Family Fun: April 2018

Everything our family was up to in April: Has your local Toys-R-Us closed yet? I’m shocked to see SO many that are still open! Ours closed up QUICK and were extremely picked over super fast… View Post

The Rest of Spring Break 2017

We kicked off Spring Break 2017 with our trip to Disney with the big family! We got home Tuesday and I neeeeeeded a super mega chill day Wednesday. I like to having a full day… View Post

Summer Recap: Week 1 2016

I really enjoyed doing weekly summer recaps last summer so I’m keeping that up this summer as well! Britt’s last day of school was Thursday May 12th so this “week” is a little longer than… View Post

CFA Sleepover and Strawberry Picking

With Easter being the beginning of Spring Break we couldn’t go out of town until the end of the break. I didn’t feel the need to fill up the whole week with “fun stuff” since… View Post

Rutland Farms Strawberry Pickin’

I really love taking the kids to pick strawberries each year. Our local patch closed down and last year Casey and I took the kids to a place about 45 min to an hour away… View Post