First Mommy Solo Beach Getaway!

As a mom it can be tough to really practice self-care and I am AWFUL at relaxing. I have said it time and time again, I just have to be totally and completely out of… View Post

St Augustine Beach Trip: Part 3

Did you miss the first two parts of our trip? You can read PART 1 HERE and PART 2 HERE. The fourth of July fell on Thursday this year and we have an annual tradition… View Post

Spear’s First Visit to Satellite Beach

Spear’s First Visit to Satellite Beach. Something that is very important to me is that each of my baby’s have their first beach day at the beach where I was born: Satellite Beach, Florida. I… View Post

First Experiences of the Pacific Ocean: Newport Beach

After our whale watching morning it was time to hit the beach! We didn’t have any sort of beach plan. We brought our suits and some towels from the hotel and just figured we’d find… View Post

St Augustine: End of Trip

We had another non-beach day on the 5th of July! Zach and Kye started off the day meeting up with a friend of Zach’s to go golfing while the girls, Spear and I enjoyed some… View Post