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Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas Together

The morning after Disney was our Christmas morning together. I know we're strange to have our Christmas celebration so early and so secluded but I LOVE it. It allows us to spend quality time together and to be able to just focus all our attention on Kye for real Christmas.

This year with ALL the stress I didn't wrap everyone elses gifts as pretty as I did Zach's...I skipped bows and cute paper but as long as his looked good that's what counts right?

Can you tell which ones I wrapped?
Zach with the presents he got me
And the ones I got him :)
We were disappointed that we couldn't find our ipod stereo so we could listen to our Christmas music but we ended up paying for internet access in the room ($10 a day...RIP OFF) so we could at least use Pandora. It was a GREAT mix of music but annoying that it had commercials. We just took our time, opened gifts, and enjoyed each others company! Here's the highlights of our present opening:

supposedly the best goggles on the market - can't wait for some lap swimming
I know this is random but I have a "thing" for collarbones. I just love them and LOVE when necklaces hit right at the bone. I think it's just sexy for some reason! I used to watch Private Practice but quit watching it after I realized I spent more time checking out all the jewelry the characters wore more than I paid attention to the story line. I saw on a friend's facebook (thanks Larissa!) that she had a pretty angel wing necklace that hit at the exact spot I want one to hit so I asked her where she got it and discovered a new favorite website: Casey's boyfriend, Jordan, actually got her one for her birthday and I'm excited that I get to join the club! I sent Zach a bunch of ones I liked and wanted him to pick out one that he thought was meaningful and I love it!

each necklace has a different meaning
he got me a compass since (duh) I LOVE to travel!
looks good huh?
Zach ALWAYS loses screws and nails so this awesome bracelet will keep them nearby for him
ready for some laying out!
we saw the guys on The Bachelor Pad wearing vests so you know Zach had to have one
Yes, I bought CROCS! They are cool looking though huh?
I know this may offend some people and I'm not trying to hurt feelings but I have to be honest: I have always thought that Build-A-Bears are such dumb gifts. The fun in a Build-A-Bear is actually building the bear...and someone giving it as a gift is like they got the fun in it and you just get the bear. It's kinda like when people give puppies as pets. Isn't the best part of getting a new pet getting to pick it out and make it your own? Same concept as the Build-A-Bear to me. So Zach told me my next gift was his favorite present but that I wouldn't like it.

Yup, he made me a Build-A-Bear.
His reasoning behind it is actually because he's jealous of my childhood stuffed animal: Deh-doh (totally guessing on the spelling of that). It's a rabbit I've had since I was super young and I always grew up sleeping with. Once I got married I obviously don't sleep with it anymore (not like Danielle and her sleepies haha) but when he goes out of town or we're fighting I pull him out and cuddle with him. Zach can't stand him because one time we played Loaded Questions (a super fun board game btw) and it asked if we could save one THING from a burning house what would we save? Well duh, it said thing so I took that to mean an object and put Deh-doh. Zach put me. Oops.

Anyways, the bear is supposed to be my stand-in Zach to cuddle with when he's out of town and we decided to name him like we did our cat. We named the cat Zeke b/c it was a name that Zach wanted to name our son and I hated it so I picked a boy name that I really like but Zach hates for the bear: Cohen :)
I surprised Zach with a BIG tool storage chest (the bottom part was waaaaay to heavy to bring with us)
My big present was a new Coach baby bag. Kinda random seeing as I'm not pregnant and my kid is potty trained so I really don't use baby bags much right now. But it's black and the one I already have it brown so that's awesome! I love it and I understand the reason he went ahead and gave it to me. He got it at the outlet on a HUGE sale, too good to resist but too expensive to just sit it in a cabinet and wait until I'm pregnant to give it to me ya know?
All the presents Zach got! He got hooked up!!!
As I was setting up all my presents for my picture Zach said I had one more and it was what I was REALLY hoping for: a new camera!!! It's a Sony HX1 and it's awesome! I'm going to be selling my old camera if anyone is interested (it's a Sony H50). I have 2 of everything (batteries, battery chargers, straps, etc) for it which is a plus and the original box and everything!
All my gifts (yes, Rachael, the pole thing is that extended tri-pod thing you told me I need from last year!)
Growing up both my family and Zach's family wrote funny gift tags on their presents for each other and we both enjoy doing that for each other so here's a video of Zach reading all the tags I wrote for him and a video of me reading all the tags he wrote for me :)

After all the opening it was time for breakfast...and of course that means Zach's pancakes! And a good opportunity to use my new extended tripod! We take SO many pictures of each other on our own because we don't like the way it looks to have one person hold out their arm and take it...and now we don't have to! Isn't it awesome?
After we ate and Zach rested his back for a bit we wanted to hit up the Ikea in Orlando. It was, by far, our CHEAPEST trip ever there. We only bought a couple new bibs and plates and stuff for Kye...our total was only $8! We really went just to get a good feel for stuff to see what we want for the new house and to pick up new catalogs. I LOVE Ikea, but their website is so garbage. It's a place that you just cannot fully experience until you go in person.
I love this for purse storage maybe?
We LOVE this gray color and they make it in a cover for our sectional couch! I think it'll look AWESOME and we need to eventually buy an extra chair for the living room too
he loves those shopping carts :)
After our shopping (well looking) fun we headed to dinner. Since I LOVED California Pizza Kitchen on our Labor Day trip I thought it'd be fun to mix it up from the norm (which would be Maggiano's or Cheesecake Factory) and go there! It took us AGES to find it but Zach loved it and we both ate our entire white pizzas without any help :)

