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Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 Years Down, The Rest Of Our Lives To Go!

Thursday (May 28th) was mine and Zach's 2 year Wedding Anniversary! While it's not as big of a deal as one, five, ten, etc it's still a milestone so of course we celebrated :)

Having a baby slowed us down for sure! I drove Kye out to Charlotte's for her and Rusty to watch him while Zach and I went on our date and it takes 30 min to get there and then 30 min to get home! Luckily Mrs. Charlotte didn't mind bringing him back to our house for us because that would have taken another hour!!! I rushed rushed rushed to get ready (which is tough b/c with these boobs NONE of my dresses fit!) and we went to eat at 6:30 and had to be home by 8:30 to feed him!

We went to the Bistro (one of our favs) and drove through Dairy Queen for dessert because we didn't have time to eat it there.

We decided last year that we'd both give each other the traditional Anniversary gift each year and get either the modern one or the gemstone one. This year the traditional was cotton, modern was china, and gemstone was garnet.

Zach got me an FSU hat (both cotton and garnet colored) and told me that he'll be getting me tickets to the FSU/UF game in 2010!!! It's the next time the game will be at FSU and I've NEVER been to a FSU/UF match-up before and have ALWAYS wanted to go (Zach hasn't been either!)! I'm soooo excited and it will be so fun for our little family to experience that together! Since Tebow will be gone maybe the Noles will have a shot :)

He also got me a new camera!!!! I've really been wanting one because mine, while it's great, doesn't do well in certain lighting (like night) and I wanted something with better quality. He got me a Sony still which is wonderful because I can use my memory card and already know how to operate it. I can't wait to begin figuring out all the fun features this week and put it to good use!

For Zach's gifts I got him cotton white shorts and a Titletown Tumbler (it's "china" enough). For his big gift I got him Polo sunglasses. He bought me Coach ones a couple years ago for Christmas and he's made little hints how he'd like some nice sunglasses for awhile now so I got him some! I've never bought him sunglasses before because he has a smaller head and it's tough to find ones that look good on him but these look great! I was proud of myself for finding some!

Last year we were supposed to eat the top of our wedding cake since it was our first anniversary. Well...we forgot. I'm so bad at that stuff! I forgot to do that and we forgot for Zach to carry me over the threshold when we got married. Oh well! Since the cake was STILL in our freezer we decided to have a bite to say we did it and to be able to toss it in the trash!
I hated the way our wedding cake looked (one of my few regrets of my wedding day) because the lady screwed it up and did the shells some strange color. I didn't even get to eat any of it on our wedding day but I heard that even though it was ugly that it was yummy!
We fed it to each other haha Zach said it was MEGA nasty
I didn't think it was too bad...the chocolate shells on top were actually pretty tastey!
Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life and I love looking back at all the old pictures of our special day! Javon did an AWESOME job as our photographer and I couldn't resist posting some of my favorites to remember the day we became Mr. And Mrs. Parker!

Our first two years of marriage have been pretty crazy seeing as I was pregnant for 9 months and now we have a baby! I'm glad we waited a year to get pregnant as we had that time to really bond and I think it helped us pull through the tough spots during the pregnancy and this new adventure of parenting. I feel like all relationships are like hills where you have peaks that are amazing and lows that are pretty rough. Right now we may not be at a "peak" time in our marriage. It's tough having a new baby and, to be honest, I know I'm at fault!

I feel like I can relate to Kate Gosselin right now on some levels. I LOVE Jon and Kate and feel so sad at all that's happening with them. A lot of it is HER fault though! She has a great husband who she doesn't appreciate enough and who she takes out her frustrations on. I know that's what I do too!!! I really want to work on that and am posting about it so that way I am held accountable! When you are home all day with a baby and you hardly leave the house it's SO easy to get frustrated and to take that out on the only person who you see...your husband. I know I snap at Zach and treat him badly sometimes when he doesn't deserve it. I'm so blessed with a husband who bends over backwards to make my life better and to be the head of our family...I should appreciate that more!

