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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zach's 27th Birthday: Part 2

Saturday (August 6th) I got up with Kye and let Zach sleep and together Kye and I went and picked up Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. Kye was PUMPED about the whole thing because we've never gotten it take out before and we've never gotten breakfast together like that. He wanted "chicken nuggets" so I got him the mini chicken biscuits and they were a hit. I actually screwed up my order and thought I was getting one pack of three biscuits, but actually ordered three packs. I dropped one off at Mom's for her to have for breakfast and Kye ate the other two. Oink oink! Here's a video of him so proud of his breakfast!
this made me laugh super hard - gotta love an accidental picture moment ;)
great way to start his birthday morning
My big plan for our family morning celebration was not very big at all. I figured we'd hang out, enjoy our breakfast, and watch some of Zach's old football games. I know that sounds lame...but I KNEW that Zach would enjoy that. He loves reliving those times and especially loves how into it Kye gets. Kye loves to see his Daddy on tv making "touchdowns!" We also decided to go to Lowe's for the Kids Workshop thing but when we got there it was canceled :( Luckily one of the workers hooked us up with an extra kit they had so Zach and Kye still got to build a little something together!
proud of his boat!
For lunch I picked somewhere that we never visit. Zach has many restaurants he LOVES that I happen to loathe and you know how it is when you're only go eat at places you both like. So for a special birthday treat we went to Wooden Nickel! Zach was pumped and, to be honest, I enjoyed it there. The crowd got a little not family friendly but the food was actually pretty good AND they had FREE arcade games. Who doesn't love free arcade games? We were ALL about some Cruisin' the USA ;)

love his hand helping me drive!

we ordered a pizza for lunch...can you tell someone is pumped?!?!
We ate an early lunch so we'd have time when we got home to enjoy the cake Kye and I had made the night before and open presents! I LOVE that Kye is able to sing along now when we celebrate's a video of him helping me sing for Daddy :)

Yes, the cake says "Happy Birthday Dadee" There weren't enough ds or ys in the pack to spell "Daddy" so I went with the "Zach spelling" of the word!
The gifts (I know you love my use of Publix paper bags as wrapping...I cannot BELIEVE how expensive birthday wrapping paper is! I refused to spend that much to wrap such a big gift!)
enjoying cake while opening presents
chocolatey cake kisses!
This year I went for quality of quantity in the gift giving. I actually got very few items on sale or with a coupon which is not the typical Emily style. But Zach needed some new, NICE stuff. I got him: a golf bag organizer for the garage, Nike FSU shirt, the latest Tiger Woods wii game, some grill tools, a dress shirt to match some coral pants that he never has a shirt to match, a couple new VSU shirts since all his are SO OLD and worn out, and (the big gift) golf in HAWAII! It'll be at one of the nicest courses there and his dad is going too, he's PUMPED ;)
When Kye napped we ate our cake and then Zach and I watched The Lincoln Lawyer together (which was very well done and a good book-turned-to-movie!). That night I went to the kids sale at Mathis Auditorium with some friends and Zach enjoyed some quality guy time with Kye. I think he had a great birthday celebration!

On his legit birthday (the 7th) we went to worship at Lakeland Church of Christ then had lunch over at his parents house. Big Daddy and Little Mama came too which was nice and the kids all napped while we ate and visited. We planned to go on a date that night after church and had Casey and Jordan lined up to come sit with Kye but decided not to go. I know that's random but we were honestly STUFFED and it seemed silly to go out to eat just to say we went out to eat ya know? I felt guilty not having a date night but Zach assured me he really didn't need to go somewhere. We just enjoyed each others company and watched Big Brother together to finish out his birthday weekend. I guess we really are getting older huh? :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Scary Morning

I had a tough time falling asleep last night because my mind kept wandering back to my dream the night before. I laid in bed just feeling Blitzen move and enjoyed putting my hand on the parts I could tell were him or her pushing against me. I tried to envision it being a little hand or foot that I was feeling and it was nice to think about connecting with my baby in a physical way. I didn't have another nightmare, which I'm thankful for. 

This morning was a rush as Kye had school. While I was getting ready I peed and when I wiped I saw a little pink on the toilet paper. Not bright red, not bloody. But enough to where it was real spotting. I wiped two more times and it showed up both times. I started crying right away just thinking about that dream and thinking something was wrong. I'm too far along for that to be normal right? I got on Google and then wish I hadn't. I stopped reading it right away because anything I saw said at this point seeing any blood didn't mean anything good. I've never had any spotting with either pregnancy other than right after an internal exam or right after intercourse. So I was nervous. I called Zach to tell him and he was worried but told me to keep him posted. Of COURSE, just like in my dream, he's not here or able to be with me.

I peed like a million more times before taking Kye to school and never saw it again and there wasn't any in my panties. Even on the way to school I stuck a napkin "down there" to check myself over and over. After I dropped him off I called Southern OB. My THIRD time in THREE weeks calling. I felt pretty embarrassed about it but I'm not taking any chances with this baby. I went on home and called Mom and Charlotte to tell them. The office called me back to talk to me about my symptoms then said they'd call me again after they spoke with a dr. I decided to rest so I got on the computer and watched some tv. When she called back she said I needed to come in as soon as I possibly could. Up until that point I felt like I was afraid only because the dream. Once she said I needed to come in, I got legitamently scared.

