The Rest of Spring Break 2017

We kicked off Spring Break 2017 with our trip to Disney with the big family! We got home Tuesday and I neeeeeeded a super mega chill day Wednesday. I like to having a full day of “Disney recovery” to get unpacked and laundry washed etc. Plus I’m a big believer in the need for some total relaxation! We had a busy start to the trip so I wanted plenty of chill time for the rest of the week!

Even though it was Spring Break…our pool was still FREEZING!!!

A fav lunch my kids LOVE is pretzel sticks, bits of cheese and pepperoni! 

Lunch on the playground!


We chilled all day Wednesday and then Thursday morning we hung close to home again but ventured out that evening. Zach and I are due to upgrade our phones so we wanted to hit up the Sprint Store and thought it’d make a fun family night out!

Our local Atlanta Bread Company does kids nights on Thursdays and it’s SUCH a good deal! And so so yummy too!

After dinner we surprised the kids with a trip to The Mix to meet Belle!!!

Tess’s reaction was adorable she freaked out and yelled “There is BELLE!!!”

Here we are saying Bye to Belle!

Couldn’t be Spring Break without a sibling sleep over!

Ending the break with a relaxing morning

And with an afternoon picking strawberries! I feel like every year I’m trying out a new strawberry patch and every year it makes for a funny experience. This year we went to one in town and it was literally on a lot beside a subdivision with just a trailer and one employee to pay. It was interesting but the berries were good!

Right when we got there Tess said “UGHHH my PANTS” as her shorts fell to the ground haha! I had to change out her sizes bc lots of 2T stuff is too little but I guess the 3t pants and shorts are still too big!

So fun to have Colt and Payton with us!

There was a TON OF MUD and the kids were covered in it within minutes!

Kye and Payton were too covered so they went with Courtney to the bathroom to get cleaned up and the rest of us kept on pickin’

Colt is SO good with the little ones…he was teaching Tess how to pick strawberries!

She became quite the pro!

Aunt Courtney to the rescue when the kids literally got stuck in the mud haha

A successful adventure and the perfect way to end such a fun-filled break!

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