St Augustine: Rest of the Week!

We had a busy first half of the week. With three kids we’re SO swamped at the beach that I take a loooooooot less pics so it’s easier to combine several days in one post πŸ™‚

On Wednesday we took our time getting up and ready for another beach day! After the day off on Tuesday we were excited to be back out in the ocean. There is something about vacations that I just LOVE to snuggle my babies in the bed! Once Tess woke up for the day I snuck in some bed snuggles before we got breakfast rolling πŸ™‚

Kye was eager to learn how to do his magic tricks! This video was hilarious and so long and detailed. Like dude. It’s just a little light haha

Beach time!

I can see Tess loving some exfoliation when she’s older because she kept putting sand all over her face?!?!

Britt makes friends everywhere we go πŸ™‚

She looks toooooo grown right?!?!

I was still dealing with “face gate” issues this week. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had to call and get another round of steroids and I was still on the antibiotics. It was a lot! On top of that I worked out Tuesday night wearing new work out pants I got from China. Lesson learned: don’t buy workout pants from stinking China. They were some weird material and I think the combo of them against my skin while I was sweating, the heat, and all the meds I was on caused some intense heat rash. I legit couldn’t catch a dang break. I was miserable. Hydrocortisone cream helped relieve it some and it def felt better out of the heat but what was I supposed to do? How can you be at the beach and avoid the heat?!?! 

Zach had his spa day from his Father’s Day present during naps. It worked out awesome because the place where I booked the massage was literally 2 min from our condo! He really enjoyed it (I got him a 90 min one!) and I had some chill time while he was away. 

The way the condo is laid out the big kids share a room and Tess sleeps in our bathroom. We don’t love being that close to her (she’s an earlier riser and let’s us all know it!) but it works out well overall!

Post-nap snuggles

Typically in St Augustine we only eat out once and it’s always at Pizzalley’s in Old Town. I feel bad b/c people write me all the time asking for recommendations for the area and I honestly don’t have any other ones to tell them! We haven’t ever loved anywhere we’ve gone other than Pizzalley’s. We just haven’t been big fans of the food selection in St Augustine (even prior to kids) but this year that finally changed! We researched places with kids eat free nights (when you have three kids…kids eat free is your JAM) and found a place that happened to be super close to where we were staying. It’s new and is somewhere we will FOR SURE be returning to! It’s called Obi’s Fillin Station and I HIGHLY recommend it!

Just to show off the three reasons I’m glad we did pics beginning of trip (not including my heat rash!)

Tess’s foot to the face incident

Kye’s face to the sand incident

Britt’s who knows how she got that scratch incident 

The restaurant is set up as an old school gas station. There are tons of cool old car stuff (I thought of my dad a lot!) and lots of neat things to keep the kids happy while we waited for our food. 

Britt: “take pictures of me kissing the dinosaur” haha

Tess just wanted to kiss Britt πŸ˜‰ My sweet girls!

Corn dog

Chicken strips

Hellllllo krispy kreme donut hamburger!!!

I’d been doing super good watching what I ate all week. Yeah, I had the mexican but it was the only thing I ate that entire day haha. I was having to eat a TON of yogurt b/c the stupid meds I was on and this burger was perfect timing. I didn’t eat any fries but I did chow down on the burger (after everyone took bites of course). It’s not something I’d want to eat all the time but I did really like it! If only they had added some peanut butter then it would have probably been perfect πŸ˜‰

Go big or go home right? πŸ˜‰

A new family favorite FOR SURE!

When your shirt matches the flowers you take a pic πŸ˜‰

Miss Independent!

Last year we spent more money on the trip because we had saved so much with the discount on the room. This year we didn’t want to spend as much. We know we will have some hefty travel expenses when Tab comes around so we gotta save where we can! We did the Alligator Farm last year and LOVED IT but it’s not something you need to do every year. We decided to do a guys/girls day this year instead. Zach took Kye golfing in the morning (with his back recovering Zach himself can’t golf much still but Kye could enjoy it and Zach could help him) so the girls and I had a chill morning together. 

We kicked things off with a little wishlist making on Toys R Us (for Tess’s upcoming birthday actually but Britt looked some for herself too). 

Britt is VERY envious that boys get to run around in their underwear and girls don’t. Since the boys were away her one request was a “Panty Party” where we just wear panties the whole time. Yes, I joined in haha. And yes, I did block out my child’s body πŸ˜‰ Gotta be safe!

We walked down to the beach for a bit and found seashells.

Then we went back to the room and painted fingers and toes!

Everyone picked their own colors…painting an almost 2 year old’s toes is straight impossible haha

Painty Party continued for our movie watching!

Britt was super sweet and picked The Little Mermaid b/c she knows it’s my favorite!

The boys had a blast! 

Once the boys got back and we all had lunch Britt got to skip nap and she and I had a girl afternoon! We jammed out to Uptown Funk (kidz pop version) which was super fun!

Our Gap outlet closed down last year and it’s been SO SAD without them here. My one mission was to hit up Gap and then see about other stores. We ended up KILLING IT at Gap and I knew I needed to cut myself off from going anywhere else haha. I did enough damage in that one store πŸ˜‰ We had a great time together. Britt really enjoys shopping and was so helpful with things and kept wanting to organize sections of the store. We talked about the importance of staying right with Mommy all the time. I hate that our world is like it is but the reality is I can’t let my kids out of my sight for a second when out in public!