She made me an appointment for 2:00 but said she was going to see if anyone could see me sooner. Teresa, a midwife up there, was able to work me in so she called me back and told me to get up there in 20 min. I called Mom bawling and she said she'd come with me (thank GOD she lives here now right?!?!) and I called Mrs. Charlotte and she said she'd worry about getting Kye from school. I called Zach and he felt so, so guilty but was glad I had people to be there with me. I just kept seeing that dream over and over and thinking that it was all coming true.

When I got there they got me back pretty quickly and while in the waiting room I had the first person this pregnancy to ask how far along I am! Maybe it was because I was wearing a maternity shirt for the first time? But that was neat! All of my stats looked normal as far as blood pressure and such. I did notice a little spot of brown in my panties when I had to pee in the cup but no more actual spotting. It was all very nerve-racking because I've never had a visit up there that wasn't a regularly scheduled appointment. The nurse took me back to the room and brought Mom back and told me I needed to take off my pants for the exam. Awesome.

Teresa came in and was very nice and thorough. She did an internal exam and showed me the brown blood she saw but she said she didn't see any pink or red which was a good thing. She took some samples to send off and get tested to see if I have any infection. Then she told me that I'd be getting an ultrasound and a shot of progesterone just to make sure. She listened to the heart and it sounded good, in the 150s.

Once she left the room I started to get that "I'm-about-to-lose-it" feeling. Just thinking about that dream and hearing I needed an ultrasound made me panic. Plus I know progesterone is to help people keep their pregnancies and I don't like thinking that I need any help in keeping my baby inside of me! I couldn't get over how quickly everything happened. My appointment was at 10:10 and we were DONE by 11:30. Crazy fast. They got us back to the ultrasound room super quick. It wasn't the usual tech I see but was actually a woman who lives in our neighborhood. She was really nice and I told her how important it was that I didn't want to know the sex and that I didn't want her to know either.

With my situation she said she'd most likely be seeing the sex because she had to do a very thorough ultrasound to try to distinguish what is causing me to bleed. But she only referred to Blitzen as "the baby" and did NOT put the sex in my chart. She said everything looked good - placenta and cervix looked great. The heart-rate was in the 140s. She commented on how ACTIVE Blitzen is. Amen to that :) She did tell us it was okay to look and did some looks for us at the face. She even zoomed in close so we could see the lips and nose perfectly. He or she has some pretty full lips and it was so cool to see how much Blitzen has grown since the last ultrasound. Also during the ultrasound I felt a tender spot that hurt some when she'd roll over it so I told her and she said that Blitzen's BUTT was pressing up against that spot! How funny! It made me feel TONS better about the times I have a little pain or tenderness because it was the same feeling and it was for sure just the baby pressing up against me :) I hated that Zach wasn't there with me. But I was honestly SO worried that I didn't even enjoy getting to see the baby. I just tried to focus on not seeing the sex so I'm thankful that we're going to be surprised because that kept me from overly worrying. She was so sweet to give me a picture to bring home - it's just of the face looking towards us! Can you see the eyes, nose and mouth?
Becky, the tech, said she couldn't see any cause for any bleeding and that everything looked good. She took lots of images and sent me back to see Teresa again. I ran into Stacy on the way and she looked concerned which was sweet. I, of course, wish I could have seen her but at the same time that would have REALLY reminded me of the dream!!! I'm still keeping my regular appointment with her this Thursday which will be good. I'm not about to miss a chance to see her when I have so few left.

Right when I saw Teresa she said that everything looked good, I just need to REALLY take it easy and they will call me with the results of the sample they took. She took me back to an exam room and a nurse came in to give me the progesterone shot. They give it in your butt! Yuck! SO glad Mom was there as I hate shots. It was pretty painful too and she said it'll be sore for awhile. 

When we left I decided to let Mrs. Charlotte still pick up Kye and he is at her house then I'm going to go there for dinner and get him tonight. This way I can rest all day. I think that I just over-did myself on Saturday. We threw a party for Rusty and Charlotte's anniversary (post to come!) and I was on my feet ALL DAY busy and stressed. Not good for a pregnant girl! I'm also on the amoxicillian from my cold so I wonder if that could cause anything?

I have thought a lot about my priorities and that this baby has to be priority #1!!! I also do not want to not enjoy my quality time with Kye as I won't be getting as much of it once Blitzen arrives and I know how important it is. So I'm not going to slack on any mommy duties but my third priority needs to be taking good enough care of myself to be able to attend and enjoy all my upcoming trips. St Augustine this weekend, dress shopping with Casey next weekend, Vegas the following weekend, Disney that following weekend, Hawaii in October. Life's not slowing down for me and I need to take advantage of any down time I can. I HAVE to rest more. And like real resting. I have to stop doing so much myself. I have to ask for help (which I hate doing). I also have to say "no." It's hard for me to do but I'm doing too much and hurting someones feelings or feeling uncomfortable asking someone to help me is not worth putting this baby in jeopardy! I don't like to make a big deal about stuff and get easily annoyed when other people make small things into a big deal. Today though I realized that this is a big deal. How many more signs from God do I need??? That pain I felt, the dream I had, and now today. He's telling me something and I need to start listening!!!

