The Benefits of a Chair in Every Room

Today is Babywise Friendly Blog Network Pinterest Day. Be sure to follow our group on Pinterest for tons of great resources! Our topic today is “intentional home layout.” We all have reasons why we do everything we do…including decorating and organizing our homes!

For my post today I’m discussing why we intentionally have a chair in every room of our house. 

A chair in each room serves many purposes from a parenting perspective:

1. Bedtime Stories: Babywise talks about the importance of reading to your children as part of a bedtime routine…but to not read to them in their bed. The bed is for sleeping and by reading with your children in a place outside of their bed you illuminate the whole “just one more story” issue. We have a chair in each of our children’s rooms so we are able to read to them in the chair rather than in their beds. 

2. Discipline: It is SO important to never discipline out of anger. But all parents get frustrated with their children. By having a chair in their rooms we are able to tell them to go sit in their chair to wait for their punishments. That allows both the parent and the child to calm down prior to the discipline action taking place. 

3. Isolation: I believe strongly in only disciplining my children for intentional disobedience. But what about when they pitch a fit? During those instances, I use isolation. If my two year old has a meltdown I tell her to go sit in her chair until she is calmed down and ready to rejoin the family. A chair in each room provides a place for them to sit and reflect and be away from the rest of us while they have that alone time.

4. Togetherness: I enjoy watching my children play and enjoy spending time with them. Having a chair in their rooms allows for me to sit in their room. When my babies first start independent playtime (at around 8 weeks old) I sit in the chair so I can see them but they can’t see me. I’m able to be in the room, comfortably, but still teaching them to play independently!

5. Comfort: When I am sleep training my young babies, I like to use the chair to sit with them when needed. I try to avoid sleep props like the pacifier or swing and instead if my young baby is struggling to sleep I will hold them in their chair. As they get older I continue to use the chair for a place of comfort. If they get hurt, we will go cuddle in their chair. If they are clingy and just want some “Mommy time” we typically end up in their chair!

Not only is a chair a great way to decorate a room, but it also serves a purpose and is a great tool to use in parenting!

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