Tess Monthly Summary: November 2016

It was fun to get to visit Tess’s class for her Thanksgiving program. Britt was able to come along with me since hers had ended. I got to see firsthand how Tess is just straight up SHY. I don’t ever use that word with her or to her or about her but child is just very very reserved. She sat in my lap the whole time and mostly just watched everyone else as they participated in the activities and songs. But when she DID get up and help make some special snack, I was pumped 🙂

So fun spending time with BOTH of my girls!

Tess is still rocking the independent playtime but sometimes it turns into quite the mess for her to clean up!

Tess is my first child to really LOVE green food…she loves green beans and frozen spinach!

She also is at a point where she’s not loving a bib and will usually take it off if I have it on her. 

I love how proud she is about her first Christmas Box!

She’s also a big helper around the house 🙂

And she LOVES to color. We usually just keep a paper handy and she adds to it when she gets the coloring desire

She’s a little shadow for Britt 🙂 

And she’s Daddy’s littlest princess!


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