Mom and I had a relaxing lunch at Zaxbay's (and a guy walked by me and said to his friend "dang she's pretty" which made me feel good haha!) and it was nice to enjoy a yummy meal together and talk to get my mind off things some. I'm home resting now and have seen a little brown spotting but I'm assuming that's from the exam. I've also felt a little mild cramping but I'm thinking that's from the shot, right? Poor Zach is having a TOUGH time not being here and I feel so bad for him. I texted him a picture of the ultrasound so he could see it and he said it looks like a girl to him ;) I honestly was too worried to even think about stuff like that. We did get to see a hand too which was neat and Mom got to be there for an ultrasound which was great for her (I think she was too nervous to appreciate it fully too though!). I'm SO beyond thankful that everything is okay and I'd appreciate prayers as I continue through the rest of this pregnancy!!!

Update: Dr office just called and said the lab results came back fine - no infections or anything!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vivid Nightmares

One of my earliest memories as a child is a nightmare. I'm inside a huge toy store, over-filled with stuffed animals (yes, I was "that girl" who slept with a 1,000 stuffed animals surrounding me at night). My parents and brother left the store and they got locked out when the store closed so I was trapped inside of it. I roamed the aisles and a HUGE stuffed gorilla was hanging from the ceiling above me. I can still see the orange carpet on the store floor and the gorillas eyes as they popped open. He jumped down and began to chase me around the store. It was horrifying for me and it's a reoccurring nightmare I'd have for years.

I have always had vivid dreams. If they are good then it can make my whole next day happy as I can easily recall the happiness I felt during the dream. However,when they are bad they tend to stick with me even worse. I have regular vivid nightmares. Some are ones that I have over and over and others I'll only have once. Many times it's a complicated storyline with many twists and turns, but they are all very realistic. I've never dreamed of monsters. Or of clowns. Or of scary horror-movie type things. All of my nightmares have been things that scare me either because they could really happen or are realistic enough where I'm in the dream and am in a frightening situation. From boyfriends dumping me, to loved ones wanting to kill me, to people breaking in my home, to rapists chasing me down. I do believe having such vivid nightmares probably plays a role in my frequent headaches as well as my issues with clinching my jaw in my sleep. How could they not have some kind of affect on me?!?!
This past week Kye has woken up twice from nightmares. I know they are nightmares because he wakes up SCREAMING "no no no no no!" and is shaking when I go to him. I feel horrible that he's experiencing this because I know how it feels. His first one was about Gramma and juice (random?) and the second one was something about his bed. I go to him right away when he cries out and ask him what happened because I know it helps me to say it out loud so I won't fall back asleep and continue with the same dream. I just hold him and comfort him and we pray about it and then I end with talking to him about something sweet so he'll hopefully think good thoughts and dream them too. For myself, my nightly prayers have always ended with "please keep me safe and let me have sweet dreams." It's been my prayer for as long as I can remember and I've started to pray this with Kye too as I know how comforting it is for me to know that God is watching over me!

Throughout my whole pregnancy with Kye I never had any nightmares about him. I rarely dream about those closest to me. I can't remember off the top of my head having any nightmares ever about Kye or even about Zach. Usually if Zach is in my dream he is a side character or someone who helps me in the situation. Last night I dreamed (I thought the term was dreamt? But it says it's not a word?) about Blitzen. It was quite possibly the worst dream I've ever had.

Zach is entering in his travel season with work where he has to be gone decently often. I'm also approaching the end of my pregnancy and will have to go to the dr every 2 weeks here soon. I know that it's going to be impossible for Zach to be at every appointment. In my dream I went to the appointment alone. Thankfully, I got to see Stacy (but in real life she'll be gone!!!!) and I was sitting on the exam table talking to her. I was telling her about Blitzen and how crazy strong the child is and how intense the movement is and she looked worried then told me we had to do an ultrasound right then. And that the ultrasound they needed to do would reveal the sex so I just needed to accept that I was going to know what we were having.

I can see the whole thing perfectly. She turned on the machine and the first thing I saw was his privates. I knew I was having another son and I was all alone when finding out something so special. Then she told me that he wasn't okay. That all the movement I feel is because something is wrong with him (something with his neck?) and he's in lots and lots of pain. I could see him so clearly - his little chubby face and rolls and everything. I sat there bawling, overwhelmed with all the information I had to digest and knowing that I was the only person to know it. No one was there to comfort me and I would have to be the one to tell Zach the horrible news. 

When I woke up I started crying. I've never woken up and cried from a dream but just thinking about it has made me cry this entire day. Usually when I have a bad dream I can wake up and see that everything's okay. I can hold Zach. I can look around and see that no one is hurt. But I can't see Blitzen. I can't know, for sure, that he's okay. Not that I am sitting around thinking my dream means something is wrong with the baby...but it just has me very shaken up.

Usually I can trace back whatever dreams I have to what caused them...I'm sure a lot of it has to do with knowing Zach will miss out on appointments, knowing that I'm "losing" Stacy, being eager to get to see Blitzen, so many people going on and on about it being a girl (which annoys the crap out of me - there's an equal chance that it's a BOY people!!!), and having so many people around me facing difficulties in their pregnancies or with their babies (TWO girls this week went into labor that are the SAME week into their pregnancy that I am!!!). Whatever the cause though, the dream really freaked me out. Enough to where I had to go to the bathroom so I could cry and cry, and not have Kye see me, and to where I'm stuck in a funk all day. I just wanted to squeeze and hug Kye all morning, so thankful that I have him and feeling more appreciative of how healthy and happy he is!

