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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


If any of you have a blog or a Facebook account then you know that I LOVE to comment! I'm a commenting queen haha! Doesn't it just brighten your day to see a comment on your blog? Or to see that little notification thing on your Facebook account have a number in it? It's a little embarrassing to admit but seeing such comments ALWAYS makes me smile! It's just nice to think that people want to respond to what you say, albums you put up, or things that your status says your doing. I doubt I'm the only one who enjoys seeing that??? I comment so much on other people's stuff because I know how happy it makes me to receive comments and I want to bring that little happiness to others...I know it sounds lame...but it's true!

That being said, it is ANNOYING to me when some blogs are hard to comment on and I've had multiple people tell me that mine was such a blog. My mom and Zach would like to comment but they don't have Google accounts so it's a pain to be anonymous I guess? It was also a pain for me b/c I'd like to respond to people's comments but there wasn't a feature where I could reply to each individual comment, I'd instead be stuck just adding another comment to the bunch ya know? I'd end up using Facebook to respond to people's comments and that was a pain for me! A lot of the comments people leave on the blog (all 5 of you who comment haha) are helpful to me and I'm sure they will come in handy when I go back and re-read entries with baby #2, #3 and #4.

I don't just comment on people's blogs who I know, I also comment on the "bigger" blogs such as Kelly's Korner. I noticed recently that she updated her blog to have a new commenting system. I feel like it's VERY user friendly and is a better layout overall so I decided to use it on my blog as well. I am hoping that it will make it easier for people who want to comment to be able to do so and make it easier for me to reply to comments.

To comment you still do what you did before, at the bottom of the entries click "comments" then fill out your comment and the information below it (Name, Email, and your blog if you want). Then you can post as a guest or you can sign up for an account which is VERY easy to do as well. If you put your blog address in then once you comment people can click on your name and it will take them to your blog! Pretty neat! If you sign up for an account you can add a picture and it will keep track of ALL the comments you leave on any blog with the same comment program. It also makes it easier to reply to comments as the reply will go below the comment you reply too instead of at the end of ALL the comments. And if I, or anyone else, replies to your comment it will automatically email you! Pretty great huh?

If you like this comment program you can just click on the "Disqus Comments" thing on the top right corner when you click to add a comment. It was super quick to set up and it uploaded all my old comments into the program too :) And best of's FREE!!!

I'd love to hear reactions to this change, I hope it's a good one for everyone! I love learning new things about this whole "blog world" and try to make my blog user friendly for the readers...but especially for me! :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

25 Years Old = Wrinkles :(

When editing the pictures from the wedding I noticed something that made me sad. Yup, I have my first wrinkles :( They are at the corners of my eyes when I smile. Is that called crow's feet?!? Whatever they are called, they suck big time!!! It's just proof that I'm getting older and I don't like it!!! I'm now on a mission to prevent future wrinkles and make my current ones less noticeable!
On top of wanting to prevent wrinkles I also want to prevent sun damage. My dad has had skin cancer removed multiple times and I don't want that to be me! I also have noticed that I get spots of darker pigmentation. I went to a dermatologist recently about this (after Kye was born it seriously looked like a I had a MUSTACHE b/c the skin was so dark right there!) and she told me that I have dark skin that gets darker when it's hot. I've always loved my skin color and love that I tan SUPER easy but she said the downside of that is these dark spots will keep coming up and just get worse if I don't do something about it!

The dermotologist prescribed a cream to me that I put on each night and it's REALLY working! Already the sun spots I had are disappearing and I haven't noticed any new ones forming. Yay! 

Here is my current skin care routine, I'd LOVE any help that you guys may have in this area! My goal is to keep my skin young looking as long as I can and I know the time for prevention and protection is NOW! There are just TOO many products out there and it stresses me out even trying to understand them all so maybe some of you have some products you love! Or maybe some of the stuff I use will help someone else out :)

In the morning:
At night:
I think for a 25 year old new mom I do pretty well with taking care of my skin but I'm sure I could do better! Thankfully Zach is pretty supportive of all the money it takes to keep a woman young :) I'm trying to get him to take better care of his skin too but of course he's not as concerned. Isn't it unfair how men look GREAT as they age and we just go down hill?!?! Blah!

