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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Summary of Month 19

I've been behind in the past but never anything like this! I hate that I'm writing this less than a week before he's due for another post about the summary of month 20. Oh well, I promise to be 100% back on track soon (you KNOW this out-of-order thing is stressing me hardcore).

First for this month I wanna show a picture (the only picture) of Kye wearing the Jamaica hat we got him. I envisioned him loving the thing and thought I'd get a bunch of funny pics of him wearing it. Instead he's scared of the hair and I was lucky to get this one:
Words: In addition to all the words Kye could say last month he has now added the following words: nite nite (he says this asking to go in his crib), daddy at work, want that, no-no doggie (when he has food he will kinda wave his arm to tell the dogs to go away), cat, golf ball, this, weeee (on the swing especially and down slides), bible (he asks to read the bible all the time as well), kye (he says "kye" whenever he sees himself OR he sees the camera haha), go, daddy go bye-bye (can't you tell he loves his daddy?), bath, eat, color, help (he says "up" for help)

Eating: Let the "picky" eating begin! Kye still enjoys eating, but he's more selective about things and we've had to start a "eat one bite before getting something else" rule. I don't believe children should be made to clean their plates. It's fine for him not to like something and he doesn't have to eat it but for now he must at least try it. So far it's working out fine (and makes for some funny faces when he struggles to swallow that one bite). What's more annoying though is that he knows what he likes and will go into the pantry and get it.

He got both of these snacks then asked to sit in his chair to eat could I say no?
After these pictures he was made to go sit in his chair ;)
I thought maybe Kye was old enough to eat at his own little table. He had done well on his "date" with Stevie so I figured I'd give it a go. Nope, not ready. He did okay but didn't actually eat too much and it's just SO much easier to have him sit at his high chair. I do think he's ready for a booster seat though...any recommendations?
Keys and Doors: Kye has been in love with his toy keys lately and has completely grasped the concept of how keys work and what they do. He'll run around the house "locking" doors with his keys. This quickly graduated into actually turning the locks on our doors...thankfully they easily unlock from the other side! A "fun" game he plays is where he runs into a room, slams the door, then locks it. Hilarious right? While in Big Canoe the dreaded day came where he actually learned how to open the door (here's a video). It took him a couple more weeks to figure out our knobs but now he can pretty much open them!!!

Golf: Kye is not as into golf as he used to be. Honestly, I think it's because we've been SO swamped and Zach hasn't been able to play with him. He really LOVES to play golf with Daddy. They did go together when I was in Atlanta and had a good time so I think he'll love it again once he's exposed to it again!
Toys: I'm a big believer in packing toys away. In Sept I finally got down the last unopened toy from his birthday! I try to get toys for holidays that he will still enjoy at an older age so that way I can spread out the new toys throughout the year. He has LOVED getting to play with this truck so it worked out great and this new toy should see us through to Christmas presents. Here's a video of him enjoying his truck and playing with Levi (and a bonus video of Levi about to bite Kye's face off...).
Imagination: Kye has really been using his imagination more and more. He will drive his trucks on anything (up your arm, on the handrail of the shopping cart, etc) and he is now at an age where boxes are fun and obstacles courses are a blast (which there are plenty of those around here right now!). Zach has even made a few tents with him and he seems to love it. We played a lot of hide and seek at Big Canoe too :)

Tongue: As you know, I enjoy seeing people's concentration faces. I always remember seeing kids in art class and during tests at school having their tongues sticking out while they concentrated. It was always so funny to me and now it cracks me up that Kye sticks out that tongue when he's working that little brain of his!
Ridin': As mentioned in an earlier post, Kye has now mastered riding his Tonka truck. He LOVES it and rides it all the time! He has also learned how to pedal himself in the cozy coupe...although he can't quite go forward yet (here's a video!).

Doesn't he look like such a big boy?
Hugs: Kye can officially give hugs! At night now he'll hug on us AND give us kisses (my favonly time he's really cuddly.