I hope that I won't have another dream like this again and it makes me very eager for the 4D ultrasound a month from now so I can SEE my baby again!!! We have our appointment with Stacy this Thursday and I'm hoping that hearing the heartbeat will help me too. I also hope that Kye won't have to face as many horrible nightmares as I have over the years and that I can help him work through them as they come. Tonight I will be praying extra hard for all of us to have sweet dreams.

Friday, August 26, 2011

25 Weeks Pregnant

I don't know if any of you are Big Brother fans...but if you are then you KNOW how depressed I am this morning!!!! It's another end of Jeff and Jordan and this time it was much more depressing than the first time around. I'm hoping that CBS will come up with another show for him to be on (he's already done BB twice, The Amazing Race, and an online only show where he traveled around the world with no money). Me and America love us some Jeff!!! Anyways...back to my didn't come here for a rant about reality television ;)
Baby Size: From head to heals Blitzen is measuring about 13 1/2 inches and is weighing close to a pound and a half (the size of a rutabaga). If he or she is going to be born with hair then it's starting to really show now and if we could see him or her then we could probably even be able to tell the color. Blitzen is also starting to get some baby fat on those bones and will continue to look more and more like a newborn each week!
Belly Picture: I totally took them myself this morning in the mirror b/c Zach had to leave early. Of course I get back into my pjs and Zach ran home to pack a lunch so he could have taken some but I'm too sick to bother changing back! My sticker my be backwards but you can still tell it says 25 Weeks!

If ANY of you try to tell my I don't look pregnant now...I will stab you :)

Symptoms: As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm sick. I thought I was feeling better yesterday but then this morning I woke up feeling more sick. I think last night's Big Brother episode put me in relapse ;) I am taking amoxicillin and I'm hoping it will help get rid of this for good. Thankfully we'll be in town this weekend so we can both get some more relaxing in (Zach's sick too and poor guy has to work tomorrow!) before September hits...I will be out of town literally EVERY weekend next month!!!!

I've noticed a good bit of extra discharge this week. Like enough to where I have to change my panties and probably need to bust out some panty liners. It doesn't look suspicious or anything so I think it's okay? It is probably just related to being sick? (I ALWAYS think of the guy readers when I write about stuff like that...sorry guys...)

If you can't tell in the belly is straight up HERE. I haven't tried on a maternity shirt again since they were too big a couple of weeks ago but I'm pretty sure they will fit. All my regular sized stuff is too short and I'm wearing the regular shirts but the ones that I have in a size up or ones that are extra long length or flowy. My bras still feel like they fit okay (the 34C) and my pants are still fine with a bella band...the belly belt thing is still too big. I kinda think I wasted my money buying that! I personally think I only look like I've gained in my belly...but I can't see myself from the back and it's hard to notice a difference in looks when it's all so gradual ya know?

I've been a little nervous this week. In the past two days our prayer chain from church has been asked to pray for TWO pregnant girls at the same point in pregnancy as I am who have gone into labor. Thankfully both have been able to be stopped from delivering but are staying in the hospital until their babies arrive. It is always scary hearing stuff like that but when you're at the same exact place they are in it makes it even more real and alarming. I'm trying to take it as easy as I can!!!

My main symptom is with the baby's movement so I'll talk more about that in the section below but I am very uncomfortable all the time. More than I remember being with Kye. It physically hurts to bend over. You don't realize how often you bend over until it hurts to do so! Just having a two year old means I bend constantly...picking him up, picking up his toys, picking up something he drops, etc etc etc. Plus having pets...picking them up, feeding them, etc. I've also experienced more of the ligament pains, especially when I get up from sitting or laying down. They are not a joy!

Zach and I had several great, consistent nights of Bradley stuff then we both got sick and I didn't want to push myself. Especially with the pains I had last week I felt like it's better to let my body completely heal before getting back into it. The nights we did it it's gone GREAT though and I love how naturally my body goes right back in to that mode. I pray that it means my delivery this time will be even smoother than the last one :)

Along with my bigger belly has come a MUCH bigger appetite! Even while sick! Usually when I get sick I am not hungry at all but not right now. I'm struggling to drink water (it always grosses me out for some reason when I don't feel good) but I'm drinking lots of hot tea, juice, sweet tea and milk to stay hydrated and flush this junk out of my system. I am literally hungry ALL the time. EVERYTHING I see looks good to eat. I ate dinner last night before a trip to Sam's and I still wanted to eat alllllll the stuff I saw there. You name something and I will crave it. I'm working hard to not cave in to every single desire I have or else I'll be a BLIMP. I'm trying hard to distinguish the difference between real hunger and just pregnancy binge eating. It's def. a challenge but it makes it SO much easier that I already have a child because I'm so busy with him that I don't notice it too bad, plus I can't be eating junk all day b/c then he'll want some too and that's not fair, and he eats on a schedule so I can eat with him on his schedule and know I'm eating full meals all day!