I was talking to my preacher's wife, Shauna, about our children and being a mother and she made a good point...she said she often looks at her marriage and checks herself by asking, "If my son's wife treated him the way I treat my husband would I like her?" I've been asking myself that and I'm not quite sure that I'd want my son to be treated the way I typically treat my husband!

While no relatonship is perfect I am so thankful to be in a relationship where I know I never have to worry about it ending. I know we will always work things out and that we are both commited to having a happy home! I plan to spend the next year of my marriage working hard so that way we'll have more peaks than valleys!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 12 Summary

Week Change

Ok, so I'm an idiot. But I also think this whole age thing is confusing as crap! When we are born we are in our 1st year but then we turn 1 year old and when we are 1 year old we're actually into our 2nd year! It works the same way with weeks. Kye's first week he was actually 0, his second week he was 1 week old, etc. This whole time I've been doing it wrong. Since he turns 12 weeks old today this whole past week has actually been his 12th week, not his 11th! Confusing? Yes! But I'm going to go back and correct all the weeks that I've written about :) Now, onto this past week...which is when Kye was 11 weeks old but was living his 12th week of life! haha


We've been battling it out with the naps and thought he may be ready to be done with the swaddle so I tried laying him down in a sleeper and when Zach checked on him he thought he was cold so he put a blanket on him. When I walked in and saw this it was too cute not to snap a picture but then we also had to have a little Mommy and Daddy talk about how babies, due to SIDS, are not supposed to have blankets on them. I looked it up and did you know that more babies die of SIDS between the ages of 6-12 months than 0-6 months? It says it's because parents assume their child is old enough to be okay to sleep on the tummy, sleep with a blanket, or sleep with a cuddle animal...but they aren't! Pretty scary stuff and I totally see why parents would think, even at 3 months, that the baby would be okay! Zach and I thought we were in the clear too!

Like I said, we've experimented without the swaddle, and he still needs it. However, as seen in the Memorial Day post, he is breaking OUT of the swaddle a LOT! I have to go back in and reswaddle him all the time. He'll get out one arm, both arms, one leg, both legs, or sometimes all four!

Big Boy Bottle

After the funeral this week we went over to Charlotte's house for a couple hours to spend time with everyone. It totally messed with Kye's schedule but sometimes that's okay :) (See I'm not that hardcore...right?) Anyway Kye is officially drinking 6 oz at each feeding! The bottles I've had this whole time were little and only went up to 5 oz so I ordered the Medela big bottles which go up to 8 oz. The nipples that came with them are still too fast of a flow so he's using the nipples from the smaller bottles but is enjoying his big boy bottles! Mrs. Charlotte got to feed him his first one!


So we still aren't seeing any rolling over! However, Kye has been enjoying standing up a lot. He will push his legs down and so we will hold him up and let his feet touch the ground. While he still doesn't take baby steps like he "should" be doing, I'm glad he's wanting to stand up more!

Here I am giving him his nightly baby massage! I don't really know the benefits of it but he loves it and I think it helps keep his skin soft
Dry Patch

While at Mom's over the weekend we noticed near his ears he has a dry patch of skin on both sides. It's a little red and even peals! When we got home I noticed his ear felt dry too! Of course, I worried about eczema as no mother wants her child to suffer through that! But I've started putting baby lotion on it several times a day and it seems to be clearing up!


