Kye’s First Beach Trip

I know this is a LOT of pictures…but they were too cute to pass up! Plus how many times will my baby boy have a first trip to the beach? That’s right only ONE!

Loading him up with sunscreen for the first time!
Stylin (and looking pretty chunky) in his hat and sunglasses

The wind was something fierce! This pic cracks me up!

But we still managed to get a great family picture together!!! Thanks to Mom 🙂

I know it’s random, but I love this one. Even though you can’t see her face you can tell Gramma wants her boy to look cute!

Gramma, Mommy and Kye

He did super awesome! We went right after his feeding (the 2:00 one) and so it fell during his awake time. The weather was perfect because it was sooo overcast (it was inbetween storms) and Kye LOVED it!

He loved wearing his hat, he loved wearing his glasses, and he loved the feel of the sand on his little feet! I think this one is my favorite, can’t you just tell he’s having a blast?

Maybe we did a good job giving our son a “surfer” name because already he loves the beach!

Daddy took him out a little bit so he could feel the ocean water…of course he liked it. He looks a little unsure here though doesn’t he?

Playing in the water and sand, he kept digging his feet into it

Zach wanted to take him further out which was fine by me! Kye looks like he’s wanting Mommy to come with him though haha

The waves got a little higher than Zach expected and kinda soaked them both

But, of course, Kye loved it! Zach was cracking up at how the child was covered in salt water and just kept smiling and licking the air, wanting to taste it.

It meant a lot to me that Kye’s first beach trip was to the same beach that I had my first beach trip! Satellite Beach, where I was born! I’m so glad he liked it and I think it’ll make us go to the beach more often when we go down to Melbourne as a lot of the time we don’t bother. It’s a place that is MUCH more exciting with a baby than without! A very successful day!

You can see Zach running into the ocean haha he is still a kid at heart huh?

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  1. Crissy Megow
    May 28, 2009 / 12:53 am

    so fun, you are very blessed to have such an easy, happy go lucky baby, Stevie is pretty intense!

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