Weight: I feel like I'm always surprised when I step on the scale. With the bigger belly I expected to see a decent increase, but just a 1 lb gain again! I'm at 5 lb overall :)

Gender: I am so in love with our boy name that I told Zach we probably shouldn't use the whole thing. Like think up a different first name and use the middle one this time then save the first name for the next baby in case it's a boy :) We want so many babies that I'd hate to run out of names - naming a kid is TOUGH! Still not sure on the full girl's name either. I honestly forget to even think about it. Since we know what we'll call each kid I forget they have to have full names ;)

Maternity Clothes: I wore some maternity capris today. Honestly, I like the LOOK of my regular pants with the bella band over maternity ones. I think my belly looks smoother and cuter with the bella band over it. Does that make sense? I have looked at my maternity dresses and I literally cringe. I'm dreading being that big again. I refuse to spend money on new maternity anything though. I know I'll have a lot more kids but I'd MUCH rather spend money on cute regular stuff in a bigger size than legit maternity stuff ya know? I feel like I HATE everything that's maternity and when I wear it I FEEL ugly. I feel much cuter in a regular sized outfit, even if that size is much bigger than my legit regular size. I know, I'm strange!

Movement: I mentioned last week that I had a lot of pain and sensitivity in my stomach - like to the touch. And I figured out what it is. I am growing a baby vampire. Like for real. This baby moves CONSTANTLY and is very aggressive with it! He or she will kick me so hard that it hurts and then the spot Blitzen kicks will be he or she is bruising me on the inside. Is that even possible?!? B/c that's exactly what I think is happening. I don't know why I didn't think about it sooner but it makes sense that since I felt the baby move so early on that I'd feel it way more intensely the further along I got in pregnancy, right? I can literally SEE the movement and my stomach looks like big waves when it happens. Zach felt it for a few min and couldn't believe it!

I didn't feel Kye NEARLY as much as I feel Blitzen and when Kye was born he was very strong from birth. He could hold his head up on his own right after I had him and still has crazy upper body strength. I always think about how he couldn't walk yet but was able to hold his own weight up on stuff. You can see in this video that he was only 11 months old and would LOVE hanging from the doorknobs of his closet. He will still "swing" on stuff and when he does it in public people will comment on how strong he is. I'm SO interested to see how strong Blitzen is going to be because I'm pretty sure that all this crazy movement must mean this child will come out swinging ;)

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty solid - but it's tough because Zach's sick and has been snoring so if I'm not asleep before him then I have a hard time falling asleep. I hate having to wake him up to stop him from snoring but it's my only option. Kye had a bit of a cough earlier in the week and that made it tough for me to sleep too. Actually Kye woke up in the middle of the night with his first for sure nightmare too. I'm thankful I heard him because he was screaming "no no no" over and over and was shaking when I went into him. I have horrible nightmares myself so I know how scary that can be! Luckily it's been the only least so far.

Cravings: WARM food. Being sick I just like warm stuff all the time. Anything warm sounds good. As does anything baked from scratch. As does anything snacky like pretzels and cheese puffs. As does anything dessert-ish like cosmic brownies or oreos. Basically ANYTHING sounds good. Usually they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach but right now the way to my heart is through mine ;)

What I Miss: Feeling healthy and having the energy to get stuff done. Just pigging out like a crazy person like I did last pregnancy!

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: Having Kye say "I want to talk to the baby." I held up my shirt for him and was excited to see what he was so eager to say to his sibling...he said "Nemo is scared of the boat." Awesome Kye, I know Blitzen really needed to know that info. Haha. Kye also asked to see my tummy this week and I asked if he wanted to feel the baby move (Blitzen is moving about 98% of the time, especially if I'm laying down, so I can pretty much guarantee that anyone can feel it!) and he said yes. He liked it much better this time than last time. I also bought a book about bringing the baby home called: Cornelius P. Mud, are you ready for baby? I got it from Zulily and it's GREAT. It has the older sibling asking all kinds of questions about the new baby which gives Kye a chance to have a better understanding about what to expect. He really enjoys it and I think he's excited to meet the baby!

Questions/Concerns: Gotta touch up the birth plan for my visit with Stacy next week. Mildly concerned if all the movement/pain is normal as well as the extra discharge. I'm also concerned about my breasts...I started leaking around this time last pregnancy I think and while I'm thankful that hasn't happened (at least not yet...) I'm also a little nervous. When my milk was leaking so early I knew it was a good breastfeeding sign and it was! I ended up making too much milk for Kye which was rough on me but was a blessing too because I was able to have SO much frozen breast milk for when we traveled and when I decided to wean him. I'm hoping to have the same situation this time around and if I don't leak during pregnancy, it'll make me worried about what my breastfeeding situation will be for Blitzen!

Goals for the Week: Feel better, get things done to prepare for our very busy month up ahead. Get registered for Blitzen (I was going to do it today but simply felt too sick and weak to face it!).

Notes from Pregnancy #1: We celebrated Thanksgiving in Melbourne and I realized my milk was was HILARIOUS and awkward b/c I really didn't know it was happening. We had a great visit in Melbourne though with the family and a great trip to Ikea to get some stuff for the nursery. It was fun getting to buy stuff for Clover ;) I also have great memories of laying around on Mom's couch all day watching The Jewelry Network. Random, I know, but they had some awesome deals and it was mega addicting (no I didn't buy anything!). Maybe all that watching will help Kye be a good jewelry buyer for his wife someday ;) I got measured for a nursing bra on our way home from Melbourne and they told me I was a 38DD and had me buy a 38E and said I'd be in an F in a couple months. I don't think I'm nearly that busty this time! We cut down our Christmas tree, decorated, and I finished all my Christmas shopping. I'm glad to read that as this year I NEED to be done shopping, decorating and wrapping by Thanksgiving as I have a hunch this baby will arrive around then!!! I was very excited b/c Rachael gave birth to Macy this week during my last pregnancy - I was so jealous at how beautiful Macy was right from the start, how much hair she had, but especially that Rachael got to hold her baby (and be done being pregnant!) while I still had so long to go!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zach's 27th Birthday: Part 1

Zach's birthday kinda crept up on all of us this year. I usually am done shopping for him in July but I had barely even started in July this year...even Zach didn't know what to ask for! It's just been a busy time in our lives especially for Zach with work. It's a blessing but it's easy to get so caught up in all of that stuff that we forget about big, important events like his birth!