Kye has become more and more chatty. He talks me, at the lights (especially the lights!), at the monkey on the changing table...whatever he'll talk to it. I think he has it coming at him pretty honest though seeing as both his mom and dad are very social, talkative, people! Here's a little taste of a conversation with Kye:

We really don't feel like Kye was properly diagnosed when the dr. said he had GERD. He spits up a lot but he's totally fine with it and I just have that motherly gut feeling that says he really doesn't need the Zantac. Last Wednesday we dropped the nightly dose and he's done fine without it! Tomorrow we will drop the morning dose and see how it does without it in his system at all! Hopefully we'll be able to be med free!
Big Boy

As Kye gets bigger and bigger things change! The biggest thing to change so far for me has been his nursing position. Since Day One I've liked the football hold, as I found it the easiest. It's where the baby is laying in one arm like a football with the legs at my side and head beside my breast. Well he's too big now for it! His little feet get all smushed up against the chair and it's uncomfortable for him so now we do the cross-cradle hold which is where his feet are across my body with his head in front of the breast. It's much easier for me and much more comfortable for him.
Also we realized that he's too heavy for the bassinet part of the pack and play! The weight is up to 15 lb but with a full belly and potentially wet diaper he's for sure that heavy! So now he uses the bottom part which is waaaay more of a pain because I have to bend over so low!


Kye is still loving to reach for everything, and now he can finally reach his car seat toy! Usually Zach and I have to reach back to the backseat and hit the frogs eyes for him to get the music going if he fusses but now he can do it himself! It was great that when we had to get back on the road from St Augustine that we stuck him in the car seat earlier than his naptime and he just entertained himself until he fell asleep!

Playing with the frog!
Diaper Changes

When we put the Monkey Sticker up above the changing table I thought it'd be a good thing for Clover to look at while he or she got diaper changes...and I was right! Kye ADORES the monkey! Sometimes if he's fussy we'll just go over to the monkey and he cheers right up. I took a little video of how much fun he has looking and talking to Mr. Monkey (notice we say Mr. for everything...I don't really know why?)
Feet Up

I think all babies do this at some point but Kye now understands what's going on when it's time for a diaper change. He's much more helpful and puts his legs up in the air for us!
To the Mouth

Kye has begun the typical I-put-everything-in-my-mouth thing. Of course right now the only things he really has access to are blankets, burp rags, and bibs but they all go right for the mouth! It's pretty cute actually even if it means slobber on his stuff!

Cries like Mommy

When I cry I bawl. Zach always teases me that I cry like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman when Baxter (his dog) got killed. I know I cry really, really hard. But I also turn so red! The whole side of my face turns red and stays that way long after I'm done crying. I've noticed that Kye cries similar to the way I do as when he really cries he will take AWHILE to get over it. He'll be happy again but still doing the whole little bit of crying thing to get it over with. I've also noticed that he gets patchy red when he cries and that it stays there for awhile too. Notice his eyebrows!!! They turn BRIGHT red when he's crying!!!Open Hands
Before it was rare when Kye would reach for something with an open hand but this week it's really changed. Now his hands are always open! I've heard it's a myth that you can "train" them to be right-handed but I'm still trying to focus on that hand with things just in case. He's really gotten down grabbing things and has mastered holding on to the hanging rattle on his playmat!
"Look Mom!"
So serious
Left Hand

Kye is really enjoying finding his hands and exploring putting them in his mouth. His favorite thing is that left hand. He loves to play with it and to suck on it. He hasn't mastered it enough for us to get rid of the pacifier but I can tell he's starting to make connections and realizing it's HIS hand that he's sucking and that HE has control over it!


While, to date, Kye has never been sick...he does sneeze all the time! I was trying to capture him talking in this video but he started one of his sneezing fits and so I thought that'd be worth remembering too! I wonder if he'll always have multiple sneezes each time for his whole life?

Feeling sooooo much better this week! I just weighed in this morning for my weekly Weight Watchers Weigh-In and I lost 2 1/2 more pounds! That's a total of 10 1/2 pounds since April 29th! So less than a month!!!

While I don't look 100% back to myself, I'm starting to see Emily again which makes me excited! Sure most of my pants still don't fit but at least the clothes that do fit look better.

I'm down to only having 4.5 lb to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight and only 9.5 lb to be to my goal weight!

