Our Disney House Dream

Friday, March 16, 2018

It's no secret that our family enjoys visiting Disney World as often as we're able to make it happen. It's my personal happy place and our favorite family place for memory making. Zach and I are both big picture people. Long-term thinkers. We like to make plans for the future, think about the future, and work towards our goals and dreams. Even before we got married we talked through our ideal plan for children, age gaps, home ownership, family vacationing...you name it. We just both enjoy these types of talks and both typically have the same ideas in mind for our futures. We have both always loved the St Augustine area and decided when we were dating that we'd make St Augustine our beach town and make July 4th our yearly beach trip with our family (yes, when we were dating  we decided this and here we are 10 years later still doing it and loving it). Since we love St Augustine so much we have always talked about someday having a beach home there.

Investment Home: Before and After Pics!

We are SO thrilled about our investment property! ( You can read all about our purchase here ) When we purchased it, it was "rent ready." Fully furnished and decorated which was a huge blessing. It's so great to have something to start with and allows us to slowly make changes to make it ours as we go along. Even though it was ready to rent upon purchase, we have a LOT of experience renting in the area and wanted to go ahead and make changes right away that we know we will appreciate when we use it and when others rent it! In this post I'm sharing the before and after photos of "Mickey's Hidden Hideaway." If you'd like to rent this property you can learn how to do that (and get a discount!) here! Exterior Dining and Living Area (this was the area in the least need for improving so it'll probably stay this way for awhile!) We replaced all the blinds throughout the house with custom ones that are SO nice. We also got rid

Spear's Week 7 Summary

Thursday, March 15, 2018

This is the summary of Spear's 7th week of life. From January 12th through 18th, he was 6 weeks old during this week! Feeding:  Spear continued to do well at feeding times. I used gas drops in the bottles and  gave him gas drops before feeding. He was drinking roughly 4 oz per feeding with the occasional 6 ounce bottle.  Sleep:   Schedule remained the same for him feeding times at 7, 10 (breastmilk) 1, 4 (breastmilk), 7, df at 10:30.  My other kids I shifted to the 3.5 hour schedule even before they slept through the night but Babywise says to wait so I waited! The bigger focus this week was on SLEEP. Spear seemed like he was still far from sleeping fully through the night which was frustrating to me at this point in the game because all my kids prior were either at the point of sleeping solid or making progress in that direction. I think a lot of my frustration was because Spear IS formula fed and I'd always heard that formula fed babies slept solid quicke
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