This year his legit birthday fell on a Sunday so we decided to celebrate it with Mom that Friday night, our little family that Saturday morning, and his family on Sunday after church. On Friday Kye and I worked hard baking a cake for Daddy. I LOVE that Kye is at an age where's he starting to "get it" and understood that the cake was for Daddy's's a video of him "reading" the candy letters we got!

Mr. Monkey helped us in our baking efforts
Kye's favorite job every time we bake together is the taste testing...

...he's a PRO at it!

Right when our cake got out of the oven (I frosted it myself that night and let it sit all night to get SO moist and yummy!!!) Daddy came home so we headed over to Gramma's house for birthday dinner and present time. It was so nice going to her house and spending time over there together as a family. Now that she's more settled in Valdosta I know she wants to do things like that more often and we really enjoyed it!!!

Kye got to eat on legit plates and everything!
can't go wrong with chocolate cake for Zach ;)
hope his wishes come true!
Mom loves to shop for "manly" gifts like tools which works out great for me b/c I can't stand to buy tools (I don't know what they are or what they do so they aren't fun to buy ya know? I like to clothes shop!). Zach always enjoys the fun stuff she gets for him and this holiday was no different. She hooked him up with some stuff he needs for the storage shed and even a few fun things like these binoculars. Kye liked 'em!
It was a great way to start Zach's birthday weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do you have a Primary Care Physician???

For as long as I can remember anytime a form asked for my "primary care physician" I've always put my OBGYN. I am very good about going to my yearly check-ups and thought I was on top of my health check game. I thought a yearly physical was done at the OBGYN and that they were my dr. I never even knew I should have another one!

Now that Kye has started school he's brought home lots of cute artwork...but also some germs that we aren't used to in our home. While Kye's 100% fine...Zach and I feel horrible. I woke up yesterday feeling sick but not where I had to stay in the bed all day. This morning I woke up feeling hardcore sick. I had a 100 degree temp and decided to call Southern OB on my way to take Kye to school. I called them right when they opened and the girl who answered told me another nurse would be calling me back. I went ahead and drove up there since I was already out and figured I could just run in and be seen by someone really quick. When the nurse called back I told her I was there and she said that I needed to go to my primary care physician. I told her "isn't that you guys?!?!" Um. Guess what? It's not.

Turns out all these years I should have had another dr. as well as my OBGYN. I may sound stupid but I really didn't know that! I haven't been to see a doctor due to sickness since back when Zach and I were dating and I did not feel like sitting around his office all day waiting to be seen. I told the nurse that I didn't have a physician to see (obviously I'm blessed b/c I NEVER get sick enough to go to the dr!) and she told me she'd call me back.

I didn't want to sit around waiting and I knew as soon as I got home she'd call and tell me to come in, because that's how stuff always happens. So I took a chance and went up to Kye's pediatrician's walk-in clinic that we always go to when he's sick or has any issue. They see adult patients too and I figured they know me well enough that they might get me in. I got there right when they opened at 9 and explained my situation to the girl at the counter. She was really nice but said Dr Griner has a new patient form I'd have to fill out and then wait a week before I could be seen. She said she'd send him a message and see if he'd let me go ahead and be seen since I'm pregnant and have a fever. He wasn't in yet so she said she wasn't sure how long it would be.

I had my tablet with me and I'm reading The Help (which is SO good) so I didn't mind just waiting there. She told me to let her know if Southern OB called back and we'd go from there. An hour and a half later they let me come back! They are all SO nice there and I thought they'd let me get seen...and I think it's smart to have my "primary care physician" be the same person who the kids will see, makes everything easier right?

They did a strep test (blech) and took my temp. Of course the strep came back negative and I no longer had a temperature. You know how that is. If you don't go to the dr you only get sicker yet when you do go you never have something wrong with you. Hence the reason I never go! Being pregnant and sick made me go to the dr because I wanted to make sure I didn't have anything that could hurt the baby in anyway and I wanted to get rid of whatever I have as quickly as possible. I am really pretty shocked that Southern OB didn't tell me to come right in...I thought anything pregnancy related they'd want me to do there?!?!

The PA I saw at the walk-in clinic gave me a list of everything I can do and medicine I can take while pregnant (I think Stacy gave me the same list awhile back too) and told me she wanted to go ahead and prescribe me with amoxicillin just to make sure. She also told me that if Zach has similar symptoms then he should take Zantac or something similar to help.

While it's never fun to go to the dr. I'm glad it all happened because I now know that I need to be getting my yearly work done at the obgyn and have a yearly visit with my new primary care physician ;) I don't like knowing that I haven't had a check-up like I should for over five YEARS. Kinda scary! I know the obgyn takes blood work and stuff and would probably find anything major but I still am looking forward to having a good solid check-up at Dr. Griner's too. Plus now I know who to put when those forms ask!!!