Cereal: Growing up my brother could have eaten cereal at every meal. He lived off the stuff. Since Kye is doing pretty well managing silverware I've been letting him enjoy some cereal at snack time. He loves it (here's a video) and he also likes eating yogurt out of a bowl too (I love this video and his excitement over yogurt)!
yup, he drinks the leftover milk like a pro
Order: When I decided to do Babywise with Kye I tried to think of anything negative that could come from it and the only thing I could come up with is that it is so structured that my children may be hardcore with order and structure (basically ocd). But ya know what? I'm hardcore with stuff and I like things in order and structured and I'm okay with it so it's okay if my kids are too ;) And at this point in his life, Kye for real likes his junk a certain way. You mess up his straight line of cars? He's not going to be happy. You make the dog drive the truck instead of the driver? Ugh-oh. This month he's been into putting things away and taking them back out. I let him have a shoe box and he carries that around putting his balls in and out of it.
Finger Holding: I already miss the days of Kye holding onto our hands to walk, it was so sweet and now he's an independent toddler running off on his own. He does like to hold our fingers though to guide us places. When Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty kept him recently they said that after church he took both of their fingers and guided them to their closet to get them to change out of church clothes then guided them to the back door to take him outside to play. It's pretty irresistible when he takes your hand and leads you someplace...I mean how can you say no to that?

Morning Boy: Kye LOVES his crib. He's live in his crib if we let him, I'm not kidding. Now in the mornings he has no interest what-so-ever in getting up for the day. He just wants to stay in his bed and be silly. I think it's adorable. Do you know what is even cuter? His sleepy boy hair style ;)
Boy Toys: Lately Kye's choice in toys have been ALL boy. He plays with cars and trucks on the reg (and yes, Mr. Rusty managed to hide a tractor in his diaper bag on his way home so he's allowed to use that too). His favorite thing to do is to gather up ALL the cars he can and carry them all at once. Then he goes over to the couch or table or other ledge of some kind and lines them all up. Then he picks them all up again and carries them all at once (and gets mega frustrated when one falls) to carry them over to the next couch or table or ledge to start it all over again. Seems pretty lame to me but hey if it keeps him entertained I'm down!
 puzzles pieces now count as toys too ;)

"Shhhh": On the way to Big Canoe we let Kye watch some of the Disney movies we got and he really enjoyed 101 Dalmatians, especially some part where all the puppies were asleep. He started saying "shhhh doggie go nite nite" and wanted us all to be quiet. Since then he'll say "shhhh" when I tell him Daddy's at work in the bedroom. And he'll also have his toys go nite-nite and tell us to "shhh" then too. Sometimes he'll do it at church, but we're still working on that!

Going to Work: As you saw earlier, Kye now says "Daddy's at work" and it helps him understand that he can't play with Daddy b/c he's busy and that he needs to be quiet when going near the bedroom (it's TOUGH now with the whole house situation b/c Zach has his office area in the bedroom so he gets easily interrupted). Naturally we've started to play games about Kye being at work too. I REALLY want to find him a briefcase for Christmas - he carried around this one that has Sadie's grooming stuff in it but once he figured out how to open it we had to put it away (I mean razors are slightly dangerous right?)
"Cheese": While at Big Canoe I decided I wanted to teach Kye to look at the camera on command. Good luck right? I started making a crayon my "mustache" and said "CHEESE!!!!" super big with a big grin on my face and he started to copy me. It was ADORABLE and I had high hopes of it sticking but it hasn't :( Oh well at least it was cute for these pictures :)
I think he's got the mustache location a little confused...
prob one of my most favorite Kye pics to date
I'm sure I forgot many of the little things Kye did over that month as it was almost a month it's tough! But I didn't want to skip it all together b/c I hate the idea of just letting little moments pass by and not trying to remember everything to the best of my abilities ya know?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jamaica: Tues & Wed

Day 3 of the trip was really pretty much our last day since we had to be packing and all on Wednesday before flying out. I wish we could have stayed longer! Everyone who was at the wedding knew I wasn't too pumped for this Jamaica trip. I just had SO much on my plate (or at least it felt like it...turns out it didn't even COMPARE to all the craziness I've been dealing with since I got home!) and kept picturing that not-so-great Cancun resort we stayed at on the last State Aflac trip so I just had a hard time getting excited. Once I got there though I REALLY did love it!!!

Something I especially loved is that I felt like it was our honeymoon. Leaving a wedding, having my nails all pretty, it just felt more romantic for some reason. It didn't hurt that SO many people asked us if we were honeymooners too. I wanted to play along and pretend, but Zach wouldn't. Ugh, he's so lame.
Being in the honeymoon vibe I did something I typically would never do. When the entertainment staff starting rounding up people for Beach Olympics I joined in. Yes, ME. Zach wanted to play and he didn't even bother asking me but I volunteered to play too. RANDOM!

We had two teams and had 5 events. Five were a bit much and something I thought would be over in 20-30 minutes actually lasted over 2 hours. But it was pretty fun. We were the yellow team with a couple of the Aflac people on our team too!

