Coloring Eggs and Smokin’ Pigs

As I’ve posted before, we’re working on staying in town more often and doing family things some on weekends! This past Saturday was one of those nice days where we didn’t have anything major going on! That morning we decided to color our Easter eggs before the church egg hunt the next day.

It’s so neat b/c Easter is Kye’s “first second” holiday! It’s exciting for us to now say that something is a “tradition” because it technically is! Coloring eggs together as a family is a for sure tradition and this year we put Kye in his high chair and moved it to the kitchen so he could “help.”

doesn’t he LOOK like a TODDLER?!?!

We had a say “not in the mouth” a lot that day

Zach took control of the situation, which shouldn’t surprise anyone while I mainly focused on watching Kye and making sure he had fun, again anyone surprised? This year Zach got smart and wore some of my cleaning gloves to keep the dye off of him and we put towels down to protect the kitchen!

Since obviously we weren’t going to let Kye dip his egg in dye we instead gave him a crayon and let him go to town. It was actually his first time holding a crayon and it was mostly a lot of “not in the mouth” over and over and over again.

He’s eyeing me waiting for me to say it haha!

he actually DID color it!

 “I decorated, now can I eat?!?”

We got these really cool eggs! They were tie dye ones! What was really neat about them was that you didn’t actually have to touch the dye at all. You laid the egg in this plastic thing and then closed it up and filled a little dropper with dye and put it in the little holes of the plastic. The egg had a little wet rag over it and I guess that helped absorb the color and spread it on the egg. They turned out very pretty!

Kye was more focused on breaking the eggs than he was decorating them but oh well! We had two get tossed on the floor from the high chair (we’re handing out lots of paint-stick-poppings for tossing stuff off the high chair around here!) and then the third one got dumped right after this picture! haha! Zach and I didn’t include them in the “eggs to hunt” we ate them instead 😉

Flashback to Kye’s first Easter egg 🙂

That afternoon Brandon and Chrissy came up to visit for a little bit, show off their honeymoon pictures (they went to ROME…yes ITALY…how awesome!!!), and pick up all their wedding presents. It was good to get to visit with them and for them to get to spend some time with Kye. They were SO busy during the wedding that they didn’t really get to see much of him and he’s changed so much since Christmas! For dinner we went to Smokin’ Pig and pigged out. With the time change I didn’t realize how late it was and Kye ate for literally TWO straight HOURS! Oops!! We just all got to talking and the time flew by and the child just kept eating!!! He LOVED it all (I packed him food from home AND gave him a bunch of mine since their portions are HUGE). That night I paid for it though, as did he, as he woke up with a tummy ache. 🙁 Poor kid!

Uncle Brandon and Aunt Chrissy!

It was a really nice afternoon getting to spend some quality time with my family! We live so close (they live in Gainesville which is only an hour and half away) and we really should make an effort to see each other more often ya know? It’s tough b/c they are in school and work all the time and we travel non-stop haha! But it was a nice time and I hope we can do it more in the future! It was so neat seeing Brandon with a WEDDING RING on!!! I remember when Zach first wore his how strange it felt to him (I was already used to my ring so it wasn’t a big deal to add the band!) and I’m sure it does to Brandon too. I was hoping we’d run into someone I knew at Smokin’ Pig so I could introduce them as husband and wife, but the only guy we ran into that I knew wasn’t someone worth really introducing 🙁 Oh well! 

showin’ off that ring! married man!!!

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