Welcome to the Second Trimester…

I swear I am having some kind of backwards pregnancy or something…the whole first trimester I was FINE. Never puked, never really even ate, never felt pregnant! Now starting the 2nd trimester I was looking forward to being hungry and to having the energy everyone talks about! I was so sleepy the first trimester that I never exercised and I know I need to get off my lazy butt!!!
Yesterday officially marked the start of the second trimester for me! I was very excited. I went to bed pretty early b/c I had a mild headache so I took one tylenol and hoped to sleep it off…too bad for me 🙁 Woke up this morning with a SPLITTING migraine. I have been up since 7 and it’s now noon and I have done nothing all morning except lay in front of the tv putting pressure on my poor head.

That and for some reason my body decided to feel sick. My stomach has some cramping, I had horrible disgusting yellow diarrhea, and for the first time since I’ve been pregnant I actually went to the toliet and tried to throw up. I broke down into tears b/c I hurt so badly.
Is this what is ahead for me for the next three months? Please say no!!!!

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