I ended up getting to Kye's school 45 min early but figured why drive 15 min home, sit at home for 15 min then drive 15 min back? I just relaxed in the car and read more of The Help and waited. OF COURSE once we got home and all settled Southern OBGYN called back...four hours after I had called them. She said the dr. she spoke with said I needed to come in and that they could get me an appointment for this afternoon with the one midwife I dislike up there. She was really apologetic about it taking so long and I understand that they deal with babies and that I'm sure a lot more important stuff was happening today. However, I'm SO glad I decided to go by the walk-in clinic. I told her I already had seen someone and she said she'd update my chart and if I had any more issues to let them know.

I can't stand being sick but am so glad I got all of this handled today, that I learned something new about staying on top of my healthcare, and that I got some medicine to help me feel better! I'm hoping that all my sleep and rest today will help me to wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow...or at least by Friday! Thankfully my little wild child is still moving a TON letting me know that this sickness of mine hasn't slowed him or her down in the least :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kye's First Time Bowling

It probably is not a big shocker that I'm not very into bowling. I can probably count the number of times I've been bowling on one hand! When I have gone bowling I'm great at keeping score, watching, and just visiting with whoever isn't playing. Trey is Zach's cousin and is living with Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte while he finishes up high school and for his 17th birthday they planned a bowling party for him. It was so thoughtful of Mrs. Charlotte as Trey really likes to bowl so we didn't want to disappoint him!

Colt bowling like a pro
Kye's first time!
Payton was all smiles
Mrs. Charlotte kinda took over the bowling helper of the evening and I just watched, it's what I do best.
Daddy helping

bowling all by himself

keeping score
Another thing that is probably not shocking is that Zach is a very good bowler. He took bowling class in college (typical football player right?!?!) three different times and was the class champion twice. I'm telling you, he's one of those people that's annoyingly good at everything. He taught Kye all his skills of course ;)
The kids had a lane all to themselves and stayed entertained with it for about 30 minutes which is pretty good for a bunch of toddlers! They did great taking turns and no one smashed any toes or fingers which is a successful trip in my book ;) Bowling is another good "guy time" thing to add to Zach and Kye's list...I was there for his first time doing it but I don't need to really go again...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Casey's Proposal Story

I knew if I wrote my version of Casey and Jordan's proposal that it would get her to write hers and here it is :) 

Anyone who has been close to me in the last few months knows how badly I have wanted to be engaged. NO I am not one of those girls that is dying to get married, but Jordan and I both have know for awhile that we were the ones for each other and it makes so so much sense for our lives for us to be married! LIke Emily said in her entry tensions were running high the night before the proposal day. I actually thought something was going to happen that night, and when it didn’t I was even more upset! Emily for sure added fuel to the fire because we talked about it the whole night! (really funny now…such a schemer) Needless to say I was planning on being mad a Jordan all day Saturday, until I woke up...

Jordan left early in the morning. I was not sure where he went but I figured he was going to get breakfast and cheer me up, since I was upset the night before. I got out of bed, got some coffee, and settled down on the couch to watch Eat, Pray, Love for the one hundredth time and mope all day, when I got a phone call. Jordan seemed unusually chipper on the phone and asked me to look for something in his room. He told me to look in his top drawer and when I did he hung up! Immediately when I saw that it was a note I had a crazy mix of emotions. I was happy, sick, nervous, and more than anything SUPER anxious.  I read the note, which was super, super sweet, and then read the directions for the day. He told me that I would be going on a scavenger hunt with him as the prize at the end.  Since this is not something that Jordan does everyday I knew that it would end in a proposal but I had no idea when, where, or how it would happen. At that point I was REALLY underestimating how elaborate his plan was.

The first clue was in my car, and it told me to go to Little Mama and Big Daddy’s house. It also said that there would be a special guest there. When I arrived it was Mema. I was super duper awkward with them. This being my first stop I really had no idea what to expect and just really wanted to get going so I could get my final prize. After talking to them for a minute, and Mema telling me several times to not hurry and be careful (it was pouring rain), I got my second clue and was on my way.

Little Mama, Mema, Big Daddy and I
The clue they handed me instructed me to go to our church in Lakeland. While all of the clues were super cute and they rhymed, this one was my favorite. When I got there, the 3rd clue was on the porch with flowers!  
By this time I was getting super, super anxious and I just kept thinking that if I hurried I would be engaged soon! Silly I know. This clue took me to Adel to see Jordan’s dog Chip. Its kind of a complicated story but Jordan and some of his college roommates had a dog, aka the other love of Jordan’s life, and the roommate that has Chip now lives in Adel.  Finally I arrived at "Chip's house" (Jordan's roommate, Blake, took Chip and now Chip actually lives with his fiancee's, Ashley, parents) to see Ashley, and her twin sister Brittany, for my next clue. I had some issues getting there because they live of  a looooong dirt road which was washed out because of the pouring down rain! By the time I got there my stomach was churning, I couldn't eat anything all day because of my nerves. I know the twins thought I was really strange because I was sooooo nervous by this point and still felt like I didn’t know what to expect.  I talked to them for a few minutes and then was on my way with clue number 4. I saw Brittany the next weekend and apologized for being so strange that day! They are so so sweet though and said that they totally understood. I felt really bad after I left that day though because I forgot to look at Ashley’s ring and she had just got engaged too!
Once I got in my car and ripped open the clue I discovered that this day would be longer than I thought because I was going to our Dairy Queen off exit 84. This is the Dairy Queen that we always stop at when we are making trips back and forth to Kennesaw.