This is the race I did the best at! Had to jump with a basketball between our legs while attached to our partner
My partner and I (and we did the BEST during the basketball/leg/race thing out of everyone there! Made me feel athletic for a change!)
One of the races was one where we all had to sit in a line and toss flower over our heads to each other then fill up a bowl with it. We were a MESS after but we balled out (we quickly realized you could sneak lots of sand in with the flower to fill the bowl faster...)
My least favorite race was where we had to run down, put one hand on our ear, then circle around a basketball 5 times. I practically walked. I mean I'm not about to make a fool of myself and fall ya know?
For the final competition we had to cover a team member in sand and create something. Our team was the Sharks so we made a big shark. It turned out pretty good (it's hard to see in the picture) but we lost that event to the other team, they did a mermaid. Seriously? SO not creative!
Overall Yellow Team WON
While the Beach Olympics were pretty fun they also caused us to get very sunburned. And...I'm not gonna lie...they also caused me to be SORE the next day. How embarrassing is that?

The rest of the afternoon we just layed out by the ocean and enjoyed the beautiful view and the sand between our toes!

That night we wanted to have a "date night" since every other night we had spent with Aflac people (we are typically stick to ourselves on these types of trips but this resort was pretty small and pretty empty so we did meet up with Aflac people everywhere we turned). We had reservations at the Hibachi grill and were pretty excited about it! We headed back up to the room early so we could take our time getting ready and get some pictures around the property.

We LOVED the robes!
Some pre-dinner pictures

We saw more than one couple getting married there - again made me feel all honeymoonish ;)

While we were taking pictures we ended up running into the couple from Columbus and some other Aflac friends of ours so we all took pictures of each other by the water. Good timing to get some couples shots huh? Mrs. Becky used her good camera again then too so I'll be doing another post of those pictures someday!


This is Mike and Whitney, the couple we met the 2nd night there and I'm excited they are going on the cruise too so we'll probably be seated with them!
These are our other Aflac friends (who are ALSO going cruisin'): Mr. Dean and Mrs. Becky
We broke from the group to go eat dinner and I was kinda nervous about it. We LOVE our Japanese place here (Aligatu is waaaaaaay better than Mori people!) and I knew nothing would compare to it. I was right - the food wasn't that great. Plus none of the restaurants are air conditioned and those stoves were SO hot so I was melting. BUT I'm still glad we went. Our chef was awesome. He cracked us up the whole time (here's a video of his mad skills) and he and the other chefs interacted a lot which made it fun. They broke into song on the reg!
While it was a very nice resort, there wasn't a whole lot to do. We decided to spend $1 at the slot machines just for fun. We put the dollar in and we were so clueless. We hit one button and then it said it was done! We didn't even know what button we hit or what anything meant haha. We had to hit a help thing and some lady came over and explained to us that we won a dime. Wow, awesome. Zach's showing his dime here next to the sign that advertises how much the slot machines payed out the week prior.
I liked these guys because even Zach felt short for a change ;)
Aflac crew for some dessert at the Italian place (because the night before the service was WAY too slow so we skipped dessert) then walked along the beach as part of our date night.

A random guy offered to take our picture - I LOVE when that happens don't you?
Had to top off our great trip with a bubble bath together (I always use entirely too many bubbles and this time was no different)
Can you tell how sunburn I was? We only lasted about 10 min in the tub b/c I got way too hot and claustrophobic feeling.
Wednesday morning we slept in again then headed down to enjoy a casual breakfast (they had English muffins with peanut butter on them and egg and bacon yummmmm) then got packed and ready to go! We hit up the bar one last time for some pina coladas before saying goodbye to Jamaica!
of course Zach's picture has the beautiful ocean behind him and mine has a wash bucket
a little better?
Even though we arrived on our own we were able to go back with the Aflac group. We had to be in the lobby at a certain time and we kept waiting and waiting and waiting for one missing couple. We actually ended up leaving them!!! I felt bad but at the same time several people had seen them in the beach like 30 min before we were supposed to meet up. Lucky for them they were able to get a taxi and met us at the airport. We did some shopping in the airport before heading home. We got our ornament, got Mrs. Charlotte some coffee to thank her for watching Kye, and we spent $16 on one of those dread lock hats for Kye. I thought he'd LOVE it but guess what? He's TERRIFIED of it! Which I guess makes sense as random hair can be scary. Hopefully someday he'll let me put it on him for some pictures ;)

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