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Monday, December 31, 2012

Ready for the Challenge!

I have officially weaned Brittlynn (post to come...I'm in the fun cabbage wearing phase now...) and am ordering my 24 Day Challenge TOMORROW!!! Ahh! I'm really, truly excited. I have run out of most of the products I take daily and since I knew I was going to order the Challenge stuff I just figured I'd go off everything over the holidays. Um. I'm MISERABLE. I feel so yucky. I feel bloated. I feel like my face is puffier. I feel like I might be getting sick. I've had more headaches the past two weeks than I have in the past 6 months. Let's just say Jan 7th can't get here soon enough!!!

If you're like me then your Facebook is probably blowing UP with the news of the big sale and the competitions Advocare has going on for Jan 1st:

1. Advocare is DISCOUNTING the 24 Day Challenge on Jan 1st (I'm glad I waited to place my order!). (You can click on ALL the pictures to make them bigger and read them better!)

2. They are also debuting the new work out dvd series. It's similar to P90X but it's only 24 min long, doesn't require any equipment and only costs $29!!! 

3. They have created a new bundle for the 24 Day Challenge and Beyond! It has TONS of stuff included in it! I did the math and decided that I'm for SURE ordering this bundle for myself. It just makes sense as it's such a great deal!!! For ordering the bundle on Jan 1st you are entered to win an all expense paid trip for two to HAWAII!!! Here's everything it includes:

4. For ordering the challenge on Jan 1st you can be entered to win LOTS of cash! There are three different competitions taking place:
  • The biggest loser competition we're hosting for $150 cash prize (more info on that HERE)
  • A company wide contest where they are giving away $40,000...more info here:

  • And another contest where they are giving away $1000:

So many awesome opportunities to win some stuff while meeting weight loss/get healthy goals! If you are interested in learning more about the challenge you can read my personal story of doing the modified version for nursing mothers and see my results HERE. I'm hoping to blow those results out of the water with the real deal!!! :) 

If you're interested in purchasing the 24 day challenge or the 24 days and beyond bundle be sure to WAIT until tomorrow to place your order! You will get the discounts and be able to enter in all the contests! My only big recommendation is to add an extra box of shakes to your order. I am def adding them to mine as I drink one EVERY morning. It's tough to have the time to make a healthy breakfast (who wants to wake up earlier???) so I love the shakes and know I'm starting my day off right each morning!

I also highly recommend doing the challenge WITH a partner. You'll have our group doing it together to lean on but doing it with someone who lives with you or near you or who you are close with makes so much sense. It'll help hold you accountable and you can encourage and motivate each other!

A big no-brainer is joining the membership. My FIRST question when I heard the Challenge will be on sale was "will I get my discount on top of the sale price?" And the answer is YES! You can join the membership for $79 and get 20% off of anything you order (including BOTH of the bundles that are on sale!). Plus they will send you $50 worth of products (a bunch of it is Spark! Score!). If you decide to join the membership, sign up for that BEFORE placing your order so you'll be sure to get that discount. You can join the membership HERE:

If you just want to order the 24 Day Challenge you can do so HERE (but remember, wait until Jan 1st so you'll get that discount!):

Since both the DVD and the 24 Day and Beyond bundle won't be released until Jan 1st I don't have a direct link to those. You can click on my shop and I'm sure they will both be easy to find!

If you have any questions PLEASE contact me! I'm excited to see who all will be joining me on this journey to kick-start 2013 :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kye Monthly Summary - November

Here's everything my sweet boy was up to during the month of November! Was it really just a month ago? It feels like AGES ago!!!

Chalk Fun: One morning Kye thought up the idea to go outside and draw with chalk...sounded like a good plan to me! We bundled up and headed out :) I love doing fun things with my sweet boy and spending quality time together while Britt Britt naps! 

He took it very seriously, of course

First time playing hopscotch! 

