Summer 2016 Recap: Week 5

Week 5 of our summer was from June 11th – June 17th. It was THE busiest week of summer for us! 

We had Carter’s party the 11th and after that Casey and I had our beach trip. 

Monday got going with some errands. I let Kye pick out whatever he wanted to wear. Usually I pick out his clothes for the next day when I tuck him in at night but since I wasn’t home until late Sunday night, he just picked out something. I know I always hear parents talk about their kids being obsessed with certain clothing items. You see the kid rocking the rain boots every day or the girl wearing the tattered princess dress. It’s never been something I’ve personally experienced but I think we’re close right now to it! Kye’s go-to outfit is his BB8 shirt and BB8 hat. He’d wear them every day if I let him! You’ll notice he wears the same outfit again later in the week πŸ˜‰ 

The kids were being so funny. I find decent deals on pop tarts ever so often so twice a month or so they eat a poptart for breakfast. I guess at G-Mama’s they had cherry ones one time and I went on and on about how we are NOT allowed to have cherry pop tarts in our house b/c I’d eat every single one of them. They are totally a weakness for me! We passed by some in Target and the kids quickly stood in front of the cherry ones so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy them πŸ˜‰

The girls wanted a picture with the doggie 

We hit up the library and Kye has become OBSESSED with Hardy Boy’s books. It makes Zach’s heart happy b/c he loved them as a kid too. Kye checked out 7 of them and read them all within 10 days. Child is a BOOK WORM. 

The “keep quiet in the library” policy isn’t our thing…

The reason this week was SO INSANE is that it was CAMP WEEK. This summer we let the big kids each sign up for TWO camps. Which won’t ever be happening again because it was camp overload. It also was pretty disappointing overall. Britt’s camps turned out great, whereas one of Kye’s got straight canceled (tennis camp) and the other was not what we were hoping for. 

Britt’s gymnastics camp was Mon – Thur from 12-3 at the YMCA. It meant she missed nap every day that week. She did fine with it but I could tell she was sleep deprived by the end of the week. I also struggled to remember to pick her up! I’m so used to her being asleep at that time that I kept forgetting she wasn’t at home!!! 

Her camp was very much the same as the one she did over Christmas break. She loved it. It was a lot of FUN but it was also mostly just childcare. Not a ton of skills but lots of playtime and even snacks and movie time. She was in Heaven though and did continue to ask about doing gymnastics throughout the remainder of summer so it’s something we’re looking into!

Her sweet friend, Vivi, was in the camp too!

Mondays are laundry days which at this phase of life meant PLUMBING ISSUE days. I’d do laundry on Monday and then the sinks would all back up and then the plumber would come. Over and over. Usually it was water type stuff in the sinks but this time it was FOR SURE poop or something close to it b/c Kye said it smelled horrible. Gross. 

Tuesday morning kicked off Kye’s golf camp. He had it Tues – Thur from 8:30 – 1 (yes Britt’s was from 1230-3…see I told you it was crazy!). Zach was able to take him Tuesday morning which worked out well because Tess and I had a refresher swim lesson that morning at 10. 

Playing until time to go!

The refresher was JUST what we needed! Margie helped me work through somethings with Tess that she was struggling with in the water and I got in and Margie worked with ME to know exactly how to do what with Tess. We worked out ALL the issues she was having in just a short lesson! Britt did a great job sitting on the sidelines too!

After our swimming we met Casey, Carter and Courtney at The Mix. During the summer they had a deal for $4.99 you could fill your cup! Plus it was Tues which meant 50% off for wearing your Mix T-Shirt. I was all about those deals πŸ™‚

When we pulled into the parking lot of The Mix Tess PUKED. Like big time. Like EVERYWHERE. She had worked so hard in the water and had swallowed so much of it that it upset her tummy. I called Margie and she said as long as it was a one time thing not to worry. Which it was just that once but OMG that one time was INTENSE. ALL over her clothes. Of course I didn’t have any extra clothes (I feel like carrying around a change of clothes is one of those things that only first time moms do, right? I haven’t had spare clothes on me in AGES) so she had to rock the puke outfit into The Mix. Luckily it was dry before we left haha

I love this picture so much haha

Day 2 of gymnastics! 

This day worked out well. Mrs. Charlotte picked Kye up from golf camp so I wouldn’t have to and took him on a little date and then out to Georgia Bible Camp. They had a week long camp that week that Colt and Payton were attending and Kye wanted to check it out. Zach LOVED GBC as a kid. Of course I’m preettttty nervous about Kye being out there for a solid week but we did decide that he’ll probably partake in it next year (and I’m hoping Zach will be hands on that week so he can keep an eye out for him!). He LOVED getting to see the camp and was really excited about it!