Weight Watchers did take down the points I'm allowed each day to eat. Since I've lost so much weight they dropped one point a day from my allowance. It'll probably be a little adjustment but nothing major! I'm just so glad that I found something that WORKS!!!!

Zach is loving WW too and is seeing great results! We're gonna be a mega hott couple in no time haha We both love it so much that we plan to stick with it forever. Why not? It's super easy to follow and once we reach our goal weights they help you maintain it. It's great for busy people like us and will be so easy to help teach our children proper nutrition and portion control!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kye's First Beach Trip

I know this is a LOT of pictures...but they were too cute to pass up! Plus how many times will my baby boy have a first trip to the beach? That's right only ONE!

Loading him up with sunscreen for the first time!
Stylin (and looking pretty chunky) in his hat and sunglasses
The wind was something fierce! This pic cracks me up!
But we still managed to get a great family picture together!!! Thanks to Mom :)
I know it's random, but I love this one. Even though you can't see her face you can tell Gramma wants her boy to look cute!
Gramma, Mommy and Kye
He did super awesome! We went right after his feeding (the 2:00 one) and so it fell during his awake time. The weather was perfect because it was sooo overcast (it was inbetween storms) and Kye LOVED it!
He loved wearing his hat, he loved wearing his glasses, and he loved the feel of the sand on his little feet! I think this one is my favorite, can't you just tell he's having a blast?
Maybe we did a good job giving our son a "surfer" name because already he loves the beach!
Daddy took him out a little bit so he could feel the ocean water...of course he liked it. He looks a little unsure here though doesn't he?
Playing in the water and sand, he kept digging his feet into it
Zach wanted to take him further out which was fine by me! Kye looks like he's wanting Mommy to come with him though haha
The waves got a little higher than Zach expected and kinda soaked them both
But, of course, Kye loved it! Zach was cracking up at how the child was covered in salt water and just kept smiling and licking the air, wanting to taste it.
It meant a lot to me that Kye's first beach trip was to the same beach that I had my first beach trip! Satellite Beach, where I was born! I'm so glad he liked it and I think it'll make us go to the beach more often when we go down to Melbourne as a lot of the time we don't bother. It's a place that is MUCH more exciting with a baby than without! A very successful day!
You can see Zach running into the ocean haha he is still a kid at heart huh?

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was never a big holiday for my family...but now it has a lot of meaning for me since two years ago Memorial Day weekend was our Wedding Weekend! While that was FOR SURE the best Memorial Day ever, we still had fun this year!

We decided that since it was a long weekend it would be a great opportunity to get the rest of my stuff that is stored at my dad's house down there. There is a good chance he'll be getting rid of the house and I wanted to get my stuff out of there!

We planned on Zach driving his old truck with his dad's trailer and I was going to drive the CRV with Kye (sorry I don't trust Zach's truck!). Then with our financial bind and gas prices shooting up I told Zach if he'd get the truck checked out I'd allow myself and the baby to ride in it down there. Well..thank the Lord he got it checked! Turns out the breaks aren't safe AT ALL and if we would have taken it with all the stuff on the trailer and had to slam on breaks we probably would have died! Thankfully Mr. Rusty allowed us to borrow his truck so all three of us piled in!

I planned the trip around Kye's schedule (what don't I plan around his schedule?) so he ate at 5:30 and we left at 6:15. We stopped in St Augustine because we got there at his next feeding time (8:30) and gave him a bottle with a little bit of play/awake time in the car.

So sweet looking at the big bright light outside the Mcdonald's parking lot...he lives for lights :)
Mom was thrilled to see Kye and it was nice to be away from Valdosta! It was so sweet of Mom to load her house up with Gramma things...she got a pack and play, changing table thing, bouncer seat, play mat, and a tub! She also bought Kye a little hat that actually fits him! He loves it and looks so cute in it too!