UPDATE: My mom is here visiting and she informed me that since the wrinkles only are there when I smile that they are laugh lines and not legit wrinkles...yet! So that means someday they will be there whether I smile or not?!?! Yikes!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Church Egg Hunt

I've been looking forward to our church egg hunt for a couple of weeks now. Of course, I assumed Kye would be walking to hunt the eggs but still! We decorated the eggs for the event and I had a cute outfit planned for Kye and I also ordered him a cute hunting basket. The day of the event came and it was POURING outside. We were supposed to go straight from church to some farm and the whole thing was going to be outside :( Boo! I assumed that since it was raining that the hunt would be canceled so I didn't bring our stuff (eggs, Kye's basket, the food, etc) and I had Kye wear the suit from the wedding to church instead of the cute Easter-ish outfit as I figured I'd rather him get a little more wear out of the suit since it's not going to fit him for long!

Well we showed up at church and found out they moved the location to the church building instead! During Bible Study Zach ran home and got all our stuff then came back and after services we went over to our reception area and ate lunch with everyone. I love being more involved with our church family and getting to spend more time with people! This event was especially nice because it was pretty much all the families with young kids!

After lunch we waited out in the foyer while they hid all the eggs! I love catching Kye and Daddy checking stuff out together :)
When they let us in for the hunt Kye went straight for the stairs and grabbed the two eggs off of them!
They were both real eggs and went right in his mouth haha
He did put them in his basket though too!
It ended up being quite a mess as Kye had so much fun with his eggs that he busted one of them in his hand! There were little pieces of hard boiled egg everywhere! Oops! We ended up asking a little girl to trade us one of her plastic eggs (and reassured her that she could have the candy from it!) for one of Kye's real ones so he could play and not mess up anything!
There were good and bad things about the event being moved to the church. The good things were that we didn't have to drive all the way to Brooks County for the farm version and that we were able to be done with everything by 1:00 so we actually got Kye home only missing 15 minutes of his nap! The bad was that Kye didn't look very Easter-ish and that we had to have it in our building with this HORRIBLE carpet! I know that's mean but I just can't STAND it. Why that color?!? It clashes with EVERYTHING and it makes pictures look so strange! Ugh. Someone mentioned us having Kye's 2nd birthday party at that building since it's HUGE and it IS a good idea...I have 11 months to figure out how to talk them into buying new carpet haha!!!  What matters most is that Kye had a great time...and he did! He made lots of new "friends" especially the older girls (like 10 year olds) who LOVED him and kept picking him up, chasing him around, and pushing him around in a rolling high chair. He's a ladies man for sure ;) 

He was WORE OUT!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Coloring Eggs and Smokin' Pigs

As I've posted before, we're working on staying in town more often and doing family things some on weekends! This past Saturday was one of those nice days where we didn't have anything major going on! That morning we decided to color our Easter eggs before the church egg hunt the next day.

It's so neat b/c Easter is Kye's "first second" holiday! It's exciting for us to now say that something is a "tradition" because it technically is! Coloring eggs together as a family is a for sure tradition and this year we put Kye in his high chair and moved it to the kitchen so he could "help."
doesn't he LOOK like a TODDLER?!?!
We had a say "not in the mouth" a lot that day
Zach took control of the situation, which shouldn't surprise anyone while I mainly focused on watching Kye and making sure he had fun, again anyone surprised? This year Zach got smart and wore some of my cleaning gloves to keep the dye off of him and we put towels down to protect the kitchen!

Since obviously we weren't going to let Kye dip his egg in dye we instead gave him a crayon and let him go to town. It was actually his first time holding a crayon and it was mostly a lot of "not in the mouth" over and over and over again.

