Tess 9 Month Pictures

Tess’s 9 month pics kinda snuck up on me! She has changed SO MUCH since her 6 month pics. I know people think we’re crazy for getting professional photos taken so often, but I’m thankful for the chance to have these moments in time captured. Babies change SO quickly and you can never have too many pictures. Even Zach will get pretty crunk in defending our priority on picture taking. Like he says “you’ll never look back and regret having pictures!” 

We met up with Lindsay (from Captured by Colson) at Highgrove Farm.  We’d been to a wedding there a couple years ago but they have done so much to the place and it’s truly STUNNING. If anyone happens to be looking for a location for a wedding (or other event) they are worth looking into. I know if I was getting married again, I’d be all about it. They were super sweet to let us come out there for our session and I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful location! Lindsay is so great at thinking up new places for us to try out ๐Ÿ™‚ 

As always, I can’t say enough wonderful things about working with Captured by Colson. At this point we just gel and there isn’t much communication needed. She knows what we want and we know she will get the goods ๐Ÿ™‚ I am already SO excited about what we’ll come up with for Tess’s 1 year pics. Although I’m in total and complete denial that she’s already almost ONE. Lindsay just launched her brand new site so be sure to check out Captured by Colson!

My big goal for the 12 month pics is to practice some smiling with Britt. Recently I showed her a pic I had taken of her and she said “Mommy, I’m making a weird face.” Um yes child it’s the same face you make in pretty much every single photo. Lindsay gave a great tip to get out a mirror and just practice with her. I’m going to do that as it’s honestly something Britt would enjoy doing…girl doesn’t mind a mirror ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyone else have any tips to help work on her camera smile? Pretty much every time we take any photos our main goal (and struggle) is to help Britt with her smile. She has a BEAUTIFUL natural smile but when a camera comes out, her smile gets funky! 

My babies! 

When she’s solo, we can get that cute smile ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that Britt is so girly and feminine and always wants to accessorize her looks! I already had her skirt and just bought a white shirt and the necklace! I found a great seller on Etsy with wonderful prices on cute girl’s necklaces, check out Ginny Lynn Jewelry!

Kye is naturally photogenic. Both his Aunt Courtney and Uncle Jordan are that way! I’m envious! Zach and I aren’t nearly as naturally photogenic as Kye is! Kid is always picture ready and def the easiest one when it comes to photo sessions! 

Of course the spotlight of the day was on sweet Tess! I really, really wanted to find a cute romper for her to wear and had a hard time finding one that I liked (this is from The Children’s Place, random!). I wanted something to show off her cute baby chunk as before we know it she’ll be a toddler and that baby fat will start to fade. She’s rocking one of big sister’s bows. I’m not usually one for a big bow on a baby but I really liked the way this looked. Maybe this southern lifestyle is wearing off on me, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚


It was a HOT afternoon but the kids did GREAT. Even with the heat and gnats. I think it was our quickest session ever! I really am so appreciative of Zach being so easy going and supportive of all our picture taking and so thankful for Lindsay. She’s so patient and sweet and always makes it fun! I am SOOOOO happy with how all of these turned out, but am especially in LOVE with the family ones! We are def gonna do the 1 year pics in the early morning to avoid the heat ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Favorite family picture ever! FOR SURE getting framed!!!

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