Zach’s 27th Birthday: Part 1

Zach’s birthday kinda crept up on all of us this year. I usually am done shopping for him in July but I had barely even started in July this year…even Zach didn’t know what to ask for! It’s just been a busy time in our lives especially for Zach with work. It’s a blessing but it’s easy to get so caught up in all of that stuff that we forget about big, important events like his birth!

This year his legit birthday fell on a Sunday so we decided to celebrate it with Mom that Friday night, our little family that Saturday morning, and his family on Sunday after church. On Friday Kye and I worked hard baking a cake for Daddy. I LOVE that Kye is at an age where’s he starting to “get it” and understood that the cake was for Daddy’s birthday…here’s a video of him “reading” the candy letters we got!

Mr. Monkey helped us in our baking efforts

Kye’s favorite job every time we bake together is the taste testing…

…he’s a PRO at it!

Right when our cake got out of the oven (I frosted it myself that night and let it sit all night to get SO moist and yummy!!!) Daddy came home so we headed over to Gramma’s house for birthday dinner and present time. It was so nice going to her house and spending time over there together as a family. Now that she’s more settled in Valdosta I know she wants to do things like that more often and we really enjoyed it!!!

Kye got to eat on legit plates and everything!

can’t go wrong with chocolate cake for Zach ­čśë

hope his wishes come true!

Mom loves to shop for “manly” gifts like tools which works out great for me b/c I can’t stand to buy tools (I don’t know what they are or what they do so they aren’t fun to buy ya know? I like to clothes shop!). Zach always enjoys the fun stuff she gets for him and this holiday was no different. She hooked him up with some stuff he needs for the storage shed and even a few fun things like these binoculars. Kye liked ’em!

It was a great way to start Zach’s birthday weekend!!!

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