After stopping for gas, Pepsi and peanuts (my road trip food) I arrived at the Dairy Queen. I was very interested to see how Jordan was going to pull this one off. I did not see any familiar cars in the parking lot and didn’t even know what to do when I got inside. I walked in and was so shocked to see Emily and Zach sitting in the corner booth. I was actually very relieved to see some friendly faces! Zach bought me a Blizzard, which I couldn't really eat, and I talked to them for awhile. They were both all smiles, especially Emily! They seemed to want me to stay for awhile but I just really, really wanted to keep going and get to the finish line! I just kept thinking how sweet it was that they drove all the way up there and got Jody to watch Kye just for me and Jordan.
They wanted me to open to clue there so I did and found out I was on my way to Kennesaw, I figured I would be after the 4th clue, to a park that Jordan and I loved to go to.
After what seemed like the loooongest drive of my life, and getting lost on the alternate route that Zach had me take to avoid bad traffic, I got to the park. I thought that maybe this would be the final destination, so I got myself ready! I got out of the car and walked around for a bit, I was really expecting to see Jordan, when I saw our friend Alex off in the distance. I was actually really happy to see him because he really is one of my favorite people in Jordan’s life. He was super cute and just kept smiling! He gave me an envelope that said FINAL CLUE! After seeing that I did not stick around for long.

The final clue directed me to Centennial Olympic Park. This park is special to us because we watched the fire works there on the 4th of July the year before, and Jordan knew that it was such a special time for me! After getting stuck in some traffic, and feeling like was about to throw-up due to nerves, I finally got to the exit! By this time Jordan had texted me, the first time I had talked to him all day. He told me where to park, and to let him know when I got there. Finally I arrived and got a call from Jordan. He told me to walk towards the aquarium. Well of course I was pretty much running when I saw him from far off. At this point I really felt like I was in a movie! 

After our hello, which I felt like I had been waiting for forever, we held hands and walked around the grassy lawn in the middle of the park. This was probably the funniest conversation we have ever had! I can not even explain how crazy nervous I was. Finally we got to a small hill in the middle of the park and Jordan reached in his pocket and got down on his knee! This was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced in my entire life. Of course I immediately started balling my eyes out crying! I cannot even tell you what he said because I feel like I have no recollection of those moments. All I know is that I hugged him for the longest time, before I realized that I haven’t even looked at the ring! When I did the tears came even worse because of how beautiful it is!

These are the pictures taken by Javon Longieliere Photography of our proposal!
You can also see the blog entry on his blog here!

I also noticed a woman, in all black taking too many pictures of us to be a tourist. She came up and introduced herself and I discovered she worked for Javon! I was so excited that I would be able to re-live that precious moment over and over. She then wanted to take some more pictures of us and I tried to hold it together, but I was still in freak out mode. I was shaking, crying, smiling all at the same time and I know it shows in the pictures! I was just so happy but also had a feeling of disbelief that it had actually, finally, happened!

Soon after Jordan said we needed to go to his parents for dinner. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of upset that Jordan was rushing me. I really needed a moment to settle down before I had to drive back to Kennesaw. Jordan dropped me off at my car and I reluctantly left him, I really just wanted to be with him! I soon discovered why he was rushing me though!
Of course the first thing I did when I got in the car was call my mom, but she didn’t answer! Well I was freaking out because I probably called her 20 times and there was not answer, if you know anything about Char this is not normal. I was so upset because I wanted to call other people but I couldn’t until I told my mom, and I was just dying to tell her. I hadn't even talked to her ALL day!   I HAD to tell someone so I broke down and called my sister, I didn’t know that she already knew everything, and I called my best friend Jenna! Who probably had the best reaction out of anyone since she was the only one who didn't already know :)
When we arrived at Jordan’s parents I was excited to see his family and share the moment with them but still kind of upset that I could not get a hold of my parents! After I walked in I got the best surprise EVER because my parents, Zach, and Emily walked out of the back room! This was sooooo awesome! I can not express how amazing it felt to get to share this moment with my family and Jordan’s! I was also so happy that Jordan’s grandmothers were there!
Roses from church that morning and cake that Jordan's dad made for us!
Nanny, Jordan, Dot and me
with Jordan's parents
with my parents!
all the parents together :)
Mom and Dad bought me some bridal magazines so we can start planning
Close-up of THE RING!

Jordan’s parent went all out! The house was decorated, they made a cake, had sparkling cider, and Nanny brought her famous spaghetti! We had such a good time talking to everyone and sharing all the details with them! It only got better because not too long after we arrived Jordan said he had something to show me. He had put together videos of Colt ,Payton, Kye, and Courtney.  (You can see Courtney's video HERE and the video of the kids HERE) At this point I was in disbelief at how perfect this day was! Jordan had literally thought of EVERYTHING and I had no idea how it could have possibly been any better. I was blown away at how thoughtful and special Jordan had made this day for me. Everything that he did showed me even more how excited I am to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man who loves me and makes me so happy! I know that I will never ever forget this day and I fell like the luckest girl in the world to have gottan to experence it!

Wasn't that SUCH a great proposal?!? I was so proud of Jordan for thinking of so many little details to make it personal and special. It was great to see Casey so happy and I'm glad she'll always have all of these pictures to look back on and make her smile :)

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