BIG MOMENT for me! I bought TANK TOPS. Y’all. I know I’m probably just dumb but I have mega insecurity about my arms and never wear sleeveless looks. I’ve just always felt like I have bigger arms (it’s where I gain first and lose last…so annoying) and am embarrassed by them. I’ve been working pretty hard and while they aren’t where I want them to be yet, I’m trying to force myself to embrace them and rock the tanks. Props to Casey for making me feel like I can wear them! And I was pretty pumped for the size Small too πŸ˜‰

Oh yeah. We SHOPPED πŸ˜‰

We hit up Claire’s to get a couple goodies for Britt and scored a TON of headbands for cheap. Britt loves headbands over hair bows at this point so we do a mix of both for her. 

My big girl!

Our plan was shop and then get some “coffee” Zach and I went to the outlets several years ago and LOVED these drinks at this little coffee shop at the outlets. It was still there and it was still yummy. Britt’s was technically not coffee but she was excited for it all the same πŸ™‚ Especially while on treat restriction haha But I mean “coffee” doesn’t really count as a treat?!?!

Stick on earrings for the win!

Zach made dinner while we were gone and it was ready to eat when we got back! I LOVE this picture haha It’s so real life. Kye’s face, Britt’s attitude, Tess fussing. It’s perfection!

We headed to the pool for a “late night” swim (aka 6:15) But of course it started thundering right when we got in so we had to head back. At least we tried to be cool parents πŸ˜‰

Britt and I did run into a few kid clothing stores too because she really wanted some new pjs. Girl LOVES pjs and we found her some cute ones at Gymboree on clearance (and I got the girls first day of school outfits which are addddorable). 

Friday was the last day of our trip and it was also the day Britt was off treat restriction! Whoooo hoooo!

This was my life. SO many meds. And I had to add in the Benadryl for my heat rash. My life.

Britt got sooooo lucky with her treat restriction ending! It just so happened the condo was giving out FREE donuts and juice on the beach. How fun is that?!? The girl hooked us up with a HUGE box of donuts (something I’ve noticed tends to happen when you have three kids too…people like to give you food and DUH we like to take it!). 

2nd breakfast!

Treat life = Happy life 

Our end of the trip was Casey and Jordan’s beginning of their Disney trip with Carter. Y’all. I don’t think I’ve EVER been SO PUMPED for someone elses vacation haha! I’m still waiting for her to show me all the pics of their weekend!!!

Our last day was an entire beach day!


I mean c’mon Tess!!!

Best I got. 

Then of course she gives this grin like “haha I wouldn’t smile for you but now I’ll smile and walk away”

Tess was cracking us UP with the juice cups. She kept going over to each seat and drinking each persons juice. She was super serious about it and since it was all in coffee cups it looks like she’s drinking legit coffee!

That reminds me of another story from earlier in the week. We had some people set up their stuff right next to ours and Tess kept going over to their area and took a SIP of one of their open cans of COKE. Thank God it wasn’t beer but still! She then proceeded to pitch a MASSIVE fit when I made her leave. The man said she could have a Coke and I’m like no dude. haha. She cried and cried b/c she wanted it! 

Sand Crab??? Or is it a Sand Flea???

Kye is such a worker! We decided we need to get him a sand shovel for next year because he was all about it! 

We met another family on the beach which was handy b/c it meant we could leave our stuff set up when we went up for naps and lunch but it was also slightly annoying because they were the type of people who thought we’d all be BFF or something. I’m all about kids playing together, I just don’t really want to spend my family vacation with random strangers, ya know? Of course Zach and I don’t send off the right vibes b/c we are both TOO friendly haha. It was funny because they had two boys with the most drastic differences in looks AND personalities. They were bio brothers and everything but one was very light skinned, light hair, blue eyes and SO talkative and the other was dark hair, darker complexion, dark eyes and SO reserved. Tess was all about the boys!

Kids were excited about lunchables for lunch!

I snuck in with Kye during nap for some cuddle time…

after a few minutes he was over the Mommy cuddles and asked to play his math apps instead. Lame.

Beach naps are the best!

We headed back to the beach after naps and stayed until almost 7! So not like us but the random people kept talking and talking making it tough to leave. Then when Zach went to put up our beach tent it BLEW AWAY and BROKE πŸ™ We have to now buy a new one! Boo! 

Wrote her name in the sand πŸ™‚

The drip sand wall was a HIT

Bye Beach!!!

Zombies while watching Mickey Mouse so I could make dinner

Zach and the big kids went through ALL of our shells and picked out the keepers and the tossers πŸ™‚

Enjoying their room for one last night!

When Zach and I got married we had our wedding at the beach and gave out welcome baskets to all out of town guests. We personalized beach pails and had lots of goodies in them (I was so Pinterest before Pinterest haha). When my grandmother died I found her beach pail from our wedding and have used it ever sense. It always makes me smile on beach trips to see her pail πŸ™‚ It’s been with us since 2008 and has finally seen it’s last day. I try REALLY hard to ENJOY things. What’s the point of having stuff if you’re not going to use it and make memories with it, right? We got a lot of joy and use out of the pail for this long (pretty crazy it held up as long as it did ya know?) but it was time to throw it away as it was cracked in the bottom. I took a pic for the memory then tossed it. It’s just a pail, and I’m thankful I had it for as long as I did!

One last night…one last chance for BURRITOS!

Tell me THIS isn’t such a precious site!!! Ahhhhh

Movie watching while Daddy loads up!

Goodbye St Augustine, see you next year!!!

As always it was a WONDERFUL week and we all had a BLAST!!!

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