After dinner I really, really wanted to find the Mochi in Orlando. Gah. BIG mistake. It turns out there is actually a downtown Orlando and that there is a rather popular basketball team that plays there and that basketball season actually starts in December. And it turns out that the Mochi is in that downtown area right near the said basketball arena. And that the Mochi does not have it's own parking lot. It was not a good experience and it ended in us going back to the condo and running through McDonald's to get our dessert :(

We rented a movie for the night (The Men who Stare at Goats...random) and just relaxed. The next morning we did the timeshare presentation (and got $100 cash for our gift yay!) then headed home so Zach could make it back for his doctors appointment for his back. It was a short trip (only 2 nights) but it was fun and a much needed break for us both! Yay for Christmas!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Part 2

While you are all recovering from Christmas fun, I know your holiday wouldn't be complete without part II of our Disney adventure (and more importantly, part II of our "hott day" right?). So I'm taking a break from being sick and packing boxes to fill ya in! Enjoy!!!

I LOVE the Mickey's Very merry Christmas Party for many reasons: 1) cheaper ticket prices 2) waaaay less people 3) UNLIMITED hot cocoa and cookies! Zach's back needed a rest from all the riding and I was pretty much freezing so it was time for a hot cocoa break. The cookies were bangin' and I wanted to compete to see who could eat more before the night was over...but Zach knew I'd win so he wouldn't compete. I downed these 4 plus another 3 later on and drank 4 cups of hot chocolate.

SO many frame worthy pics :)
love seeing the castle all lit up
Insider scoop: did you know at Disney you can hand the photographers your photo pass card (where they load the pics they take of you then you buy them online) but that you can also hand them your own camera to snap a picture? I so totally never knew that and am PUMPED by that news! Check out the great shot we had them take of us in front of the castle - for free!
The longest line we waited in of the night was to meet Mickey. I can't remember the last time I met him and I just really wanted to do it. I know, random. But I'm hardcore about meeting characters (remember my birthday and ALL the princesses we met? SO awesome!!!) We were in line for about 40 min. but it felt like longer because EVERYONE around us was on their phone. It is so sad to see how impersonal our culture is now and how everyone is obsessed with technology. Boo. The line was well worth it though as we got to see these precious little girls in front of us meet Mickey. It was honestly my favorite part of the night and one of Zach's too. This little girl was SO excited and she didn't want to leave Mickey and Minnie. I can't WAIT for that to be Kye!!!
The lady who took these for us worked at Disney and was SO sweet she went on and on about how photogenic we were and even told me we looked like Ken and Barbie! (I was HARDCORE Barbie kinda girl growing up so duh, that's like the ultimate compliment...although she didn't realize that we don't usually look like this haha)
After Mickey it was time for something relaxing and we both LOVE Mickey's PhilharMagic. I hope Kye enjoys it too but the glasses may make it confusing for him. It's a great one to just relax and enjoy, and the glasses make for some awesome pics :)
waiting to go in - resting his back and lookin' cute!
I did NOT want to make Zach stand in line to meet any other characters but omg..ALL SEVEN of the dwarfs were there together and I totally wished we would have done it now that I learned they are rare to see. Oh well at least we got a face shot of me "with" them haha
Haunted Mansion time! (totally can't do this one with Kye!)
Zach's favorite part of the night was the Haunted Mansion. We skipped the parade (we WILL watch it with Kye and I know that the Christmas one is awesome but I was freezing and Zach was hurting and it just didn't make sense to bother with it) and got to be 2 of only FOUR people who rode the Haunted Mansion. When we walked in I, of course, smiled at the girl working the ride and say hey to her. I forget that on some of the rides they have to act certain ways and on this one they are supposed to be creepy so she just stared at me and didn't say anything and I knew I'd made a bad move.

When we were in the room with the portraits that stretches she told the four of us to stand directly in the middle. Then the lights went out and when they came back on her face was less than an inch away from mine! I'm an easy person to make jump so she got a good reaction out of me and Zach LOVED it. It was pretty comical!
outside of Pirates
my big head had a tough time fitting hahaha
barely made it ;)
I'm hoping that Kye does okay on wouldn't be a good Disney trip without it! It does have a spot that's very dark and where the boat goes down a little hill. Whenever the lights are out at the house I've been trying to prepare him by singing "yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me" We'll see if it helps...
boo for the Pirate picture spot being closed!
Toldcha my pirate face is just like my Buzz Lightyear concentration one!
one more in front of the castle before heading out!
The park closed at midnight but we left a little before then. It was much later than we stayed a couple years ago when we went but we had too much fun to stop! It was a BLAST!!! I felt a lot of guilt for it later because Zach's poor back really suffered but hey, it would have hurt him worse to ski right? Ever since we left ALL I can think about and talk about is Disney! I remember when we were engaged I would think about the wedding non-stop. It was a great way for me to de-stress and now Disney is my de-stressor. I've already started planning our big trip with Kye...and we're thinking it may be as soon as February!!! Gotta work it around all the HUGE Aflac vacations next year :) ANY insider Disney info would be super helpful!!!!

