Summer Recap: Week 11

This weekly summary covers from Saturday July 25th – Friday July 31st! It was a BUSY week! We had Tess’s party Saturday, the zoo Sunday, then the aquarium Monday! Y’all. When I got back from the aquarium I was BEAT. I texted this to Casey b/c Spark had to happen even though it was like 6:00 haha!

While we were Big Kid Clubbin’ it Zach was home with Tess making some of his famous creations haha This time he made homemade pizza and recreated it for me that night for dinner. It was SO GOOD! I swear this man just keeps having more and more talents πŸ˜‰ 

Tuesday kicked off Kye’s golf camp! This is his third time doing golf camp. Last year we paid $100 for 10 2 hour meetings spread out over 5 weeks. This time they charged $125 for only 4 2 hour meetings all in one week. Are you kidding? We were very, very disappointed to pay more and receive way less. I’m not sure what we will do next summer! We talked about maybe just even getting him some private lessons or something because for that cost I feel like we could find someone! 

Kye was very excited about camp, especially because it was with so many of the same kids (and coaches) as last summer. It’s great that we are members there and more comfortable with everyone as I didn’t feel bad dropping him off a little early or being a little late to pick him up (the camp was from 9-11 which is Tess’s nap time!). He had a GREAT time and the guys who work with the kids out there are super great! 

I’m also thankful that so many people were able to go out and see him in action during the week. I was jealous b/c I had to be home with the sleeping baby! G-Mama, Big Papa, and Daddy all got to see his skills! 

Kye’s hesitation about golf camp this year was that it’s too hot outside (amen child!). I’m thankful to Courtney who told me that Walmart carries dry fit kid’s shirts! I do NOT shop Walmart (I legit loooooathe it and I don’t care if that makes me sound snobby. I’d rather pay more for Target or Publix annnnyyyydaaaaayyy) but Zach does so when he went to get some stuff he picked up some shirts for Kye too! 

Tess got these sunglasses at her party. Big shocker that Britt stole them instantly! Do those of you that have sisters always take each other’s stuff? I didn’t have a sister growing up and it blows my mind how Courtney and Casey are always just taking each other’s things! I guess it starts early!

It was so cute to see Kye make some new friends! A friend of mine’s, Sarah’s, son was out there with him and they became fast buddies. I’m pretty bummed that Grayson is only in kindergarten because he goes to Kye’s new school and it would have been awesome for them to be in the same grade! The girls and I met up with Kye and Grayson and Sarah for lunch one of the days after camp and had a great time! I wish I could “do lunch” more often. I think it will be an advantage of when the day comes (when I’m like 40!) when all my babies are in all day school. I will totally be all about some lunches so get ready ladies! 

I tried to make the week fun for Britt since Kye was at golf camp. I feel badly that she’s too young to do any camps. Around here they are all for mostly ages 4 and up so next summer will be her turn and she’s already decided she wants to do Dance Camp and possibly gymnastics as well! We had some good girly time painting nails πŸ™‚

We also enjoyed ALL of Tess’s fun bday gifts! The Little People stuff was a HUGE hit for all of the kids! I’m so glad G-Mama got her the Disney set even though it’s geared more towards boys. Since Britt already has the princess castle I wanted Tess to have the Disney World set that is like the park! Gotta start the Disney brainwashing early πŸ˜‰

I was SO disappointed that I wasn’t able to go watch Zach’s championship basketball league game. Of course it ended up being a huge nail biter too and Casey kept me informed on everything via text. Champions once again (sidenote but, whew, I love a sweaty Zach!).

Day 3 of golf camp Kye asked to have some gatorade like all the other kids had. We don’t do soda or sports drinks or stuff like that. I drink Mtn Dew with pizza and Taco Bell (I know random) or if I randomly have a headache but that’s it. I had the great idea to mix him up some of my Rehydrate! It’s basically a healthier version of Gatorade and it helped to keep him hydrated and replace those electrolytes! I mix it with my Spark every day and that combo has completely knocked out my headache issues! He really liked it and felt like a “cool kid” with his water bottle πŸ˜‰

Earlier in the summer my friend Rachel was over swimming and her daughter and I discussed having a swim and sundae party. Hello swimming and ice cream sundaes? That’s like the perfect summer combo! With the end of summer in sight I invited a BUNCH of friends to come over and swim and to bring along some treats to make sundaes. I was sad that Rachel couldn’t make it so that meant her daughter didn’t get to attend the event she helped plan πŸ™ BUT it was so fun I’m sure it’ll be happening again next year! We had a HUGE crew and I think every child there at some point cried haha but they all had a super fun time overall πŸ™‚

Somehow I got put in charge of dipping the ice cream…which was a poor decision haha. I have TERRIBLE judgment of portion sizes. Let’s just say all the kids LOVED me and all the moms probably hated me by the end of it!

All the moms got in the pool with the kids for awhile and then we did the ice cream and stayed out of the pool after so the kids all got to visit and mingle and it was cute to watch them all interact together!

Tess miiiiighttt have scored her first cookie thanks to some toddler dropping of treats πŸ˜‰

The gang!

It’s funny b/c I post a lot of pics of things we do but I usually don’t ever post pics of when we hang out with Katie. Katie is that one friend where you legit do not get ready AT ALL for haha. She can come over when my house is a hot mess and when I’m a hot mess and I’m still totally comfortable. It’s the benefit of a 12 year friendship πŸ˜‰ So obviously we don’t take pics b/c we aren’t cute and we don’t go anywhere! We recently started playing Tripoly again (it’s a combo of hearts, poker and Michigan rummy) and forgot how much we all LOVE it! I actually WON for a change and this rare occasion required a picture even if I was makeup free, pjs on, and hair in bun πŸ˜‰

Loooooossssser πŸ˜‰

Kye’s last day of golf camp was on Tess’s actual birthday. The girls and I dropped him off and then Zach came and picked him up and took him out golfing. I love that they have that common bond and love that it’s something Kye can enjoy with his dad and with his grandfather too! 

My boys!

I think we only have 1 or 2 recaps left!!! We had SUCH a full, busy and FUN summer!

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