He's eyeing me waiting for me to say it haha!
he actually DID color it!
 "I decorated, now can I eat?!?"
We got these really cool eggs! They were tie dye ones! What was really neat about them was that you didn't actually have to touch the dye at all. You laid the egg in this plastic thing and then closed it up and filled a little dropper with dye and put it in the little holes of the plastic. The egg had a little wet rag over it and I guess that helped absorb the color and spread it on the egg. They turned out very pretty!
Kye was more focused on breaking the eggs than he was decorating them but oh well! We had two get tossed on the floor from the high chair (we're handing out lots of paint-stick-poppings for tossing stuff off the high chair around here!) and then the third one got dumped right after this picture! haha! Zach and I didn't include them in the "eggs to hunt" we ate them instead ;)
Flashback to Kye's first Easter egg :)
That afternoon Brandon and Chrissy came up to visit for a little bit, show off their honeymoon pictures (they went to ROME...yes awesome!!!), and pick up all their wedding presents. It was good to get to visit with them and for them to get to spend some time with Kye. They were SO busy during the wedding that they didn't really get to see much of him and he's changed so much since Christmas! For dinner we went to Smokin' Pig and pigged out. With the time change I didn't realize how late it was and Kye ate for literally TWO straight HOURS! Oops!! We just all got to talking and the time flew by and the child just kept eating!!! He LOVED it all (I packed him food from home AND gave him a bunch of mine since their portions are HUGE). That night I paid for it though, as did he, as he woke up with a tummy ache. :( Poor kid!

Uncle Brandon and Aunt Chrissy!
It was a really nice afternoon getting to spend some quality time with my family! We live so close (they live in Gainesville which is only an hour and half away) and we really should make an effort to see each other more often ya know? It's tough b/c they are in school and work all the time and we travel non-stop haha! But it was a nice time and I hope we can do it more in the future! It was so neat seeing Brandon with a WEDDING RING on!!! I remember when Zach first wore his how strange it felt to him (I was already used to my ring so it wasn't a big deal to add the band!) and I'm sure it does to Brandon too. I was hoping we'd run into someone I knew at Smokin' Pig so I could introduce them as husband and wife, but the only guy we ran into that I knew wasn't someone worth really introducing :( Oh well! 

showin' off that ring! married man!!!

"Emily Parker Experience"

Every time I mention Seth and Crissy on the blog I always put a link to their blog but it's NEVER updated. Like it's always the lowest on my list of "blogs I follow." But I always link to it in hopes that someday they will update again! They have super interesting lives and I know I love hearing their funny stories so they need to blog! I'm boring and I do it!!!

I got super pumped last night when I saw that Crissy had updated!!! I seriously thought something was wrong with Blogger and it just moved my oldest updated one to the top on accident or something. When I clicked to read it I immediately cracked up. The title of the post was: The Emily Parker Experience! hahaha.

Seth and Crissy (well, especially Seth) ALWAYS tease me about how many pictures I take. The first thing they talked about after Neela was born was how during the delivery experience they kept seeing photo opportunities that they knew I would have made everyone stop to get a picture of haha. So for this blog entry they took their camera with them all day and snapped lots of pictures. They may tease me about it but they also proved me RIGHT! Taking lots of pictures just makes things more FUN!

I remember when we went to Atlanta for a weekend to buy ALL of our furnishings for our house (I know, we're nuts. We went up there Friday night and spent 24 hours buying EVERYTHING from furniture to decorations and loaded it all in a Uhaul then drove back LATE Sat night, unloaded it, to wake up the next morning and MOVE from our old house to our new one...) the actual weekend was SO stressful. But I took SO many pictures (which you can actually view here!) that now we all look back on it and say how fun it was! Taking pictures makes you remember more about things that you do and it always helps bring back fond memories...who doesn't want more happy things to remember?!?