Kye LOVES to go outside! And always wants to be bundled up...even if it's not that cold out

Helping Daddy blow off the porch...haha
Sports: Zach and I agreed that we would NEVER pressure Kye to like sports. My family was never that into sports whereas Zach's was always hardcore about them. We're two opposite extremes and we just want to let our children decide their own paths in this area. Kye has taken a BIG liking to all things sports this month. He found a mitt and velcro baseball from when he was a baby and started tossing and catching it all the time. I'm sure Uncle Jordan, who played baseball through college, was thrilled...Zach and I are not baseball fans though! 
The BIG sport this month has been football. Zach has been preparing for the annual Parker Family football game on Christmas Eve. Even making up plays in a play book. Kye wanted to have his own play book and took it super seriously :)

In the playbook we let him use I found my old calculus the heck did I ever understand this junk!?!?
Foreign language to me...
Games at Night: Brittlynn goes to bed between 7 -7:15 and Kye goes to bed at 7:45. This month we started to devote that 20-30 minutes to spending quality time with Kye. We read a book together then play a game. It is always so fun and a great opportunity to start teaching him how to be a good sport, take turns, share, etc. He LOVES feeling like a big boy getting to stay up later than his sister ;)

One night the boys played Toy Story on the Wii
Candy Land is his favorite! 

Operation Christmas Child: Last year we participated in Operation Christmas Child and Kye's school did it again this year! I had to run to ToysRUs for something so Zach took the kids and met me at the dollar store to pick out the presents. By the time I got there (our ToysRUs is sooo slloooow) they were already done! I'm so proud to have such a great husband who just knew what to pick out. They made one girl one and one boy one and did great with it! I'm sure it made the children who received them very happy :)
Sleepy Head: Kye has been sleeping AWESOME for his naps lately. Maybe it's the cooler weather? He sleeps SOLID from 1-4 most days!!! The time did change this month and threw him off a bit because he lost an hour of sleep every night until he got adjusted. I hate the time change junk!!! Most afternoons though Britt and I go in and wake him up at 4...he always looks so sweet :)

Playing: The goal in playing for Kye is to keep things away from Brittlynn the best he can haha! She's into EVERYTHING now!!! He pulled back out the car we made from a cardboard box and colored it a lot this month. He stored the markers behind the baby gate on the stairs to keep them out of Britt's reach...pretty clever!
Playing Army 
Look of DEATH I get when he catches me taking pics of him playing
Last year for Christmas G-Mama got Kye this "skip-it" type thing that spins and he can jump over it. Honestly, it was totally wrong on the proper age for the toy. It was WAY too advanced for him then. Recently he started playing with it and is now old enough to "get it." He wanted me to bring it downstairs for him and it was hilarious to watch his techniques...Here's a video!
Kye is ALWAYS helping me...he has such a servant heart and I love that about him! It's a trait I pray we can continue to foster and that Brittlynn will also inherit! He found some of Britt's baby wash cloths and told me he needed to clean the house with them :) I def didn't stop him!

Brother/Sister: I know I say it ALL the time but we are so, so blessed. Our children LOVE each other and it's the sweetest thing to watch them together. Sure, they have their moments (which shocks me...I didn't expect fighting before Britt was even a year old!) but overall they adore each other. Kye still won't ever say that she is his friend, but I know secretly they are buddies ;)

Story time with Daddy
Playing together so nicely!