The bouncer seat thing was a great idea because he's able to have his legs hang down which helps him with the whole stepping reflex thing! We used it so he could watch his "Your Baby Can Read" video each morning!
Saturday Zach and I hit up Bagel so so amazingly good! Then we went to Dad's and only took a couple hours going through all my stuff. It was mostly childhood toys and such. It was sad to throw out so much of my Barbie stuff but it just didn't age well. I think it made it easier that we only have a boy right now because if Kye had been a girl I probably would have been a lot more likely to hold onto my girly things!

The skies cleared up so we decided to stop for the day and run home so we could take Kye to the beach for the first time! It was too many pictures to include here and it was special enough for its own post :)

Mom knows we're doing Weight Watchers so she was awesome and cooked us WW friendly meals both nights! Saturday night Jonathan and Brian came over to eat with us and it was sooo soooo good to get to see them and for them to meet Kye!!!

Kye had some awesome naps while we were there which was great! But now I know what other mother's mean when they say they found their child sleeping in a "compromisable position." I think we might be having to say good-bye to Mr. Swaddle sometime soon...
After the beach outing he was very salty, pukey, and basically just nasty! He loved his new bath!
On Sunday I was very proud of Zach! Lately we've been slacking on going to church when we visit Melbourne because Mom and Nana get out of church earlier than we do and we typically like to meet them for breakfast but this trip Zach said as the spiritual leader of our home that we need to be putting God first and going to church. It was so nice to go! The congregation there has gotten WAY smaller (down to 18 joke!) but they were all so happy to see us and meet Kye!

Afterwards Zach went back and worked on moving stuff from Dad's and Mom and I took Kye to Nana's. She was thrilled to see him and couldn't believe how much he changed! Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lauri came by too and it was a nice visit. Of course Kye was grumpy for some reason which was embarrassing...but I know that will happen plenty more times in the future! Children aren't always predictable!

Here he is with his Nana!
Monday morning we decided to head back pretty quickly because Courtney and Brad were having Colt's first birthday party that night. Zach had the truck and trailer loaded up and covered in case it rained on us!!!
We left right after Kye's feeding at 10:30 and hit the road. We have an AMAZING traveling child! He sleeps so peacefully in that car seat!

We had to stop pretty early on in the trip and pulled over for a good 30 min while Zach fixed the tarp. The wind was so strong that the tarp literally tore to shreds! Not good!!! But our little boy just kept on sleeping
Once again in St. Augustine we stopped for his 2:00 feeding. I opted for bottles both stops this time which was way easier than having to find a spot where no one could see us so I could nurse him. Plus nursing in a car is not very comfortable!!!

After his bottle Zach worked on fixing what was left of the tarp and I had his awake time with him. I know we are very lucky with an easy baby, but I also know these days of keeping him entertained by simply smiling at him won't last forever. He was in SUCH an adorable mood and it made it hard for me to have to put him back in the car seat!

Once back in his car seat he happily played with his car seat toys then fell asleep at naptime on his own. He slept the rest of the way even when we were FOUR exits from home and got rained on! All our stuff got soaked because by this time there wasn't any tarp left to cover it all!

Poor Zach had to rush like crazy to get to the house and pull the trailer in the garage...and tonight we're having to go through everything and reorganize because the boxes are ruined! Yuck!
We made it home just in time for Kye's feeding then I rushed like crazy to get both him and I ready while Zach drove out to his parent's to drop off the truck and trailer and get my car back that we left over there. We left at 6:45 to go to Colt's party that started at 4! Needless to say, it was waaaay over by the time we got therer but we got to visit for a little bit and eat some food so it was worth it even though we had to leave at 8 to head home because I wanted Kye to get back to his nightly routine!

A crazy busy weekend but a fun one and, most of all, a GOOD one with Mr. Kye! He handled it all great and I'm sure the next two weekends in a row that we're traveling he'll be just a good :)
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