Zach was also able to pick up Britt that day which worked out well for him to get to watch her do her thing πŸ™‚ 

It was basketball night (Zach helps Jordan run a mens league on Tuesday nights in the summers) so we had some fun with friends! Keeli and Casey came over to swim and hang for awhile. Tess was a straight FISH. Child went from refusing to starfish at ALL to swimming allll over the place. So thankful we did that refresher lesson!

While we were at The Mix a rep was there with DuMEALZ and gave all of us some free meals to try. They are healthy options, low in calories and pre-portioned. I got three of them and all three were fabulous! I’m working on counting calories and it was great to have such a low cal dinner that filled me up and tasted good! 

Wednesday was another busy day for me. The girls and I dropped Kye at golf camp then took Tess out to Mrs. Charlotte’s for the day. I wanted a chance to get to watch both Kye and Britt at their camps. Usually I am always the one who misses out seeing them because I’m home with sleeping babies or have a toddler at my hip who can’t possibly be expected to sit still and be quiet during a camp situation!

Britt and I got Tess to Mrs. Charlotte then we drove back to watch Kye at the camp. When we got out Kye walked over to say hey and to show me this:

Um what? I was pretty shocked that no one thought to contact me about it and that I was instead just walking up and seeing it without being told when it happened. Kye had been playing on the playground prior to camp starting and fell UP and just hit his upper lip area in a strange way. I’m not an overly “freak out” parent but the coach came up to me and said “oh he’s fine no biggie.” And shrugged it off. Which did rub me the wrong way as well. It doesn’t LOOK that bad but it was pretty deep and the flap of skin in the center was dangling down. I wasn’t sure if he should go to a dr or not but he wanted to keep golfing so I let him stay. Hindsight being what it is I should have had him leave to keep the area clean. But oh well! 

Britt and I stayed and watched and the golf camp was, again, disappointing. We’ve now done THREE golf camps and NONE have been that great. We want Kye to LEARN SOMETHING not just sit around. This camp felt like just another childcare option which isn’t what we’re wanting for him. He, like Britt, has continued to talk about golf since so we’re also looking into options for him. Unfortunately golf just isn’t super popular here so there aren’t a lot of options. 

Taking notes πŸ˜‰

Sweet brother, teaching sister to golf (while wearing heels btw!)

Kye stayed at camp and Britt and I left to go have a little lunch date before her gymnastics. I had sent Zach and Mrs. Charlotte pictures of Kye’s face and Zach went to pick him up and saw it in person. Zach immediately said he needed to be seen b/c it was so deep.

Britt and I enjoyed our lunch at Pizza Hut! 

I love quality alone time with my kids. Quality time is my love language and being able to have them one on one is so special to me. We had a great time at lunch being silly and she wanted to take pictures together. It was really cute!

I was able to take her to gymnastics and stay and watch for a little while before I had my hair cut appointment. 

Britt and Vivi love to copy the rabbits!

It was so funny watching Kye then Britt. They are just such opposites in so many ways. Kye would stand still and quietly each time he had to wait his turn. Britt was bouncing all over the place and never stopped moving (and I caught her cutting in line, twice). 

Zach was AMAZING for handling the Kye situation. He took him to the walk-in clinic and they wanted him to go to a plastic surgeon. She said since it was so deep that she wanted to stitch it up. He got three stitches and didn’t even cry for them! I’m SO glad Zach was with him but I also broke down crying pretty hard when Zach texted me that he’d need stitches. I just wanted to be there with my baby boy!!!

First stitches!

The stitches had to stay in about a week and couldn’t get wet so pool was off limits. We were thankful for the timing b/c we had the Parker family trip the following week and they’d be out in time!

After my haircut I ran and picked up Britt and then went and got Tess. Crazy day but it ended on a wonderful note of getting to tell Kye FINALLY that he’s getting a baby brother (you can see how we told him and the video here!)

Kye was still able to finish out the golf camp but couldn’t stay to swim. They had been letting the kids swim at the pool there after the camp was over but obviously since his stitches he couldn’t participate. Which we wouldn’t have let him anyway because when Zach had gone to pick him up the day prior NONE of the “coaches” were supervising the pool swimming AT ALL. Yes there was a lifeguard but I’m sorry our 7 year old child shouldn’t just be left ALONE to swim. And no one monitored who picked him up or anything either! NOT. OKAY. This is one golf camp we will 100% not be doing again.

Britt also had her last day of gymnastics!

She gets a little chart at the end showing the skills she learned

We took our pics that night for the adoption announcements!