Kye fixes her hair in the tub. He sits back and says "so beautiful" ;)
I LOVE having the tub toys in the middle of fighting over toys ;)
Little People stuff is THE BEST. Safe for Britt, still fun for Kye! It's one of the few toys they BOTH enjoy!
Sweet Boy: When I had Kye SO many people told me that boys adore their mamas. While I think Kye and Zach have a closer bond than he has with me, I do see what "they" were all talking about. Kye is SO sweet to me. He will randomly scratch my back, come give me cuddles, and thinks about my feelings all the time. He came home from Bible Class one Wednesday night and had gotten me a bracelet with his Bible Bucks (the rewards system they use). How precious is that?!?! It totally made my heart melt and I love the bracelet ;)
Other Stuff Kye was up to this Month:
  • He drew a picture and said "here is our house in Valdosta. Here is G-mama's house. We have to go alllllll the way to Heaven then come back down so we can go to G-mama's"
  • On Nov 6th we finally got him to start sleeping with the "big boy" pillow on his bed. He still uses his little pillow on top of it for now but I'm hoping it's the start of the transition away from having alllll his "friends"
  • Kye likes to read along with me now when I read stories to Britt. Here is a video of him reading along with me! And you can see the DRAMA of story reading with two kids haha
  • He told me "Mommy. You are so sweet! So I'm going to be selfish" haha obviously, he doesn't know the definition of selfish yet!
  • One thing he started doing that I don't like is saying "I don't love you" when he gets upset. He especially said it about Zach a lot. If Zach told him to do or not to do something and it upset Kye he'd be so quick to say "I don't love Daddy"
  • When he gets in trouble he has started to come to us on his own later to apologize. It is PRECIOUS to hear him do that and know that it's weighing heavy on his heart. He also will ask if God is mad at him for making bad choices (of course I tell him that God loves him no matter what and forgives him no matter what just like Mommy and Daddy do!)
  • When he races he will say "you can't catch me, I'm a coconut tree!"
  • For the first time in his LIFE Kye has started being more reserved around new people. I cannot stand the term "shy" as I just try hard not to label children, ya know? But it will take him a little bit to warm up to someone new now
  • Kye will itch his butt kinda often? We realized he isn't wiping himself good enough so we'll wipe after he does just to make sure he gets it all
  • He started talking kinda funny for a little bit this month. Like instead of saying "Four" it sounded like "faaaaah" Zach was very concerned about the regression in his speech. I googled it and found that it often happens in a preschool setting because he probably has a couple kids in his class that aren't as development in their speaking abilities. Dropping the "r" sound is actually very common. I just ignored it and he went back to speaking like normal!
  • He accidentally tripped and fell on Brittlynn and BAWLED his eyes out b/c he was so so worried that he had hurt her!
  • I've seen a development in his problem solving skills. For example...if he puts on his shirt the wrong way he won't get upset about it and will instead figure out on his own how to fix it
  • Speaking of not getting upset...he also is doing much better about not getting upset when he spills milk or other things on accident
  • Overall his "ocdness" qualities have REALLY died down. He is much more flexible and no longer has to say a certain thing at a certain time or do things in a certain order.
  • Our rule with the Halloween candy was that he could have 1 piece each day after nap as long as he was SILENT during nap time. It has gone wonderfully! He never, ever calls out at all during naps anymore. When he does he understands that if he is loud that he won't get a snack from the box and he'll tell me when I go in to wake him up. He'll say "I don't get that snack today, do I Mommy?"
  • We sing and dance constantly and I found a channel on our tv that plays kids songs. Here's a video of Kye breaking it down.
  • He is very interested in learning the "why" behind everything. I have heard other parents dread this phase but I don't mind it. I try my best to answer all of his questions to the best of my ability, as does Zach. I guess one day Kye asked Zach about where the poop goes when we flush the potty because he told me at nap "I flush the potty and the poop goes to visit his family inside the wall..." it was a five minute long explanation and he showed me the pipe that connects the toilet to the wall and everything...
  • We read Love You Forever before his nap one day and when I went to kiss him goodnight he (all on his own) held me, rocked me, and sang it. It was SO SWEET!
  • Started saying "excellent" for everything. He also started saying "actually" a lot. 
  • When we talk about Christmas Kye says he wants to buy me a necklace, bracelet and a princess dress
  • He LOVES to make up stories to share with me. He will tell me "Mommy. This story was on my heart and I need to tell you about it"
  • His imagination is really developing and he's into "pretend play" much more. When we read stories he'll point to the characters and say "that's you Mommy" or "that's me!"
  • He also loves to reminisce and talk about when he was an "old boy" haha
  • Zach loves to cook ribs and omg our kids LOVE them. Kye tears 'em up and we started saying "its the ribs baby" (here's a video)
  • Kye asked to watch Lion King for his movie time and cried during the Mufasa scene. It broke my heart to see him so upset and to have such an understanding as to what was happening. 
  • He started playing with his stuffed Goofy a lot and trading him out for Jingle during stories
  • He and Zach wrestle a lot and Kye randomly started trash talking and saying "cancel the show!" We died laughing!
  • Every night on the way to the bathroom for bath time the kids "race" They both LOVE it! Here's a video!
  • At night he stopped saying "make sure the dogs don't bark" but started saying that it's too dark in his room. I always explain to him that God made night time for us to go to sleep and that EVERYONE is asleep in the dark just like he is. It works fine!
  • He remembered the cardboard house we made for him last year when Britt was born. When we threw it away we told him it was a special Christmas house...he asked me about it and asked if he could have it back because Christmas is coming! This child's memory is something else!
  • We love to sing ALL the time at our house. We were singing "Oh Christmas Tree" and Kye said he wanted to sing a different song so he sang "Oh Disney World. Oh Disney World. How I miss you so" 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Hunt for Mr. Claus

Every year we take a visit to meet Santa. I LOVE going to Steel's as they are so relaxed and Santa is always so sweet. This year Santa wouldn't be able to see us at Steel's. I went into Santa hunt down mode...what is Christmas without a picture on Santa's lap, right??? I did not want to do the mall thing. They always rush you and the cheapest photo package is over $20. No thanks!!!

