If any of you have a blog or a Facebook account then you know that I LOVE to comment! I’m a commenting queen haha! Doesn’t it just brighten your day to see a comment on your blog? Or to see that little notification thing on your Facebook account have a number in it? It’s a little embarrassing to admit but seeing such comments ALWAYS makes me smile! It’s just nice to think that people want to respond to what you say, albums you put up, or things that your status says your doing. I doubt I’m the only one who enjoys seeing that??? I comment so much on other people’s stuff because I know how happy it makes me to receive comments and I want to bring that little happiness to others…I know it sounds lame…but it’s true!

That being said, it is ANNOYING to me when some blogs are hard to comment on and I’ve had multiple people tell me that mine was such a blog. My mom and Zach would like to comment but they don’t have Google accounts so it’s a pain to be anonymous I guess? It was also a pain for me b/c I’d like to respond to people’s comments but there wasn’t a feature where I could reply to each individual comment, I’d instead be stuck just adding another comment to the bunch ya know? I’d end up using Facebook to respond to people’s comments and that was a pain for me! A lot of the comments people leave on the blog (all 5 of you who comment haha) are helpful to me and I’m sure they will come in handy when I go back and re-read entries with baby #2, #3 and #4.

I don’t just comment on people’s blogs who I know, I also comment on the “bigger” blogs such as Kelly’s Korner. I noticed recently that she updated her blog to have a new commenting system. I feel like it’s VERY user friendly and is a better layout overall so I decided to use it on my blog as well. I am hoping that it will make it easier for people who want to comment to be able to do so and make it easier for me to reply to comments.

To comment you still do what you did before, at the bottom of the entries click “comments” then fill out your comment and the information below it (Name, Email, and your blog if you want). Then you can post as a guest or you can sign up for an account which is VERY easy to do as well. If you put your blog address in then once you comment people can click on your name and it will take them to your blog! Pretty neat! If you sign up for an account you can add a picture and it will keep track of ALL the comments you leave on any blog with the same comment program. It also makes it easier to reply to comments as the reply will go below the comment you reply too instead of at the end of ALL the comments. And if I, or anyone else, replies to your comment it will automatically email you! Pretty great huh?

If you like this comment program you can just click on the “Disqus Comments” thing on the top right corner when you click to add a comment. It was super quick to set up and it uploaded all my old comments into the program too 🙂 And best of all…it’s FREE!!!

I’d love to hear reactions to this change, I hope it’s a good one for everyone! I love learning new things about this whole “blog world” and try to make my blog user friendly for the readers…but especially for me! 🙂

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