Zach’s 27th Birthday: Part 2

Saturday (August 6th) I got up with Kye and let Zach sleep and together Kye and I went and picked up Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. Kye was PUMPED about the whole thing because we’ve never gotten it take out before and we’ve never gotten breakfast together like that. He wanted “chicken nuggets” so I got him the mini chicken biscuits and they were a hit. I actually screwed up my order and thought I was getting one pack of three biscuits, but actually ordered three packs. I dropped one off at Mom’s for her to have for breakfast and Kye ate the other two. Oink oink! Here’s a video of him so proud of his breakfast!

this made me laugh super hard – gotta love an accidental picture moment ๐Ÿ˜‰

great way to start his birthday morning

My big plan for our family morning celebration was not very big at all. I figured we’d hang out, enjoy our breakfast, and watch some of Zach’s old football games. I know that sounds lame…but I KNEW that Zach would enjoy that. He loves reliving those times and especially loves how into it Kye gets. Kye loves to see his Daddy on tv making “touchdowns!” We also decided to go to Lowe’s for the Kids Workshop thing but when we got there it was canceled ๐Ÿ™ Luckily one of the workers hooked us up with an extra kit they had so Zach and Kye still got to build a little something together!

proud of his boat!

For lunch I picked somewhere that we never visit. Zach has many restaurants he LOVES that I happen to loathe and you know how it is when you’re married…you only go eat at places you both like. So for a special birthday treat we went to Wooden Nickel! Zach was pumped and, to be honest, I enjoyed it there. The crowd got a little not family friendly but the food was actually pretty good AND they had FREE arcade games. Who doesn’t love free arcade games? We were ALL about some Cruisin’ the USA ๐Ÿ˜‰

love his hand helping me drive!

we ordered a pizza for lunch…can you tell someone is pumped?!?!

We ate an early lunch so we’d have time when we got home to enjoy the cake Kye and I had made the night before and open presents! I LOVE that Kye is able to sing along now when we celebrate birthdays…here‘s a video of him helping me sing for Daddy ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, the cake says “Happy Birthday Dadee” There weren’t enough ds or ys in the pack to spell “Daddy” so I went with the “Zach spelling” of the word!

The gifts (I know you love my use of Publix paper bags as wrapping…I cannot BELIEVE how expensive birthday wrapping paper is! I refused to spend that much to wrap such a big gift!)

enjoying cake while opening presents

chocolatey cake kisses!

This year I went for quality of quantity in the gift giving. I actually got very few items on sale or with a coupon which is not the typical Emily style. But Zach needed some new, NICE stuff. I got him: a golf bag organizer for the garage, Nike FSU shirt, the latest Tiger Woods wii game, some grill tools, a dress shirt to match some coral pants that he never has a shirt to match, a couple new VSU shirts since all his are SO OLD and worn out, and (the big gift) golf in HAWAII! It’ll be at one of the nicest courses there and his dad is going too, he’s PUMPED ๐Ÿ˜‰

When Kye napped we ate our cake and then Zach and I watched The Lincoln Lawyer together (which was very well done and a good book-turned-to-movie!). That night I went to the kids sale at Mathis Auditorium with some friends and Zach enjoyed some quality guy time with Kye. I think he had a great birthday celebration!

On his legit birthday (the 7th) we went to worship at Lakeland Church of Christ then had lunch over at his parents house. Big Daddy and Little Mama came too which was nice and the kids all napped while we ate and visited. We planned to go on a date that night after church and had Casey and Jordan lined up to come sit with Kye but decided not to go. I know that’s random but we were honestly STUFFED and it seemed silly to go out to eat just to say we went out to eat ya know? I felt guilty not having a date night but Zach assured me he really didn’t need to go somewhere. We just enjoyed each others company and watched Big Brother together to finish out his birthday weekend. I guess we really are getting older huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

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