I saw in our church bulletin that there was going to be an event downtown to light the city's Christmas tree. I thought it'd be fun to go and was hopeful that Santa would make an appearance. It was the night before Thanksgiving which worked out great...we got dressed and headed out a little after 5ish. We parked at the church and walked over to City Hall. And NO ONE was there. I had gotten the dates mixed up haha. It was the Wednesday after Thanksgiving (which makes a lot more sense...). Thankfully Zach was only mildly would think I would have learned my lesson about reading dates correctly after we showed up a day early to Kye's school open house, huh? I figured we'd still get a couple of pictures in front of the (unlit) tree before heading out!
I really love how Britt's little outfit came together! I bought the dress at a kid's sale. It's actually a top and has matching pants...and is a size 24 months ;) I figured she could rock it as a dress this year then the full outfit next year! I already had the tights (got on clearance from Carters for $1.99) and the shoes were another kid's sale find for only $3 :) Zach isn't a big fan of the top...but I think she looked cute!

Kye was making some funky faces!

As usual...she would NOT let go of me...
Since there was no tree lighting we just enjoyed a quick stroll downtown
then headed to Cici's for dinner!
I hadn't been to Cici's in AGES. I forgot how CHEAP it is :)
I'm thankful Zach didn't hold a grudge against me for the whole wrong date thing...we loaded back up the following Wednesday night to go to the REAL tree lighting. Even better I found out in advance that Santa WOULD be there!!! It couldn't have been more perfect. We got there early and had NO wait to see Santa. The kids got to take their time with him and he was so, so sweet. 

Kye told him that he wants a big Lightning McQueen, a big firetruck and a green jumpy thing like G-Mama has. Kye was eager to talk to Santa but was disappointed that his reindeer weren't with him (I remember he asked the same thing last year!)


I love how it looks like Britt is telling Santa a secret in this one!
My one issue with Santa...he handed my kid candy without asking me first (PET PEEVE!)
It was a cute little gathering. Very "small town" feel to it. Pretty much majority of the people there were from our church so we all visited. A children's group sang some Christmas songs and the Mayer spoke then he officially lit the town tree!
Haha lovely family pics in front of the tree

Our church had pizza night after the ceremony so we headed there and Britt was in HEAVEN. She laughed and laughed and after we got done eating she had a blast pushing the high chair around the room. 
While on my hunt for Santa I heard about a yearly event at St. John's where they have breakfast with Santa. It started at 8 am on Sat Dec 1st. It was only $5 for me and free for Kye so I thought it'd be a fun thing for the two of us to do together. I wanted Britt to get to come but figured by the time we got there we'd have to just turn around and take her home for nap. It ended up though that she totally could have been there no problem! Kye and I did everything we wanted to do before 8:45! Oh well...I know for next year!!!

It was a LEGIT breakfast. Kye was pumped. He ate all of his and then even some of mine!!!

Attempting not to get syrup all over him
We sat with a super sweet older couple who ended up knowing the Parker's (as usual). It was nice visiting with them and kinda funny when we got on the topic of Babywise somehow...they just couldn't get over how well mannered Kye was and how well he talked with them and kept saying their grandchildren were nothing like that haha. He makes me very proud for sure!

There was NO line for Santa and I liked how nicely they had everything set up. He was super friendly but, again, gave out prizes without asking Mommy. It was a goody-bag with like 15 pieces of candy in it!!! Not a fan! 
Mrs Claus was there too! I opened my big mouth and said "Kye say hey to Mrs Claus...her job is to keep Santa nice and fat" hahahahaha I just was thinking about the movie and how Santa was too skinny... 
The breakfast was great, Santa was wonderful and they even had fun crafts!!!
Magic Reindeer Food to sprinkle on the lawn at G-Mama's
After the fun their church children's choir sang Christmas carols and Kye loved watching the show
And at the end they asked any children who wanted to join them in Jingle Bells! 
He was SO excited that he got to be in the show!

It was a fun morning just the two of us! After we left we went to ToysRUs and I let Kye pick out his birthday present for Brittlynn. We happened to run into Mrs. Charlotte there so we shopped around with her a little before coming back home :)

I truly enjoyed both events and plan to attend them both next year! I'm thankful we were able to see Santa! You can see our past Santa visits here: 2011, 2010, and 2009
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