. Puppies and Kittens both! I know whenever you get a new pet that first night with them is the WORST. They are all up night and therefore so are… View Post

Well we tried…

It feels like the last week or so has been overwhelmingly busy for me. Between going to Jacksonville, our episode at Walmart, and working our butts off to complete the whole “to do before baby… View Post