For as long as I can remember I've been a hard-core picture taker. Anyone who went to high school with me can probably remember our Senior Video...guess who supplied majority of the pictures? And this was back when digital didn't exist! I still took rolls and rolls of film alllll the time. I just love it!

And I'm SO glad that all my picture taking is rubbing off on Seth and Crissy...maybe now they will start updating their blog more ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Preview of Summer

It seems like it's been cold here FOREVER!!! On the one hand it's nice because it'll be 100 degrees everyday before we know it. On the other hand though,  I spent good money and went through the pain of going to the tanning bed for Brandon and Chrissy's wedding so I don't want to lose what I worked so hard for! Last Friday (yes, I'm getting closer to being caught up!) it was the first true PRETTY day we've had since last summer! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! 

I decided to lay out during Kye's afternoon nap (as was my laying out schedule last summer too!) but of course Kye decided to have a tough time during that nap and I ended up getting up and down a thousand times. So annoying! Since he took up my time I decided that once he was up for good that I'd take up his time sorta-speak. 

It was super exciting to put him in SHORTS for the first time in forever! It was even more exciting to lather him up with sunscreen and not have to be worried about it since he's for sure old enough for it now! I especially love how the sunscreen kinda acted as a hair gel...his hair laid down great and looked pretty cute!
I brought him out his Tonka truck and let him "run" around the back yard while I continued to lay out. It was GREAT! He had a blast and I got some sun :) AND I was entertained which was great as laying out is soooo boring. I don't think the dogs really liked it though b/c when I lay out they lay in between my legs on the chair and Kye wasn't having much of that. haha.
playing with his truck
So Kye got to have some fun outside and I got to enjoy watching him and enjoy some "me" time! It really gave me a preview to what this summer will be like ;) We bought him a sandbox as well as a water table plus I'm looking into getting a pop-up pool (any suggestions?!?) so he should have plenty of entertainment in the backyard! 
Even with out much "entertainment" he was very entertained! He loved just crawling back and forth from the back door up on the chair with me. I'm just glad the dogs don't poop near the house as I didn't have to worry about a poop covered kid!
he did venture back to the fence some too
don't you just LOVE a boy in some plaid shorts? Love 'em!!!
This BEAUTIFUL spring day gave me a glimpse of what I hope this summer will be like! I especially got excited when Kye got a hold of my spray bottle (yes, I'm red-neck. I lay out on a lounge chair in my backyard and spray myself down with a spray bottle...tell my husband we NEED a pool!) and figured out how to use it! Now if I can just teach him to spray me down when I get hot I'll have myself a little "pool boy" haha
I'm BIG about protecting my face from the sun and when Nana passed away I took all of her sun hats that I could! She worshiped the sun so I think of her every time I lay out anyway but getting to wear something of hers makes it even better! Kye can rock a sun hat too ;) Us Parkers are READY for summer!!!

Kye the Photographer

Kye's old enough now to understand something is up when I pull out my camera. I can usually snap a couple of shots of him before he comes crawling like a little demon towards me to try to get a hold of it! I have sooo many pictures that look like this:
I don't allow him to play with my camera but I figured why not let him try to take some pictures and see how he does? I explained to him that it was a camera and he knew RIGHT away what button to push! With as much as this child gets his picture taken you gotta figure he had a chance to either be a model or a photographer! Why not let him start to practice? Here are images from Kye's first shoot!
And he's already mastered the self portrait haha
I'm sure my days of sharing my camera are just beginning...I need to get him his own! :) 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time Traveler's Wife

Have you ever read a book or seen a movie that just sticks with you? You feel as if it's permanently altered your life in someway...well at least for a couple days then it's back to normal. Haha. I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife and have to say that I've added it to my list of favorite books. I am amazed at how many great books are the first ones written by the author. This is the author's first book (AND it got made into a movie...wasn't she lucky?!?) and Lovely Bones as well as Twilight were all firsts for their authors as well (and got made into movies! Dang...I need to write a book!).