We were both STARVING after we left and hit up my fav (Taco Bell duh) on the way back to the condo before tucking in to bed excited for our Christmas morning together

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Part 1

Couldn't leave to celebrate Christmas with my last post not being Merry! And nothing is happier than Disney right?!? :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I LOVE our tradition of getting away during the holidays just the two of us. Anyone I ever tell about this tradition also loves it. Now that we have a son, I like that we get time away to just enjoy each other at Christmas so legit Christmas morning can be all about Kye! Because wouldn't it be anyway?

This years trip was another instance where God answered prayers that I didn't even know I was asking. We always go skiing up in North Carolina together but this year I kept putting off booking the trip. I wasn't sure why (as duh, I plan like crazy) but for whatever reason I never got around to booking it. Thank the LORD I didn't because 1) we couldn't afford it 2) Zach's back issues means he wouldn't be able to ski and 3) Zach's back issues means that long of a car trip would have been brutal.

Instead, we decided to go to Disney (Zach's idea! Yes!!!) and do the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party again like we did a couple years ago (pre-pregnancy and therefore pre-blogging). We left on Sunday Dec 5th and drove to Orlando, which is only 3 hours away. Our first stop? O'Charley's for some lunch! I know you Atlanta dwellers get to enjoy O'Charley's whenever you want so it's not a big thing for you, but for us Valdostians it's a treat :)

mega pumped for that potato soup
 and I love the spinach and artichoke dip!
We stayed in a timeshare condo and went ahead and checked in so Zach could rest up for the big night. It was a pretty nice one-bedroom place!!! The window was AWFUL though for trying to sleep in, but we still enjoyed it!
 I really liked the decor, I'm serious!
The tickets to the event say it doesn't start until after the park officially closes at 7:30 but us insiders know that the ticket is actually valid at 4! We headed over and I was PUMPED to de-stress at the happiest place on Earth :)
We decided that we'd take a picture on EVERY ride. I know that may sound lame to some people but taking pictures of stuff makes it more FUN I promise! You should totally try it sometime! The first ride of the night? The parking lot tram :)
If you're like me then you have these rare days where you just look awesome. I'd say once every couple of months I feel like I look super pretty and I happen to look good in every picture I take. Guess what? Our Disney night was MY night!!! Zach was also having a hott-picture-taking-day and we took full advantage of it. It made my night all that much more SO SO many people offered to take our picture together! That always makes for an awesome experience for me!

outside Magic Kingdom!
 all decorated for Christmas
 the castle
I had zero interest in doing the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House but Zach said it was his favorite as a kid so we did it. It made me break a sweat! The whole night I couldn't help but think about Kye and started to mentally plan our family trip out in my head. Kye won't be doing this "ride" as it'd take him a million years to climb all the way up that thing!!!
Kye WILL be doing the Jungle Cruise. Yes, the cave is scary but I think he'll LOVE the rest of it. Plus Zach and I really love this one. It's hilarious and it's always fun to get different tour guides and see their senses of humor. We made sure to ride it before the park closed because it was one of the few rides that wouldn't be open that night (for obvious the dark...)
 pumped for some Tiki Room!

I know most people hate the Tiki Room but it's one of my all time favorites. I think the reason is because waaaaay back in the day my brother and I went together to Disney and we'd always get the song stuck in our heads. It's too catchy not to and you know when you sing a song over and over you can't help but to love it? That's what has happened with me for the Tiki Room! I have heard rumors that it's closing down in 2012 so I totally am making sure Kye gets to experience it when we come next year. I'll be sad to see it go :(
One of Zach's favorites is Monsters Inc Laugh Factory. It's HILARIOUS and even I think so! We love how they call people out in the crowd and I think we both secretly wish they would pick on us. There are a few rides at Disney that we love so much we will ride them over and over again and this is one of those rides. It changes each time you go to it so that makes it always fun and Kye will love it!
Can you guess which Magic Kingdom ride is Zach's true favorite???? Yup, Buzz Lightyear. It's the only really interactive ride at the whole park and we ride it over, and over, and over each time we go. It's fun to challenge each other and see who will win. It's usually Zach but I have gotten the high score before!!! Zach is PUMPED to have Kye try it out, but I honestly think it'll be too hard for him to enjoy it...we'll see though!
 it takes intense concentration
 my concentration face is very much like my pirate one
 he won :(
Since we were having such a "hott night" and since we took a picture at each ride, I did you all a favor and spread out the love a little bit by splitting this into two posts :) So Part II of our Magical Christmas Event is coming up next!

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