A Little Sunshine

It has been raining here everyday for about a week now! So annoying! I’ve been feeling really down lately and I don’t think the icky weather is helping me out! Thankfully, I’ve managed to find a little sunshine in my life to help me combat all the clouds ๐Ÿ™‚

After writing on Wednesday I realized I shouldn’t be so depressed! The last time I felt like this I was super pregnant and dying for my baby to arrive! He’s HERE so why am I so down and out? I really tried to lok at the positive and I was able to find somethings that have helped me feel a LOT better!

First of all, this sounds kinda crazy, but Kye has started really playing during his feeding time. When feeding him Wednesday night he smiled then tickled my nipple with his tongue!!! It cracked me up, it cracked Zach up, and it cracked Kye up! While obviously the child isn’t allowed to play with Mommy’s chest that way, it was funny and made it hard not to feel a little bit better!

Also on Wednesday our new washer and dryer arrived! Yay! We already have a great washer and dryer that the Murphey’s gave us but we decided to get new ones because my mom really really needs a better washer and she had given us hers years ago. We were supposed to keep it for her until she needed it back but we either sold it at the garage sale on accident or Mr. Rusty gave it away to someone (we had it stored at his house and he tends to do that!). With Mom’s current washer about to die we knew the right thing for us to do was to get her a new one. Instead of buying her a used one that wouldn’t last her much longer than the current one she has we decided to give her ours and to by ourselves a new set! Thankfully Home Depot has a special where we got them 10% off, get $200 cash back, a free drying rack, and we were able to put them on a Home Depot credit card for no interest and no payments for a year.

Right now with how broke we are it seemed so crazy to be making such a big purchase but we really want to take good care of my mom and we have all new appliances in our house so we’re sure they will all last us fine and we’re sure we can get that credit card paid off within the one year time frame! Plus these have a steam wash option that will allow us to wash Zach’s dry clean only dress clothes which will save us a lot of money because dry cleaning is expensive and he wears dress pants everyday for work!

Here they are! They are Maytags…I’ve already used them and they are AWESOME!!! So much more space, so quiet, so quick! The only bad thing is they require stupid High Efficiency Detergent which is mega expensive but supposedly it’ll balance out because you use less of it and the machines will save us on water and electric bills! I know it’s lame to be excited about a new washer and dryer but I do soooo much laundry that it makes me life so much easier and will save time on ironing because they do “wrinkle rid” Yay!

While Kye being funny is great and a new washer and dryer are awesome, the funk I’ve been in would be a little harder to get out of! What is the ONE thing that would cheer me up more than anything else could right now????

Yup…my weight! As I mentioned, I’d only lost 1/2 pound this week which was sucky. Well Wednesday night we had to go to a viewing (Big Daddy’s brother died) so I went to put on some khaki pants I wore in Paris. I took them on the Paris trip and wore them unzipped and unbuttoned with the closures not even touching and my bella band to keep them up. I planned to do the same thing for the viewing but when I put them on THE FIT!!!!!!!

I was PUMPED! They are a size 6 (American Eagle)! The closure didn’t just touch…I could zip, I could button, and even the little inside button thing could button! Yes, I still have a pooch tummy but at least I could WEAR REGULAR PANTS!!! It was awesome for sure!!!

It’s been soooooooooooooooooooo long since I’ve been able to wear regular clothes and it was so funny when I went to use the bathroom! It’s been how long since I’ve had to unbutton something before pulling down my pants to pee? It did take a few extra seconds haha! Totally worth it though ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t dared to try on any other pants yet, I just want to enjoy the one pair that I know fits. That’s a tough thing with womens clothes…every brand has different sizing so I don’t want to get upset it my other pants the same size don’t fit!

Ok, they aren’t BIG like this picture but still! That’s how it feels ๐Ÿ™‚

I also don’t understand how the body works…I lose 8 lbs and nothing fits, I lose 1/2 lb and suddenly it does! I have started doing crunches but I doubt they work that fast! Feeling my tummy fat I think my back section has gone down as well as my sides and that’s why they fit me…hopefully the gut can go next ๐Ÿ™‚

I am feeling sooo much better now! If only we can get Kye to sleep his whole nap I’ll be super happy! I’m trying some new things and will be posting about them once I know the results ๐Ÿ™‚ For now I just hope this rain goes away for our trip to Melbourne this weekend!

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  1. Danielle
    May 22, 2009 / 8:54 pm

    We have HE washer and dryers and you are right about the detergent. it is more expensive but it last SOOOO long. I have bought maybe 4 big bottles in 2 years! And I am washing baby clothes and uniforms which require ALOT of detergent….I am so glad you are feeling better.

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