Today as we all gather around a table to say what we are thankful for I’m sure I’ll be saying all the standard things: my husband, my son, my family, my friends, my pets, my health. I am, of course, beyond grateful for all of those things and so many more. But do you know what one person makes all those others possible? The Lord. This year, I am simply thankful for Him.

I am in awe of all that is Jesus and am humbled over and over in knowing that I am so undeserving of the love and mercy He sheds on me. I see that the blessings I have in this world are thanks to Him and that they will not even compare to the ones I will experience in my eternal life beside Him. I am aware that the trials I face, I face with Him right there with me. I face them knowing He will get me through and that those trials are simply opportunities to grow closer to God and to have a deeper understanding of His grace.

The devil is strong. We often lose sight of that. This year I am noticing that more and more. God does not gives us temptations, but He does not stop the devil from tempting us. Heaven is God’s world – isn’t it obvious who rules over this Earth? I see the sin and the corruption and the devil’s hold almost everywhere I look. It’s so scary and it’s so easy to get lost in it. To be of the world instead of just in it. To get caught up in good feelings, material possessions, wordly desires, and to lose sight of the ultimate goal.

God sent his son to die for us. For me. Doesn’t He deserve more from me than just an occassional prayer? A quick “Amen” before meals and bedtime? A couple hours a week at church? Doesn’t He deserve it all?

In my Wednesday night bible study our teacher often mentions how Jesus is sitting in our living rooms waiting for us to join Him. We go on with our busy lives and push our time with the Lord to the side but He’s there. Waiting. Watching. Hoping that we take the time to visit with Him.

I want to make Him my top priority. Not Christmas shopping, cooking, tv watching, cleaning, blogging. Since God cannot come in contact with sin, ANYTHING that separates us from Him is sinful. Even being the best, most hardcore, Mom I can be is sin if it keeps me from living my life for Jesus. I so often worry that I am not a good enough wife, mother, friend. Shouldn’t I mostly worry that I’m not a good enough daughter of God?

All those other things I so often put before Him and not one of them can ever possibly love me the way He does. His love is unending. Unconditional. Merciful. He loves me when I am at my worst (and I don’t just mean looks). To Him, I am always “good enough” just the way I am. Isn’t that a blessing in a world that will just take and take from us? A world that just expects us to always be improving?

It is HIS love that I am thankful for today. His love, but especially His grace. I have been washed clean of my sinful life through baptism and now I’m continually washed through Jesus. I am continually forgiven. Continually loved. And continually blessed.

In all the rush-rush-rush of today, in all the wonderful time spent with family, take a second and thank Jesus. Maybe even join Him on your couch for the visit He’s been holding His arms out waiting for. Be thankful.

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