I LOVED The Time Traveler's Wife. I was tempted not to bother reading it as the title really turned me off. But I watched Cougar Town and love it and that has probably the worst title ever so at this point I know that titles don't mean much! I love books that jump around, have many different points of view, and have deeper meaning. This is one of those books. I am also glad that I read it after the movie came out as I had seen posters for the movie so I could picture the movie characters in my head while I read it (unlike Twilight where I pictured a much more beautiful cast for the vampires). I thought the casting they did for both Henry and Clare were great!

This is one of those few books that I know I will read again. There are just so many details and so many chances to really become attached to the characters that it's one of those where you can probably discover something new each time you read it. After finishing the book I'm left with mixed feelings towards the idea of time travel (I know it sounds like some sci-fi thing but I promise it's not!!!). Would I time travel if I could???
In my personal debate of this issue I've decided that if I could travel to the PAST I would. I would love to go back and get married to Zach all over again, hold Kye again for the first time, sit around Nana's kitchen talking with her. I'd love to get to SEE myself do all of these things and I think being able to do that would create an even greater appreciation for such moments. I would not, however, want to travel to the future. Sure, I thought of the advantages: it'd be awesome to know if our next house has a pool (as I could quit ragging Zach about it) and it'd be even better to know if at least ONE of my next three babies will be a girl! But do I want to know when I die? Do I want to know if something horrible is going to happen to someone I love? I don't think I do.

On the one hand knowing about my own death (or other horrible events) would be useful. I'd better appreciate each moment if I knew when they would be gone. I guess part of me thinks if I'm doomed to die in some kind of accident or a situation where we wouldn't have any warning then it'd probably be good to know so I can say my proper goodbyes and such. If I get cancer or some other long-suffering illness then why find out? I'll have plenty of time to say goodbyes and prepare myself to meet the Lord so I'd rather live my life without having a date looming over head.

That's one of the things I really loved about the book (and that bothered Zach about the movie). Henry could time travel to the past or to the future but he couldn't do anything to prevent or change it in any way. No matter what he did the outcome would be the same. Zach was annoyed by this because he insisted that he'd find a way to change it but I embraced the concept and really appreciated both Henry's and Clare's outlooks on the situation.

Overall, it's a sad depressing story. To me (I guess I'm warped) those kinds are always the best! You heart goes out to every character but especially to Clare. To spend your life waiting on someone would be so difficult. To only get to have them for moments in your youth and to cherish such moments but then to realize as you age that those moments you cherished in your youth were moments being taken from your present is so sad. It's like she NEVER got him 100% and never got to truly just live her life in the moment and enjoy it. I think we're all pretty blessed to get to live in the present everyday! And to be able to have free will in situations...Clare never felt like she had free will. She knew her future so even if that would be the outcome anyway her choices would automatically fall in line with the ones that she knew she'd be making. Kinda takes the fun out of things ya know?

There are all kinds of cliche sayings about living in the moment, how today is tomorrow's yesterday, etc, etc. I never give them much thought in my life and just kinda keep on going through. After reading this book I have stopped to really think about TODAY and how special it really is. How something crazy could happen tomorrow and it'll make me wish so badly I could come back to today. How I look at Kye and wish, already, at times that I could go back and hold him sweetly in my lap without him wiggling or nurse him or change his diaper without a struggle. And how in a few months I'll look back and miss the now with Kye; his babbling, his long naps, his non-walking state. We really do need to cherish today and enjoy each precious second of it.

I watched the movie the other night and it was just okay. Wasn't the worst book-to-movie ever but wasn't the best either. I hated the ending as the book's was MUCH better and I also wish they would have been able to include more details to things. I think if you didn't read the book and you saw the movie you'd be left with many gaps that need to be filled in. Zach didn't like it much as he felt like there wasn't a big storyline. It's a book about life and I love those kind but I think guys need a little more meat to their stories ;)

Anyone else read it? See the movie? If you do let me know your thoughts! I tried not to give much away so if you haven't read it I totally recommend it!
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