On Friday we just wanted to have some FUN! After all the camps and the craziness of the week we just wanted to do something chill. So of course we went to Wild Adventures haha. Casey and Carter rode with us and she’s such a good aunt b/c she agreed not to do the water park area since Kye couldn’t swim πŸ™‚ It actually wasn’t TOO hot and we had a great time (as always!). I feel like this year we def have put our Wild Adventures passes to good use!

We love to taaaaalk liiiiiike sllllloooootttthhs

This was such a fun morning but it also pulled at my heartstrings. Kye and Britt really wanted nothing to do with me and Tess. They were BUDDIES on this day and kept wanting to just ride stuff by themselves together. No Mommy needed. Def big kid status kinda day! It did work out well b/c I was able to manage Tess and she was able to do things on her level without the big kids being bored. They hopped on the Dizzy Dragons while Tess and Carter did the jungle animal ride literally right beside it. 

Possibly my favorite Wild Adventures moment EVER. We went into the bird enclosure and it was so awesome. We didn’t buy any feed (duh) but Kye got resourceful and picked up seeds from the ground and was able to collect enough to have a good bit in his hand. The birds were flying all around us and TESS LOVED IT. I remember vividly Kye freaking out as a baby/toddler in the bird enclosure but not Tess. Girl loves birds. It was so adorable to see all three of them so into it. I really, really want to take Zach back just to do that again!

His seed gathering worked! I love his look of shock!

The big kids did get a bit bored b/c we are VERY limited to what we can do with the toddlers but Cool Aunt Casey hit up the bumper cars with them! 

Classic πŸ˜‰

“We want our own jeep Mom”

These two waiting on the safari πŸ™‚

Girl LOVES animals!

So by the end of the week we decided to get a new plumber. Plumber 2 came that morning and Zach stayed home from work for awhile to help him get everything rolling. We had to take out EVERYTHING from under our sink. Which apparently I have a bit of a cleaning product hoarding issue??? Who knew?

The end result was that while we were at Wild Adventures they brought some MASSIVE machine up my stairs and used it in Kye’s upstairs toilet to break up whatever was built up in our pipes. First plumber said it was concrete and that we’d have to dig up our floor to fix it. This guy said he wasn’t sure what it was but that he thought he could break it up using the machine. I’m SO THANKFUL I wasn’t home to witness it. Zach said it was SO GROSS and that there was poop EVERYWHERE. What a good man cleaning it all up πŸ™‚

Not to jinx it but it seems that going that route has worked, at least for now! Praise the Lord!

Also this week we got a special package. All the goodies they were going to give out in Italy to us on the Aflac Presidents Club trip. I told Zach we should do an Italian Date Night and use the oils and eat the chocolate (and we can take a bath with the soap haha!). Super nice swag that did make us sad!

That night our local CFA hosted a Father-Daughter date night and I was able to reserve spots for Zach and the girls. They were SO PUMPED (Tess was crying so she’s not pictured)

I love love love love LOVE chick-fil-a nights. They really go all out and make it SPECIAL. They had tables assigned to everyone who RSVPED with pink table cloths, crowns for the girls to wear, conversation topics for the dad’s and daughters and even a photo booth to take their pics! The cow was there (dressed as a princess, of course) and they handed out goodies to each person (a cow stuffed animal with gift cards!). Zach was so impressed and had a BLAST with his favorite princesses!

Of course Kye and I took advantage of the solo time and had a date of our own (yes, 2nd time with the BB8 outfit, third time with the hat!)

We went to Steak and Shake (his choice, not mine obviously) and Kye brought along some change b/c he wanted a gum ball. It was a pretty hilarious situation. The machine ate his quarter. He was SO upset so we complained to the hostess about it. They said they can’t even get into the machines. Hostess gave him two quarters. One to pay him back and one as a bonus. He tried again with one of them and it ate it again. So I advised him to keep the second quarter. He was really enthralled with this  entire situation that it dominated our dinner conversation. He couldn’t understand how someone could get away with taking people’s money like that! 

He is SO his daddy’s child. We started talking about golf camp and he stood up to SHOW ME his golf swing haha

Of course we went to The Mix for dessert!

Kye’s mission was to find a stinking gum ball. We walked down the little strip mall area where The Mix is located and he lucked out and a pizza place had the machines. I felt SUPER awkward walking in and telling the hostess we were only there for the candy machines (but not awkward enough not to take a pic of course haha). Lucky for Kye the machine worked and it spit out bonus gum balls to make up for the ones lost at Steak and Shake πŸ˜‰

It was a VERY full week of summer!!!


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