Tess Summary of Month 21

This is a summary of Tess’s 21st month of life ranging from March 31st – April 30th.

She was 20 months old during this month.

toddler girl at 20 months old


Tess is in the typical toddler eating stage where she wants certain things and is a little pickier.

She isn’t a very big eater either. What’s so funny about Tess to me is that the foods she wants are SO RANDOM.

My other kids always wanted carbs but Tess LOVES yogurt and cheese!!! So silly!

When she is wanting more to eat she will say “more more more”


Tess continues to be a lower sleep needs child.

She just doesn’t require much sleep to function.

She often wakes early in the morning (usually 15-20 min before desired time to start the day) and early from nap (typically 30 min early).

I love this age though bc she LOVES her bed.

She plays happily and talks and sings and often when I go to get her up she asks to continue to stay in the bed to play longer 🙂 

She loves to untie the crib teething rail thing!

(no she didn’t sleep with necklaces on, she woke up and immediately asked to wear them)

We are still struggling with some falling asleep in the car. Which is both aggregating and super precious at the same time!


6:45-7:00: Start day

10:00 ish: independent playtime

12:30: Lunch

1:00-4:00: Nap

5:30: dinner

6:00ish: bath

7:00: bed for night

I do think Tess would benefit from a later bedtime.

I think 7:30ish would be perfect for her. The problem is that Britt and Kye play a game each night with Zach and I when Tess goes to bed.

If we bumped her later, that would result in needing to bump the older kids later and we like for Britt to be in the bed by 7:30 at the latest and Kye at 7:45!

Sitting and Focusing: 

I’m pretty hardcore about working with my kids attention spans.

It’s such an important skill!

A great way to work on this is to have the kids do a task in their high chair.

It keeps them “stuck” so they are forced to focus.

Tess is getting old enough to enjoy (and not eat!) play dough and she really liked it!

Toddler Fits: 

Britt was pretty extreme on the fit pitching (still is) so I think I’m just used to Britt and it makes Tess seem like a breeze when she’s upset.

She does pitch her fair share of fits but they just don’t even phase me one bit at this point in my parenting game.

It’s pretty hilarious b/c she will just LAY DOWN and cry. Like life is just too much to handle for her haha. It’s not overly dramatic or loud or anything, so it’s pretty easy to ignore 😉


I know people talk about their kids being “climbers” and I’ve never experienced that, until now.

While Tess does LOVE to climb I haven’t had much of an issue with her being disobedient in her quest of climbing things.

She falls pretty often too but is THE toughest kid.

I bet money she ends up doing natural childbirth like her mama b/c she will def be able to handle it 😉 

This is the most dangerous thing I’ve caught her doing.

I walked in the kitchen and she had pulled the kitchen chair over to her high chair, taken the tray off the high chair AND climbed into it in hopes of reaching the alarm keypad! Pretty smart huh?

Of course I turn my back for a second at Old Navy and she climbs on top of the dog haha

We try to let her climb the ladder on the playground often to get it out of her system 😉

Sometimes the climbing is super cute though 🙂


Tess runs around the house constantly calling “CATTTTT Kittttty Cattttt Zeeeeeeke”

She loves Zeke and Zeke loves her too!

He’s bitten her a couple of times but for the most part he really tolerates al the “loving” she does on him.

When we got back from California Tess was more excited to see Zeke than us!


All of my kids have always liked to draw…with stinking PENS.

I guess it’s because it’s all Zach and I use so it’s what they want to use too?

Tess will sit in her high chair forever just doodling and drawing. She doesn’t like to color as much as she does draw (Kye and Britt were that same way). 

More About Tess:

  • She did AMAZING on our car ride to the beach this month. It’s about a 4 hour drive to Cocoa Beach and toddlers typically aren’t the best in the car but she was awesome. She took an hour nap on the way there and stay dry and clean the whole way and happily watched movies with no issues! 
  • Tess ADORES her siblings and copies everything they do. It’s been a great lesson for THEM that little eyes are always watching!


Tess has been LOVING our walks! She will say “walk walk walk!” 

Her favorite “toy” is a box of little board books she got for Christmas

Second favorite toy is a little box of Britt’s. She’s really into putting things in boxes right now!

She is my little shopping buddy!

I love my precious baby girl!

Sibling Comparisons: 

You can see Britt’s 21 month summary here and Kye’s here! For how frustrating the paci was when Kye had it, man it’s so cute looking back!!!

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