St Augustine Trip: Beach Pics

The past several years we’ve taken some pictures at the marina located at our hotel during our stay in St Augustine. One thing about our new location for our stay: no marina for boat pics! But it was actually an upgrade because helllllllo beach pics!!! 

Lindsay (from Captured by Colson) and I almost were in St Augustine at the same time. She arrived the day we left! We were hoping to luck out and be down there together so we could do Tess’s 1 year pics on the beach. How awesome would that have been? Even though I didn’t have my favorite photographer with me, I still wanted to take advantage of the great location and get some pics of our family. Even if it meant doing it myself 😉

On our last full day of the trip we got up and ate a quick breakfast and headed down to the beach. It was such an advantage of being within walking distance to the beach!!! I took several with my camera and got lucky when some lady came along and offered to take a group shot for us 🙂 

While I’m not Lindsay by any means I did get a few good ones from our morning! Kye, who is usually Mr. Photogenic, was NOT in the mood for pictures (I think a solid week of sharing a room with his sister was wearing on him at that point!) so surprisingly his were the toughest to get!

While it’s sad to see the end of the boat pics tradition…yay for a new one of beach pics while on our trip! I’m sure Zach is thrilled about this new tradition 😉 

Robyn actually got this outfit for Britt a few years ago and she wore it for some of our boat pics that summer also in St Augustine! I wanted to be sure to use it again for Tess 🙂 

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